Dhiffushi divided: islanders concerned about anonymous man preaching Islam from bedroom

People living on Dhiffushi in Kaafu Atoll have expressed concern about an anonymous man living in the island preaching Islam to an isolated and growing congregation.

A authority familiar with the matter told Minivan News on condition of anonymity that the man claimed to be a resident of Male’, and said he had moved to Dhiffushi with his wife and two kids ”because he liked the island.”

He claimed the man “preaches Islam to people and convinces them to form an isolated congregations and to join him.”

”There are youths following and protecting him,” he said, ”he leads all the prayers, including Friday prayers, in his bedroom.”

He said the man claimed he is living the way Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) lived.

”He uses a mop stick as his staff,” the source said. ”People one day spied on them while they were doing the Friday prayers and found out that he gives the Friday speech standing on his bed with his crowd surrounding him,.”

He said the man and his followers had claimed that the imam of the government mosque was a sorcerer, and that there was a corpse buried under the mosque.

”Islanders are really angry with his behavior,” the source said. ”Some people have already told him to leave the island immediately.”

He said the man’s his acts were dividing the society of the island.

An official at the Island office said that the case had been reported to the Islamic Ministry and the Atoll Office.

”At first they did the Friday prayers in his room,” he said, ”now they do it secretly in other room.”

Spokesperson for the Islamic Ministry Sheikh Ahmadullah and Permanent Secretary Mohamed Didi said they had no information on the matter.


17 thoughts on “Dhiffushi divided: islanders concerned about anonymous man preaching Islam from bedroom”

  1. Wahhabism and Salafism, although shares the same name is not Islam. So this must be banned as the Maldives constitution doesn't allow other religions.

  2. Religion will divide this country apart!

    this is not the first time we read of people preaching Islam like this, certainly not the last. a small nation and we cant keep our faith straight. long before the 100 percent muslim status has been lost. Its not what its used to be. the darkness of these ill miss conducts has spread to everyone and is destroying us slowly.

    criminals dosent get the punishment they deserve. im not talking about killing, but harsh punishment that would set sample to others. if it had been like that, we would see less people commit these things.

    wrong preachings, stabbings, rape, killing children at birth...and so on. we are loosing ourselves everyday. perhaps another disaster is what would unite us once again.

    back then i thought my country is great place, but now i fear for myself and the future of childrens yet to come.

  3. Did someone say there are sleeping cells?

    This is the first thing that came to my mind after reading this article.

  4. We need the government to solve the problem, not some atheists who have commented here. Some one above said Salafis and Wahhabis are not Muslims - where did you find that? If MDP and DRP are not political parties then what are they? Both of them are claiming to be right? Salafi or Wahhabi - both try to live life like the Prophet(PBUH) lived by digging for all credible information and evidence they can find.

    They have some concerns here as mentioned in the article itself; if it is evident that a corpse is buried underneath the mosque and there is proof then ofcourse the Ministry has to investigate the matter and find a place for the people to pray other than this mosque which has to be closed if indeed there is evidence of corpses.

    Atheists try to aggravate a simple concern of the faithful!

    If these islanders are not aware that praying on corpses is not allowed then it is their problem not Islam's problem!

  5. @hack

    The whole 'corpse' is buried in the mosque and we won\t pray there' is an excuse to form separate cells of congregations that they can control.

    How can a random mop yielding nut know about the history of the mosque. There are hundreds of ancient corpses buried everyone including beneath most of the modern homes. So we dig up everything and find out?

    It is time for us to realise that this is how Wahabbi cell makers operate, iddentify such people and spread awareness on these false prophets. And call them by their name (terror cells) rather than being apologists.

  6. That's just too ridiculous - so this is what religion in the Maldives has become... "100% Muslim", "100% divided"

  7. all these problems are happening coz we all like to pretend we are all muslims here in Maldives.

  8. Here's the problem - these "religious" people are threatening the islanders with "severe consequences" if they are disturbed.

    And apparently the Terrorist Promotion Ministry never goes by their word; why else is this bully allowed to go on?.

  9. Blame the atheists for all the discord in Maldives - people are becoming more defensive against monkey-menace! What else do you expect when there is an offensive by a bunch of creationists who ought to be jumping from tree to tree in the wild?!

  10. this is ridiculous...who would even take this story seriously?!!

  11. For all to think about..........Just take a moment to think before you say anything else.

    " Am I a Muslim by Chance (by being born into a muslim family) or am I a Muslim by Choice".

  12. For all to ponder about before you gape open your mouth like the bay of Bengal.

    "Who knows for certain what will happen to your soul when you die?"

    If you know the answer your will submit to the will of the Creator (Muslim), if not you are a atheist or agnostic.

  13. who knows for certain there is such a thing as a "soul"?

    heck, do u knw who a "creationist" is?

  14. Experiment to show that there is indeed such a thing as a "soul"

    Watch these films in order
    Tom & Jerry,
    I know what you did Last Summer,
    When a man loves a woman.

    If that's not enough love, wonder, gratitude, compassion, sacrifice, fantasy, imagination

  15. OOOps! Hyuck!

    You are right - I meant "evolutionist"

    Pis,pis! PC syndrome's got me, for sure! Some one please shoot me!


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