Family of Rilwan submit petition with 5000 signatures to People’s Majlis

The family of missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla have submitted a petition calling for the Majlis’s national security committee to find answers to questions regarding his disappearance 27 days ago.

“We have submitted the petition with over 5000 signatures and we hope we will get the support from the members of all parties in our quest to find our brother,”

Today’s petition asked the national security committee to request relevant authorities to give answers to questions which “arose due to the negligence of the Maldives Police Services in searching for Rilwan.”

Additionally, the Maldivian Democracy Network (MDN) has today written an open letter (Dhivehi) to the Commissioner of Police Hussain Waheed, expressing its own concerns about the investigation and requesting a public response.

MDN’s letter noted that the police service “has a responsibility to reveal information regarding the case in a manner which will bring satisfaction to the concerned public, to a level where you do not lose the trust that the public holds in you.”

The Human Rights Commission has already released a statement noting that it had yet to be updated on the authorities’ attempts to locate the missing journalist, having made a request for information more than two weeks ago.

MDN’s letter requested information on the following points:

– Whether the reported confiscation of a vehicle and orders for a number of arrests are related to witness reports of a man being forced into a car outside Rilwan’s home just minutes after his last confirmed sighting.

– The apparent failure of police to follow the norms of procedure in foreign countries which includes making public photos of the victim and providing a contact for the public to call with information regarding the person

– Potential cooperation between police and friends and family of Rilwan who have continued activities to raise awareness of the disappearance, including communication regarding activities that could hinder investigations.

The unresolved questions in the family’s petition also included whether standard procedures were being followed and whether links with a reported abduction had been properly explored.

“These are also matters on which state institutions have so far conducted no work in order to reach the truth,” read the petition submitted this morning.

Prior to the petition, Rilwan’s family had presented MPs with a letter last week requesting their help in the search.

“Hear our plea. Please. I’m calling on all leaders. We are going to all leaders in the Maldives. We are telling them please calm our hearts. For Allah’s sake, please tell us what has happened to our son,” Rilwan’s mother, Aminath Easa, pleaded with authorities.

In response to a letter from Easa earlier this week, the campaign to find Rilwan continued yesterday as hundreds of people affected by violent crime gathered at Malé City Hall to call for justice.


8 thoughts on “Family of Rilwan submit petition with 5000 signatures to People’s Majlis”

  1. You make so much sense, Kashim. The families should never talk about missing members of their families. They should not even mention it to other members of the families. Instead, they should place all faith in MPS who could not even find Ali Hameed in those videos. The king will be delighted to hear your suggestions, Kashim.

  2. Translation of Kashim's comment: "Why do they care about their family members? Just shut up and don't question anything."

  3. Kashim,

    What job? The "wait and see if it goes away" job?

    They tried it once on the night of the kidnapping. They were informed, they took possession of the knife at the scene, didn't take any formal statements from witnesses and they waited and hoped that the problem would go away. Almost a week later they were forced to investigate.

    Now they are attempting to "wait and see if it goes away", again.

    Either our police are tree-stump stupid or they are callously indifferent. But they need to be reminded - we pay their salaries, we pay for their subsidised apartments. A service is expected from them in return - "To Protect and Serve", the citizens, not their own self interests.

  4. I respect Rilwan's mother and understand her pain. This is a beginning that will perhaps spell the end of the totalitarian strain of the Maldivian state. The mothers of the young people who had 'disappeared' in Argentina gathered in the Plaza de Mayo and brought the military dictatorship to its knees.

  5. Can anyone explain why Rizlwan (Moyameehaa) case is is diffrent to any other criminal case?

    Are othercases less important?

    All criminal cases shouldbe taken with utmost seriousness and there is no reason (except politics) to give attention to one case..

  6. @Special case. Because it's what the alleged abduction stood for - as well as the fact that a man has been potentially taken against his will.

    From what I understand, Rilwan was a journalist who supported freedom of speech/expression. The fact that he was targeted could be seen as a direct attack on individuals who promote such things.

    Furthermore, he's a journalist at Minivan.

    To claim that the reason this case is being highlighted is due to political reasons is ridiculous.


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