Dangerous fake ‘LSD’ in the Maldives, warns Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner Abdulla Riyaz has warned that a very dangerous fake LSD drug is being distributed in the Maldives by local drug lords, which could ”stop your heart.”

‘’LSD is a very dangerous drug. It could stop your heart. Reports received that fake LSD is supplied and that some drug users are on it,’’ Riyaz tweeted yesterday.

Today police released a statement informing the public that early this morning at 3:30 am the body of a man was discovered lying inside Antennae Park.

Police said they had confirmed the deceased’s identity as Ahmed Nazeef Shaukath of Augusta House in Henveiru Ward, Male’.

According to the statement, Nazeef’s body was taken to ADK hospital immediately where doctors determined he was dead.

A close friend of Nazeef told Minivan News that he had been called by friends this morning to inform him that Nazeef had died from a LSD overdose.

Yesterday, police reported the discovery of dead body lying on a street in Hulhumale’ at 4:45am early on Tuesday morning.

The police identified the body as 19 year-old Mohamed Shahud Nazim, of Mercury House in Maafannu Ward, Male’.

According to police, two men were standing next to the body when it was discovered. Police said the two men were intoxicated and were arrested.

Sources familiar with the case told Minivan News that the two persons arrested tested positive for LSD and were in possession of the drug when police arrested them.

In a statement, police said doctors at the hospital had informed them the victim was dead when he reached hospital.

Two further deaths

Meanwhile, two residents of Villingili in Gaafu Alifu Atoll died after having difficulties breathing.

According to Villingili hospital, the men were dead when they were brought to the hospital.

According to the police, one of the men died while he was on the island of Kooddoo in Gaafu Alifu Atoll and the other died while he was on Villingili, also in Gaafu Alifu Atoll.

Police said they men were aged 33 and 58 and both died after having difficulties breathing.

Police have not said the deaths are linked.


14 thoughts on “Dangerous fake ‘LSD’ in the Maldives, warns Police Commissioner”

  1. There is no such thing as "fake LSD". It's either LSD or it isn't. There are probably people selling some other chemical with the claim that it is LSD. Furthermore there have been ZERO documented deaths from LSD overdose. I am not condoning the use of the drug. I am just pointing out that there is something far more sinister going on here with drug dealers selling was is probably an experimental pharmaceutical on unsuspecting users. We need more drug education, especially one involving harm reduction and proper drug identification in the Maldives. I hope the actual chemical can be identified so people will know to identify it and its effects and know how to stay away from it.

  2. Its a Democracy we have here in the Maldives. If we want to murder some one or use LSD, MDP or DRP we should be able to use it. If we want to use and abuse substance we should be able to do it.

    Isnt that what Mordiss calls 'our democracy'.

    My LSD to me. Our LSD to us. Right Imran??

  3. What the hell is Riyaz smoking?

    LSD on it's own cannot cause death. It may cause hallucination and psychosis but that's when it's mixed in with other chemicals or drugs.

    And how do I know this? Because I read it on Wikipedia which is the most basic form of research on anything. I expect trained POLICE OFFICER'S to be more up to date with information like this than an ordinary citizen like myself.

    Blaming this on LSD (not that I'm advocating it's use, mind you) is a bad idea. The two people who were confirmed using LSD were alive.

    The person who claimed that Nazeef was taking LSD were his friends but there is nothing said in the article that confirms that he LSD was the cause. I would wait until we get some kind report on the cause of death. Most likely, the boy mixed LSD with some other drug and that caused some kind of reaction that killed him.

    There is no word yet on what killed the other two men either but I would bet that given that they died in the Gaafu Alif Atoll, that they must have gotten the same drug.

  4. Good, good. Let the deaths keep coming. This is a good weeding out of those who aren't fit enough to survive in Maldivian society.

    Pure Darwinism at work here.

