CSC takes finance ministry to civil court over salary issue

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has filed a lawsuit against the finance ministry in the civil court, as it had previously threatened to do unless the ministry reinstated the reduced salaries.

The court confirmed the case was had been lodged and accepted, in an attempt “to cancel a decision taken by the ministry”. Yesterday the civil court returned a verdict in favour of the CSC in its attempt to overturn a decision made by the home ministry to cut the allowances of ‘responsible officers’ in atoll and island offices.

Spokesman for the CSC Mohamed Fahmy Hassan said the commission had informed the finance ministry that it was about to take the issue to court, and would not give out details of the case.

”The [finance ministry] said ‘hey, you decided to go to the courts, so lets see what the court says’,” Fahmy claimed.

Spokesman for the finance ministry Ismail Shafeeq said that the ministry would also not comment on the case now it had become a court matter.

”They are doing what’s right by them, so what shall we say about this?” he asked. ”The ministry can’t stop someone from going to the court”.

Press secretary for the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said he still believed that the problem could be solved by negotiations.

”The government always wants to talk and solve the problem, and we still can talk and it even though there’s a court case,” he said.


4 thoughts on “CSC takes finance ministry to civil court over salary issue”

  1. CSC never "threatened" anyone, all the press releases & news conferences show that CSC repeatedly requested Min. of Finance to reinstate the reduced salaries as it is a right of the civil servants.

    CSC asked for negotiations many a times & said the door is always open etc & said if all fails, then court is the only answer. There were many civil servants who didn't receive their january salaries in the 2nd week of february.

  2. this situation was created by a calculated move on DRP and PA's part when they decided to increase the pay of civil servants against the proposed government budget. this led to CSC raising its head and say, hey, if its budgeted, then it must be paid.

    don't get me wrong, I'm all for parliamentary supremacy and oversight and following the budget passed by parliament. but this sticky situation puts the government between a rock and a hard place with IMF knocking on its doors and the threat of the economy collapsing.

    expect more drama as the sh*t hits the fan.

    here is a nice take/analysis on the implications of increasing civil servants pay and increasing budget deficits by maldiveseconomist at

    read IMF's statement on Maldives

  3. CSC holding the nation to ransom as usual. we never elected these idiots. why should they be allowed to wreck the economy

  4. I think the situation now has escalated to a stage where the relevant government authorities should seek individual's opinion and find out if CSC's decision is based on the majorities point of view. Because like Jeedu has mentioned these bunch (of crooks I would rather say), will crumple the economy.

    I am sure no individual would want us to suffer in return of their salary. Because IMF and other organisation will stop the funds we desperately require, to bring us onto our feet.

    If CSC and DRP wants to politicize the salary issue, then the citizen must come out and protest!


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