Female motorbike accident victim dies of injuries

Shaheena Hassan, 20, who was severely injured in a fatal motorbike accident on Saturday, died last night while she was being treated a coma at Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Hassan Amir, 22, was also injured severely during the accident.

Shaheena was sitting on the back seat of her friend’s motorcycle traveling from east to west near the swimming tracks in Male’. Witnesses said that Amir was riding at high speed with a group of motorbikes travelling in the opposite direction along Boduthakurufaanu Magu, according to witnesses.

As the driver of the motorbike with Shaheena turned left, Amir’s motorbike hit its front wheel, causing Shaheena to fall from the motorcycle. Amir lost control of his motorcycle and and crashed into a taxi parked in front of Hakatha petrol shed.

Amir’s landed under the car, while Shaheena lay in the middle of the road.

Police officers passing by stopped and attended the incident, lifting the left side of the car to extract Amir. Shaheena was taken was taken to hospital in the taxi, while Amir was carried to hospital in a private car.

Earlier, police reported that a sharp object had penetrated her neck and caused internal bleeding in her brain.

Amir’s was in a serious condition, and attempts were being made to take him abroad for further medical treatment.

The person driving the motorcycle with Shaheena was not injured.

The two motorbikes and the number plate of the parked car was damaged during the incident.


7 thoughts on “Female motorbike accident victim dies of injuries”

  1. Racing youngsters.....Exactly what makes them think that throttling the handle of a motor bike makes them more manly?

    Another life taken away by a youngster desperately needing to show off how manly you are, when you can twist and turn at 80kmph within a run of a few hundred meters. Isn't there anything else that these youngsters can engage to vent off some of these hormonal energy?

    Strategically it may be better off to open up spars and discotheques and ban drag-racing in Male'

  2. Ali.

    There's nothing to do around here.

    Anything and everything fun from Black Opium to discos is being banned. Why, this place is an urban nightmare.

    Even if drag-racing is banned, they'll move on to even more harmful things.

  3. Ali, can you stretch your mind to the time you were a teenager? If you could, then you would perhaps understand how teenagers think of life.

    They will continue to do reckless things. Life will be lost too. All part of growing up in the most densely populated urban nightmare in the world, known as Male'.

  4. Open Disco areas, Bars n Spa could be a solution for such problems in a society where people believing in only this worldly life but not life after death my dear frens.......here so many people are there who wouldn't like to go n dance, drinking, enjoying with men & women or boys & girls mixed together and son....

    Why not the Traffic Police equip with proper skills and traffic regulations that could address to the current traffic scenarios in Male' and throughout the country?????? Just writing regulations that is impossible to apply is like a blind having 2 eyes my dear....i think what v see today is da same.....because, i have seen in an island country like ours doing well as Traffic Police and that no such accidents happen like this....there i have noticed that da Traffic Police is not only acting at the Accident scenes but they do stop those riding faster than the speed-limits displayed on the roads....But here can anyone see our Traffic Police is doing anything other than attending such dreadful accidents' scenes???? NO, our Police Officers are hanging around burning fuels only in the name of patrolling the islands...For Gods sake, please work for the country and the people my dear Police

  5. Is it "Female Motorbike accident victim" or "Female victim in Motorbike Accident" or "Motor Bike accident female victim"??

  6. lol@Joker

    Banning things won't have any effect - rules only work if there is an authority who can enforce it (MNDF/Police - I'm lolling at you.)


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