DQP MP lashes out at parliament’s “insincerity”

Dhivehi Qaumy Party (DQP) MP Riyaz Rasheed has accused parliament of stacking the Supreme Court bench in favour of the two major parties, the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) and the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP).

Rasheed alleged that out of seven judges appointed for Supreme Court, four were appointed in favor of the DRP and People’s Alliance (PA) coalition, while the other three was appointed by the MDP.

‘’I have seen lately that the work of the parliament is divided by the interests of the two main political parties,’’ said Rasheed in yesterday’s parliament session.

Rasheed also complained that Speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid had failed to inform MPs that the issue of cabinet ministers’ reappointment was in committee. He cited article number 128 of the parliament’s law, which says that all committee work must be concluded within seven days time and MPs notified.

“My question is, are the cabinet ministers going to be divided like the Supreme Court judges?” Rasheed asked.

He claimed it was already “very difficult for me when I can’t summon ministers.’’

“Are the [reappointments] taking so long because the [cabinet ministers] are not yet divided equally among you?’’ he asked the chamber. ‘’We should be ashamed to criticise the president while our own actions are like this.’’

Rasheed decried the “lack of sincerity” in the parliament.

“During the appointment of the civil service commission members, there was a person who scored the marks, who was supposed to be listed as the third [appointment], but he was listed as the sixth. Where is the sincerity of the parliament?’’ he claimed. “Is it the president who is still wrong?’’

Rasheed added that his patience “has reached its end”, and that he could not wait “see the parliament swallowed by the two main political parties”.

In the silence following Rasheed’s outburst in the chamber, Rasheed said the MPs were silent “because they know I am speaking the truth about parliament.”

“The parliament’s work is unfair,’’ he added.

Shahid replied that he had informed the chair of the committee [examining the reappointment of cabinet ministers] of the committee’s obligation to disclose information, “and have sent a letter as a reminder.”

‘’I assure  all MPs that I would not commit any such act the honorable member has mentioned,” said Shahid.


7 thoughts on “DQP MP lashes out at parliament’s “insincerity””

  1. Can Minivan please do a story on Haveeru News claim about parole being given to the Sultan Park bombing convicts?

  2. Well, what do you expect from the biggest two political parties in the country? MDP and DRP combined they have the clear majority in the parliament. Whether it is in a parliament or in any other such place majority rules.

  3. Hmm smells like something is wrong. How Maldivian parliament works and how the recent deals were made is not a secret for the public. But its a surprise when a parliament member speaks out like this. Is it the personal interest of his oil business. Maybe the guy needs a favor from the president.

  4. What do you expect when thugs secure seats in the parliament and start making legislature?

    What do you expect when more than the majority of the MPs do not have a secondary level education?

    What do you expect when there are people there specifically to ensure their business interests are saved through legislation?

    The Maldives parliament is downright disgusting.

    It's a waste of public money.

    People have already lost their confidence in them.

    They have become the vampires that suck blood from the Maldivian public.

    They are not representing anyone except themselves there.

    The International Parliamentary Union should take a look into who these people are before they consider engaging with them.

  5. What is this MP wailing about? When the majority of MPs in the parliament agree to do something in a particular way, it is just that - the will of the majority,

    ‘’I have seen lately that the work of the parliament is divided by the interests of the two main political parties,’’ said Rasheed in yesterday’s parliament session..

    That is majority rule- in other words, that is a democracy. Grow up and learn, Hon Riyaz Rasheed.


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