Five men gang rape 18 year-old girl in Laamu Atoll Maabaidhoo

A group of five men allegedly gang raped an 18 year-old girl on Maabaidhoo in Laamu Atoll, police have confirmed.

According to the ‘Laamuatoll’ newspaper based on Maabaidhoo, the group of five men snatched the 18 year-old girl as she was walking down a street last night, and took her to the other side of the island before gang raping her.

“Her mother noticed she was missing at 7:00pm and set out searching for her,’’ said the paper. ‘’At 9:00pm last night her mother found her sitting under a coconut palm tree, barely covered as her clothes were torn.”

The paper also reported that the group of men had blindfolded her using her headscarf, and dropped her to the ground hurting her head.

She was carried to the hospital on a vehicle as she could not walk properly due to the injuries she received, said the paper. At the hospital police were called and informed about the incident, but reportedly could not make it to the island because of poor weather.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the incident had occurred and that police were now investigating the case.

‘’We have arrested one person in connection with the case,’’ Shiyam said. ‘’We will provide more details after the investigation.’’

In March 2010, a group of 15 men abducted, drugged and gang raped a 20 year old girl, filming the incident with a mobile phone on the island of Hithadhu in Seenu Atoll.

“Two men came by on a motorbike while she was outside her house, and forced her to sit between them,” Regional Commander for Addu Atoll, Chief Inspector Hussein Adam, said at the time. “The 15 men forced her to drink a suspected liquid drug and she became drunk,” he said. ”They used box cutters to threaten her.”


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  1. I can see how this would fan out in our beloved, high-classed, almighty Saudi.

    "The Girl walked provocatively in front of 5 gentlemen, which made the men inadvertently commit this crime. Thus she is the Shaitan here!"

    I just hope we don't ever look towards the Pigs, for guidance on this.

    Isn't it about time, we stop barking up the wrong tree and whip down the heinous crimes that are hurting our community so badly. Cut their peckers out if they can't control it.

  2. Can we please have harsher penalty for Gang rape!! This is the same thing as murder. These people need life sentences!!

  3. Many interesting things from point of morality and cultural level happening in 100% muslims country every day! or maybe it is such understanding of how to use lies and illusion about democracy that never ever exist in country around the world?rape,drugs,murders,etc it your understanding of spiritual and physical freedom?
    if it is so,soon will be totally bloody democracy hell what you was selected by your own self in 2008/ so do not blame former president but blame your own egoism

  4. execution is the only real deal for for criminals like this. keeping such monsters for life behind bars, paying for their maintenance by public money is an insult to common man.

  5. This is absolutely disgusting. This society has become full of crap like this, paedophiles, rapers, murderers, infanticidides, etc etc. What more is to be seen from this so called 'Paradise on earth'. We definitely need to bring in harsh punishments for all these people who commit such horribleacts. As for these men, their willies need to be cut and handed on to their hands infront of the public.

  6. This has nothing to do with democracy. This kind of thing has been going on for years but it was not allowed to be talked about or published before. Democracy means that it is not hidden away and the truth is exposed. Not a nice exposure but this should be told so that these evil persons get caught and pay what they have done.

    If someone did this to my sister, I would castrate them. They are not fit to live on this earth and they are not good Muslims. Hope they get whats coming to them.

  7. Hell on earth!!

    Atleast Maumoon knew how to cover up all the hellish things...Now who is there even to do that much..

    This must be the only country in the world where five people would gang rape a young girl and walk away scot free on the roads...In a population of a few thousands its not easy to search for these coward sick animals and arrest them ,but its too much to ask of the police force of this country..What a corrupt and barbaric country...what a bloody shame..What a total failure of a country!!

    May those lowlife men burn in shame and turn into diseased worms covered in filth some day..if they cannot be brought to justice by a pathetic legal system at least hopefully there will be a day when these worms will die and get their punishment..May they rot in hell and rot forever,the pigs!!!

  8. I completely agree with you Abdulla..before everything was hidden away, forced to forget and not talk that everything gets in the press it seems like it's all democracy's fault when it's's the individuel people who commmit these crimes, not a complete nation

  9. THE TIME HAS COME!!!.... Now it is ENOUGH of these criminals who thinks they can do what they want!!! This country now needs MCPF to be established (Maldives Civil Police Force). It is about time to take law in our own hands and see justice done - since the government cannot...
    Its about time we visit these rascals and repeated criminals at their location and show them what a baseball bat can do and leave the message... With a limp they will be marked for life.. THE TIME HAS COME!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  10. If the evidence done through DNA or any other investigation can connect and confirm the men who carried out this attack, then the girl and his family should be given the choice of either putting the person to death or life sentence. It is the right of the girl to get justice.

    Or easily the police can leak the names and address of the rapists and let our Muslim brothers deal with the rapist if they think the Judiciary cannot bring justice to the girl.

    Some crimes we cannot allow a failed justice system to drag. Believers should seek to find out about these rapists as they raped a Muslim sister and that itself should get your blood boiling.

    I pray that Allah (swt) will bring pious and strong Muslims to power in Maldives who will clean the country of these sinners who depend on Human Rights to always protect them after they carry out such evil crimes.

    I also think that in all islands, Muslims who love Allah (swt) should join and make committees to find ways to make islands safe and have an alternative to policing and crime fighting to protect Muslim children and sisters themselves and not depend only the state security who is limited by many laws and especially the corrupt Judges who keeps releasing criminals.

  11. @Adil
    "I can see how this would fan out in our beloved, high-classed, almighty Saudi.
    The Girl walked provocatively in front of 5 gentlemen, which made the men inadvertently commit this crime".

    You are so right. Furthermore, the girl was walking in public ALONE(without a male relative to accompany her)which is itself a crime! Stoning to death is called for.


  13. There needs to be heavily armed amphetamine drugged foreign mercs on the streets, patrolling it. Gun down, in cold blood, at point blank range any gangs seen lurking about suspiciously or frolicking about in motorbikes. Torture and maim for life, those seen with long hair/attitude/era-rings etc, and domesticate them till they turn into baby kittens who only leave the house to go to work and to the mosque. Make and inflict sufferring and pain on criminals. Exact swift and utter wrath on the mothers of these dogs, if they complain after we've taught their children some manners. Hang these sob's from flagpoles. hang them. Bind them in chains and parade them so their friends and brethren, of ilk can see them.

    Destroy their very fabric, their spirit, their urge to even breath against societies will. Put terror, absolute gut wrenching terror into the hearts of these delinquents, whom we see going about with absolute impunity, knowing we know what kind of characters they are. Cleanse our streets of these hooligans. IF the government does not bring the situation under control, we will hire mercenaries to clean the streets , mark our words.

    Use covert operations and down thes idiots. make them dissapear. nobody will miss them.


  14. @Derek Postance

    Derekoooo, come out from the hole you are hinding...

    Remember the comments on Royal Wedding, you said people dont like them, sure I saw that..LOL

    Also that girl must not go late in the evening to a place, those people look evil. I still find hard to digest why did she went there to meet those monsters.


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