Dhoni Services MD sentenced to six months banishment for bounced cheque

Managing Director of Dhoni Services Ali Moosa, the company awarded a government contract last year to establish a transport network in the South Central Province, was found guilty by the Civil Court yesterday of issuing a bounced cheque and sentenced to six months’ banishment.
The court found that Ali Moosa had issued a cheque of US$100,000 (Rf1,285,000) to local company Sonee in January 2009 from a Dhoni Services account registered in Habib Bank.

While the penalty for the offence is banishment or incarceration for a period between six months to two years under article 39(b) of the Negotiable Instruments Act of 2002, the judge said Moosa would be banished for six months as it was his first conviction.

In addition to the claim by Sonee, Ali Moosa faces a number of civil lawsuits over unpaid debts and bounced checks.

According to local daily Haveeru, the Dhoni Services MD has been sued by different claimants for unsettled debts amounting to Rf50 million.

In September last year, Dhoni Services was sued by a business associate of Ali Moosa for Rf1.2 million and MGH Investment to recover Rf149,034 for oil purchased on credit.

Ali Moosa was arrested in April this year on charges relating to outstanding debts upon his arrival in the country after a long absence.

State Minister for Transport “Maizan” Ahmed Manik told Minivan News today that the conviction will not have any bearing on the government’s agreement with Dhoni Services to provide ferry services to Thaa and Laamu atolls.

“The contract does not mention anything about terminating it if he’s banished or arrested,” he said.


5 thoughts on “Dhoni Services MD sentenced to six months banishment for bounced cheque”

  1. Oh, how wonderful a punishment - 6 months banishment for bouncing a cheque worth US$100,000. And where is he going to spend this 6 months? In a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur or London, maybe?

    Crooked laws for crooked people.

    Haisham Rasheed was convicted of possession and use of less than one gramme of cannabis and got a sentence of 10 years in prison.

    This crooked businessman only gets 6 months banishment, so that he can go and live in luxury in another country.

    This is unjust in the extreme. People need to speak out about corporate corruption and injustice of non-violent cannabis offenders.


  2. This clearly states that Dhoni Service company is not able to settle there liabilities and keep their books clean.
    Government shouldn't keep a contract with companies who have such issues.
    It is not a healthy sign.

  3. Hasham V Ali Moosa
    Drug V Dishonored Cheque:
    What's dangerous. Drugs or Dishonored Cheque.
    If we decide the punishment in terms of amount of money it would be a joke.
    1,000,000= 1 year.
    100,000= 6 months.
    50,000= 3 months.
    1 MRF = 2 minuets in Jail.

  4. State Minister for transport Maizan Ahmed Manik???
    The original award then is questionable. How was the bid awarded to such a company.


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