Criminal Court orders MDP MP Adil be held in detention until trial concludes

The Criminal Court today granted the Prosecutor General (PG) permission to hold Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) MP Hassan Adil in detention until his trial reaches conclusion.

The court has said that permission was granted upon a request made by the PG’s office today during the first hearing of the trial.

Police have alleged that Adil sexually abused a 13 year-old girl belonging to a family with whom he was close friends.

The Criminal Court said the court warrant to hold Adil under detention until the trial end was issued according to article 28 of Child Sex Offenders Special Provisions Act.

The Criminal Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Adil in April. His detention was subsequently extended, and then later reduced to house arrest.

Police concluded the investigation of Adil in May and forwarded the case to the PG.

As the trial concerns to a child, the Criminal Court has decided to conduct the trial closed to the public and journalists.

Article 73[c]2 of the constitution states that a member of the parliament will be disqualified if found guilty of a criminal offence that involves a prison sentence of more than twelve months.

Adil was formerly a member of the Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) prior to joining the MDP last year.


7 thoughts on “Criminal Court orders MDP MP Adil be held in detention until trial concludes”

  1. from the photo i can tell that MP Adil is also about 13 years old. why is the courts holding a teenager

  2. How come Adhaalth party is not ashamed of, MDP parliamentary member pedophilia Adil.
    May be Adhaalath party’s version of Islam permit pedophilia! Oh you brazen mullahs why you all silent on these type of issues. We are ashamed mullahs like your type.

  3. In democracies, suspects to childabuse and other social misconduct allegation would resign! Why is this practice not seen in Maldivian democracies

  4. I hope justice is served. In Maldives, you really have to hope for these things, like for good weather.

  5. OMG! again Adhaalath brought in to this... What's wrong with you folks? Seriously why does Adhaalath has to be ashamed of Adil or whatever he did it? Why not MDP, QP, DRP or ZDRP or any other party?
    This attitude of hatred to Adhaalath exposes the animosity of our secularists for religion. So its not about Adhaalath but its about Islam. Our home-grown secularists cannot stand Islam or anything to do with Islam. So if anyone does 'anything' it becomes a problem of Adhaalath, or caused by Adhaaalth or inspired by Adhaalath.

  6. @hassan ahmed on Sun, 12th Jun 2011 7:50 PM

    Very true. Adhaalath would gladly advocate pedophilia. In fact it is a recommended 'Sunnah' to break young girls when they are nine.

    Adaalath Party and the followers will destroy the Maldives. Just as similar cronies have done in the middle east. These are cockroaches and we must crush them before they get a stronghold.

  7. from the comments posted in this site, it can be said that most of the people who follow this site are educated from non muslim countries and their beliefs are very materialistic. It is not adhaalath or extremist mullahs that will ruin this country but the current generation of youngsters most of whom carry atheistic minds.


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