Criminal Court releases murder suspect with curfew

The Criminal Court has ordered the release of 19 year-old Razzan Abdul Rahman, a suspect in Ali Shifan’s murder case, on the condition that he not go outside his house between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am.

His conditions also included that he not associate with groups of people, or leave Male’ without the authorisation of the court.

Media Coordinator of the Criminal Court Ahmed Mohamed Manik confirmed the verdict to local media.

According to local media outlets, the Prosecutor General’s Office has appealed the Criminal Court order at the High Court, and today a hearing was held in to the case at the court.

On April 1, a group of men stabbed Ali Shifan ‘Tholhi Palay’, 33 of Fairy Corner house in Maafannu ward, to death near West Park restaurant at about 4:15pm that day while he was on Boduthakurufaanu Magu, the outer ring road of Male’.

The victim was taken to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) minutes after the attack, however the hospital pronounced him dead on arrival.

A friend of Shifan told Minivan News at the time that Shifan was having a coffee inside West Park and was attacked while he was waiting in front of the restaurant for a friend.

The source said that Shifan was married and the attack had widowed his wife.

The police sent the names of Ali Nabeeh,22, of M.Nalahiyaa Manzil, Mohamed Shaifan,18,  Razzan Abdu Rahman,19, of Kaanimaage house in Thulhaadhoo island of Baa atoll,  Abdul Thilmeez,20, of M.Thilmeez,  Mohamed Asif,19, of Maafahi house inKurendhoo island of Lhaviyani atoll and Mohamed Mishaan Abdul Haadhy,20, of M.Silver Nest to the Prosecutor General to press charges against them for their suspected involvement in the murder.

In February 2011 Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdulla Mohamed also released Ibrahim Shahum Adam, a key suspect in a murder case, on the grounds that the court had not received the required cooperation from the Health Ministry.

Shahum was arrested the following month in connection with another murder case.


10 thoughts on “Criminal Court releases murder suspect with curfew”

  1. So we see more samah cases and the next murder is going to be blamed on MDP again? Looks like the government is getting really desperate to find ways to blame MDP for the government's inability to handle the country.

  2. Another creepy looking Maldivian man.....where do you guys get this 'caveman' looks from I wonder?
    Are there no men's barbers in Maldives?
    Are razor blades not available in Maldives?
    Is soap and deodorant not available in Maldives?
    All the named suspects are teenagers or in their early 20' seem to be breeding a whole generation of disfunctional thugs.
    Is it the brown sugar?

  3. lol abdulla gazee.. now he will murder another guy.

    The criminal court could have added more conditions to his release like....he has to promis to brush his teeth and cut his hair. and promiss not to murder any more people.

  4. @ MissIndia
    No dear, the guy seems to be copyn bloody indians..No Wonder

  5. High profile convicts are entitled to good food, accommodation, medical and no torture. Its very expensive and the government doesn't have the cash.

    Cheap prisoners are fed with South catering lousy food which costs less than rf.50 per priosner per day....

  6. @miss india.
    usually i dont agree with ur comments bt here i m with u.these ppl dont knw basic of cleaness.guys grow head hair like women and women grows body hair like men.keeping pubic hair n hair under pits more than 40 days is unislamic and these ppl dont cut fr yrs.
    @mr india ... u should once visit india other than trivandrum.thy u can easly findout where u guys stand.
    @ this news...this law sucks ...who is going to keep eye on tht crimnal.maldives need to change laws and maldives need tuf police n hard punishments in jail.

  7. keeping arm pit hairs longer than 40 days is a crime ? LOL. You all must be criminals in Maldives.

  8. ur eyes n read again.where i mentioned its crime..its unhygenice n unislamic.smell ur body to knw hw badly u r smelling.LOL

  9. No wonder it is called the "Criminal Court"!
    Who is going to be responsible for this!
    There is no court or commission or government that has the power to deal with this "Criminal Court?!
    I am sure if this were the "old west", this Court would have been in pieces with these so called "judges" hanging down on poles!!!!
    These people are calling us to do it!


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