Defense Minister confirms plan to replace “big Kinboo with a small Kinboo”

Defense Minister Mohamed Nazim has confirmed plans to bring a small crocodile from abroad to replace the large crocodile which has been caged at the capital’s children park for almost 15 years.

Following its capture in 1998, the then almost four-feet long Kinboo (a local term for the animal) was put in the cage by the government for public entertainment and has remained so ever since.

It is now almost 10 feet long and has outgrown the cage which has not been expanded. The water in the cage barely covers its belly while its long powerful tail has to be curled up to fit inside the roofed-cage that is no larger than 15 by 10 feet-an apparent violation of both international and national laws forbidding animal cruelty.

When Minivan News asked Defence Minister Nazim if the ministry has any plans to address the crocodile enclosure issue, he responded:  “We have planned to do something with the Kinboo. We are going the send the big Kinboo to a zoo abroad and bring a small Kinboo to keep in the cage instead.”

Former government’s have also said the same about sending the croc to a zoo abroad following occasional public calls Kinboo’s immediate release. But none of the times, the talks transformed into actions and it is yet unclear what the future holds for the large reptile in captivity.

Nazim noted that “two countries have shown interest.” But he stopped short from revealing the names of the interested countries claiming the discussion are underway and ministry hopes the costs of transfer will be covered by the new host country.

According to the Minister, a smaller crocodile will be brought to replace the bigger one because a lot of children enjoy watching the the creature in its cage.

“It is useful for educating the children. So we are planning to bring a small Kinboo.” he noted. “When it grows big we will send it off abroad again.”

However, in 2010 a group of children from Billabong High School went onto a mission to save the kinboo from its captivity.

Aishath Suha, a  grade eight student told Minivan News at the time that she volunteered for the operation “because I don’t want to see kimboo suffer.”

Nazim says that environmental NGO’s and animal rights groups will be consulted before taking a decision on replacing the Kinboo.

Two dead, one alive

Meanwhile, Minivan News asked why the ministry plans to bring a small crocodile from abroad as recently three small crocodiles had been taken by islanders and police from Maldivian waters and reportedly kept under the watch of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF).

“There are no crocodiles alive on any islands. The only one is in the Children Park,” the Minister claimed.

However, after phone calls to the three islands; Shaviyani Komandoo, Thaa Vilufushi and Lhaviyani Naifaru – where the Kinboo’s were captured from, Minivan News found out that two of the crocodiles died while under the watch of MNDF officials and only one still remains alive.

According to an islander from Shaviyani Komandoo, following the capture of the two-foot croc from the waters, MNDF officials came to the island and took it under their watch saying it is a dangerous creature.

“That crocodile was very beautiful. Some of the islanders even wanted to keep it. But they took it away and last I heard it has died,” he observed. “Some people say it starved to death because the officials didn’t feed it,” he added.

Similarly, the six-foot crocodile caught by a Naifaru fishing boat was also taken under MNDF custody and is now dead, according to Naifaru police station. The cause of death is unknown.

The surviving crocodile was arrested by the police on Vilufushi island of Thaa atoll. Following the capture of four-foot crocodile, the island council refused to hand over it to the MNDF and provided it shelter in a makeshift water tank on the ground.

“With generous aid from some islanders we are keeping the croc well fed. A lot of children go and people go to see it,” said Sulaiman Habeeb, Deputy Director at Vilufushi Council office.

He added that the council wants to provide better condition for the crocodile, but they don’t have the budget and resources.

“Can you help us do this?” he asked Minivan News.


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  1. Sorry to say this, But were you not sure if it was an alligator or a crocodile they have in Maldives? "Kinboo"

  2. Typical news from Paradise!

    The crocodile is an alien intercepted by the brave MNDF and under the control of our Defence Ministry. Reason why it's a matter for our Defence Minister to make a statement about.

    I just don't understand why the Big Chief wants to keep another crocodile caged?

  3. I think the people of Vilufushi have got the right idea. The MNDF probably shot the other two. However, I don't see why we should import a crocodile just for entertainment purposes.

  4. Haha! whats this Minivan's obsession with Kinboo anyway? Actually, i mean, Lubna's obsession.

  5. May I suggest Dhivehi Hanguraama be fed to the big croc. It will be marvellous entertainment for the kids.

  6. Hahaaaaaaaa. You need the defense minister
    to decide the fate of a croc? Call national geographic Dr.Brady Barr.

    Even that croc can sense that it will be much safer in Dr.Brady Barr's hands. It will surely get shot by Ahmed Nazim

  7. Nazim can't even tell truths about crocodiles, what hope is there that he will tell the truth on grave measures of national interest like his role on Feb 7th in the overthrow of an elected government?

  8. Good news - this is the sort of news we should hear every day.

    Say no to politics.

  9. Ruder Fin PR at work? it would have been much better PR if the defense minister got replaced instead of the croc. I still find it hard to believe why a government (one that claims it came legitimately to power) gives the position of defense minister to the only guy who is caught on tape going into the police station, announcing he gave an unconditional offer to then president to resign, follows him back to president office until he writes the resignation letter. seriously, if not a coup de etat, why give such a person this critical position in government.

  10. minivan ...isn't there anything better to report that this ???? any name the involves any high ranking police or MNDF official will be published on this one sided dashboard ... can you cover some real news all suck big time !!!

  11. why only worry about the kinboo, when there are pet shops in Male'. what about the parrots and africans greys people have in their home as pets? why not free them first?

  12. MNDF is doing what it’s good at doing, chasing and ki11ing crow’s rat’s and crocodiles. Arresting crocodiles is really pathetic and inhuman.

  13. Shimy what do you want to write here so desperately. Perhaps you should try to get some airtime with the puppet Tv channels. With the likes of your comments above, you will definitely get it.

  14. Vice Versa - Croc to issue statement on replacing Maldivian Def. Minister!

  15. Playing crocodile hunter... are we?
    Let us know when you guys come across something a bit more "productive".

    @Indira NewDelhi
    Morbid... yet funny at the same time.

  16. Last time I checked the Defence Minister is MOHAMED Nazim, not Ahmed Nazim as reported here. Again, I wonder whatever happened to the good old habit of proof reading before publishing.

  17. Let me Out ! You stupid morons! or else I wii go to kimboo Right Commision or else File a lawsuit against you Nazim ! Remember you owed me two Jaariyyaa kimboos.

  18. Y the hell u didnt open ur big fat mouth n spill that out, within last 3 years.. your president wz ruling the country, n at that time were u blind?? or wer'nt u aware of this matter?


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