FAM denounces FIFA decision on normalisation committee

The Football Association of Maldives (FAM) has denounced the normalisation committee appointed by FIFA to revise the association and organise fresh elections.

“It is improbable this is the final decision of FIFA as the FIFA executive committee has the right to overrule the decision as it was made by a FIFA emergency committee,” local media reported an FAM statement as reading.

FIFA yesterday announced the formation of a five-member normalisation committee after the collapse of the FAM Congress in September and resignations of several of the members of the FAM Executive Committee, making it impossible to reach a decision-making quorum.

The FAM rejected the move today, saying that the decision was made using a number of false assumptions, noting that an accurate account of events was now being provided.

“One [assumption] was that the FAM executive committee failed to hold the annual congress. However, the executive committee’s responsibility is to organise the congress and that the executive committee fulfilled its responsibilities.”

“The executive committee does not have to take responsibility for the events which occurred at the congress and the perpetrators are being investigated by the FAM.”

The FAM’s 6th congress was abandoned in late September after a number of clubs refused to continue with the agenda following the refusal to consider a no-confidence motion against association President Ilham Ahmed – also Jumhooree Party MP for the Alif Dhaal Dhagethi constituency.