Fatal motorbike crash on Kulhudhufushi leaves one dead

A 21 year-old man was killed and an 18 year-old man was critically injured after a motorbike crash on the island of Kulhudhufushi island last night.

The motorbike crashed into a wall last night at about 3:55am in the morning, according to police.

Police identified the 21 year-old man as Ahmed Ibrahim and the injured man as Adam Sinah. Both are islanders from Kulhudhufushi.

Sinah is currently in Kulhudhufushi Regional Hospital’s ICU receiving treatment. Islanders prepared Ibrahim’s body to be laid to rest this afternoon after Asr Prayers, according to the Island Council.

According to a statement issued by police, the pair both suffered head wounds in the crash, and both bled from their nose and ears.

Upon receiving the reports, police officers attended the scene and found one victim’s body under the motorbike while the other person’s body was lying 14 feet away from the bike, said police in the statement.

Police said that both were unconscious when police arrived and  were immediately taken to Kulhudhufishu Regional Hospital, where Ibrahim was pronounced dead.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said police cannot disclose further information as the investigation continues.

Council Member of Kulhudhufushi Ibrahim Rameez told Minivan News that the accident occurred before 3:30am early in the morning.

‘’We do not know what they were up to but the accident occurred near the house of one person involved in the accident and it could be believed that they were on their way to his home,’’ Rameez said.

‘’The motorbike crashed into the outer wall of a house and there are signs where the bike hit,’’ he said, adding that the wall was not damaged.

Rameez said the council was informed about the incident at dawn.


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  1. Ahmed was a real friend for many and a true activist of MDP. May he rest in peace 🙁


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