Thilafushi tenants owe US$880,000 in back rent, says TCL

Tilafushi Corporation Limited (TCL) is currently not leasing any land plots on Thilafushi island to new applicants, says Chief Executive Officer of TCL Mohamed Zahir, because they are inundated with applications.

Meanwhile almost a fifth of the plots already allocated are lying idle, while some tenants have failed to pay rent to the tune of (US$882,000).

The 100 percent government-owned company is responsible for managing and developing Thilafushi island, formerly known as Thilafalhu lagoon. Reclamation of the lagoon began in 1992 in order to solve the waste management problems from garbage generated in Malé.

Other industry workers, such as brick makers, were leased land plots in Thilafushi by the previous government, and new applications for land plots are constantly coming in to TCL.

“We have decided there is no intention to give land [to new applicants],” Zahir said, but added that “the board has decided to give land to those who applied before 31 December 2009.”

TCL received 84 claims for land plots before the end of 2009, and Zahir said these plots will “hopefully” be allocated to the claimants this year.

“There is a lot of interest in the market,” Zahir said, “we have to do something. We have no proper industry and people are still demanding [land].”

Zahir said they are re-planning Thilafushi by building timber outlets, garages and workshops, and the land plots which are to be leased should be ready within the year.

He said there are currently 256 lots under lease, but “fifty or sixty of them are not working at all.”

Zahir added that some of the people who had land plots allocated to them had not yet moved from Malé to Thilafushi and the corporation has asked them to move to Thilafushi by September 2010.

Zahir added that “some of the tenants [who were given land by the previous government] have not paid their rent up to April 2009,” money which he claimed adds up to a total of Rf11.3 million (US$882,000).

“These people have to pay,” Zahir said, but noted that the TCL has only been collecting rent money since April 2009.

He said the tenants who owe TCL rent money “say they will pay.”

The TCL is also hoping to reclaim an additional 19 million square metres of land by mid-2010.

Zahir added that the statements of their intention to lease land without announcing it in today’s article on Haveeru were “all wrong” and their intention is to further develop the island before considering new applications for land.


3 thoughts on “Thilafushi tenants owe US$880,000 in back rent, says TCL”

  1. This is day light robbery. We are used to government calling for bids to allocate land. I have been waiting for such a call for the past year. Today we hear that land is being allocated to those who applied before end of 2009. This is not fair. I know several other like me, who are patiently waiting in line. I never thought that a MDP government will be so unjust. I deeply, deeply regret campaigning for President Nasheed and his deputy, Dr. Waheed.

  2. I am against the current government's policy of land use. There has been at least two occasions where land from Hulhumale was given to the highest bidder. Hulhumale was reclaimed as a means of easing the housing problem. Giving this land to the richest people of the country is clearly against this.

  3. isn't this convenient? just make a board and let them do all the dirty work, and then blame the board. president nasheed has to take some responsibility on how these things are run on some level. look at how chse canteen was given to south thaufeeq...what about that deal which almost happened: dhoogas to mvk. everything is in such a mess. its every man for himself now.


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