Defence Ministry staff member banished for theft

The Criminal Court of the Maldives has sentenced a Defence Ministry staff member Ibrahim Ahmed to three years and six months banishment, after he admitted to stealing money from a safe at the ministry.

Criminal Court said that Ibrahim was in a position in the Ministry where his duty was to look after the Ministry’s safe.

He was sentenced for stealing Rf 5821.09 ($US450) from the Defence Ministry’s safe, the Criminal Court said.

”Because he admitted that he committed the crime the Criminal Court found him guilty of the crime, and the court sentenced him to three years and six month banishment,” the court said.

Ibrahim was sentenced under article 131 [a], 143 and 146 of the penal code.

The Prosecutor General filed the lawsuit against him.


4 thoughts on “Defence Ministry staff member banished for theft”

  1. Behind every fortune lies a huge crime. But it rarely is the top players who get caught. They would know who to bribe.

    When considering the catapulted stars recently in wealth, this is not even bread crumbs.

    In any case, this guy should be prosecuted, otherwise the Procesutor generals office would not have a job, cos for sure they can do anything about the bigfish.

  2. Lets do some Math

    USD 450 = 3.6 years
    USD 650 = 5.2 years
    USD 1500 = 12 years
    USD 2500 = 20 years

  3. So if Gayoom's in-law siphoned off 100 million dollars (as claimed publicly by Gayoom himself) we can make a wild guess how this "justice" system delivers "proportional fairness".

  4. Banishment? A sentence from the middle ages. On a practical note, how is it decided which island he is banished to, how do the islanders feel about having a "criminal" dumped there, and how is he supposed to support himself whilst there? There are many Maldivian islands I would not object to being forced to spend some years on!


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