  5. This is really bullshit. How can you be tested positive for LSD after using "FAKE" LSD???. Does the Police have test kits for "FAKE" LSD. You can't arrest anybody for taking "FAKE" drugs, cos like fake currency, it is not the real thing. Was any TOXICOLOGY blood test done by the medical authorities??? If yes, what is the toxic chemical found in the blood of the deceased? LSD is not toxic and very rarely users get OD. My guess is most probably Heroin laced with Arsenic (Dhivehi=kokadi)or a Cyanide compound maybe the culprit. Arsenic is found in rat poison and Potassium Cyanide is available. The other probability is liquid Ketamine which is a powerful general anesthetic used commonly to tranquilize large animals. Heroin laced with Ketamine is sold in Maldives as "Vaanuvaa" and recently Mephedrone or "Meow Meow" crystal is sold in Maldives. This designer drug is produced in China and the local users still not very familiar with the drug tend to misuse it mostly in IV use. The sad thing is that the authorities who are responsible to control these drugs are more ignorant,inefficient and corrupt.

  6. ""Fake LSD"" lol, riyaz got controll of fake lsd, and got faked, were did he learn all this? Never heard of fake LSD...Riyaz shoul get some real LSD imorted to maldives to keep the deaths from fake LSD,

  7. It was very likely a chemical from the "nbome" series, which have been put onto blotter paper and passed off as LSD in recent times. They are active in the microgram range just as LSD is, except they appear to me much more harmful & toxic than LSD (LSD is actually physically harmless). Seizures & deaths have been reported.

    The NBOMe series of chemicals are primarily N-o-methoxybenzyl analogs of the 2C-X family of phenethylamines, and are 5-HT2A (serotonin 2A) receptor agonists. A few are amphetamine analogs. With few exceptions (e.g. mescaline-NBOMe), compounds in this group are active at verly low sub-milligram doses. These chemicals have nearly no history of human use prior to 2010 when they first became available online.

  8. LSD= love, sex and death
    LSD=lets save democracy
    LSD=Lets sing and dance
    LSD=Loser suck death

  9. It amuses me as a non drug taking hindu how muslims shun alcohol as being unislamic yet embrace narcotics in a big way.
    Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Iran and Afghanistan all have serious social problems with drug abuse. Heroin seems to be the recreational drug of choice for muslims......yet I have not seen any serious attempt to control the availabilty of narcotics in muslim countries as compared to alcohol......Why is this?
    Maldives......100% muslim no less......also has a serious drugs problem with an addict in every family!!
    Does any work get done in Maldives?......or is everyone high as a kite on brown sugar, Dunlop glue, hash oil and LSD?......Overcrowded Male must be junkie paradise with narcotics available everywhere.
    I guess if I lived in a boring, repressive and intolerant country too, I would be going behind the shed and injecting jannat into my veins.
    You dumb retards need to get a life.

  10. LSD can not stop your heart and you cannot OD from it. These people were likely told they were buying LSD and sold something else.
    Such a sad story.
    Know your body-know your mind-know your substance-know your source.

  11. nasippe from kuda heveiru is a very leading figure of the kuda henveiru group & he knows a lot of secrets going on within more than the norm in respect to political & social corruption going on last few years period in respect to various political parties & political top figures & the fate of the boy ended because he didnt agree to sell his soul the the devil...simple as that...its not the lsd which killed him but the simple reason of some people being very scared that he may open his mouth in no time which means it would be the end of these so called greedy monster devils...nasippe is a prominent figure within the group and he is the main reason why the kuda henveiru members are not able to perform unethical murderous attempts on innocent beings in return for cheap few hundred bucks...nasippe always seems not going smoothly with the flow of criminal murderous activities to be carried on innocent law abiding citizens of the country in return for cheap few hundred bucks...nasippe had whole his life ahead of him & if he want he have the potential & capability to even lead this whole country & some people really dont like the idea of this wonderful angel like youth to have a long lasting life due to the sole reason that some of the few bunch of greedy power mongering peoples lethal agenda could not be promoted as speedy as it can due to the humanly humble friendly nature of our beloved loving brother nasippe...we will find the cause & the responsible people behind nasippe sudden death & will serve justice accordingly & will put the responsible scumbags to jail...our most heart felt gratitude goes to nasippe recently married wife & his unborn child...my word to nasippe wife & family is please be strong & take this huge loss as a challenge & do everything you possibly can to find the real culprit behind nasippe death & must bring these scumbags to justice...i wont slep properly until i find who they are...i love nasippe more than my own blood brothers in my family & i have been so much hurt that i wont feel normal again until i find the murder or murderers of nasippe...thats a promise

  12. darwinism sucks @ dr jimmy russels just wait n watch till 2024 its revolution time you all will be deported lol bye bye


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