Flyme flight makes emergency landing after bomb threat

A Flyme passenger flight has made an emergency landing at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA)  at 11:49pm on Saturday after the pilot received a bomb threat, the Maldives National Defense Forces (MNDF) has confirmed.

All 11 passengers and three crew members on board the flight have been escorted safely off the plane, the statement said. The MNDF is now conducting a search of the aircraft.

The airport runway was opened after a two and a half hour closure.

The Maldives Police Services declined to state if any arrests were made, only stating that said an investigation team is active at the airport.

The flight to Baa Atoll Dharavandhoo Island left Malé at 11:04pm, a journey of approximately 20 minutes.

Minivan News understands a passenger on board the flight passed the bomb threat written in English to the pilot via a member of the crew.

On receiving the threat, the pilot immediately turned around and headed back to INIA. All arrivals to Malé were diverted and departures including a Singapore Airlines and Turkish Arlines flight were delayed.

Only one of the 11 passengers is a Maldivian, a Flyme official has confirmed.

A year ago, on November 23, a Flyme flight departing to Gaaf Dhaal Atoll Kaadehdhoo was delayed after a group threatened to hijack the plane.

Flyme is operated by Villa Air, a subsidiary of Villa Group. Tourism tycoon, Jumhooree Party Leader and MP Gasim Ibrahim is the owner of Villa Group.

Last week a Flyme flight was forced to return  to Malé en route to Kadadehdhoo after a 59-year-old woman died during shortly after take off.


4 thoughts on “Flyme flight makes emergency landing after bomb threat”

  1. What kind of sick person would want to do something like this , now who would benefit from hurting MP Gasim Ibrahim such a generous person who has touched the lives of so many Maldivians.

  2. don't be surprised if this was nothing more than a 13 year old with access to the internet.

    This is what happens when police and related officials fail to investigate serious threats and downplay their significance.

    Eventually, somebody will make a threat and follow through... we will all look like fools.

  3. This happens when the authorities do not take the death threats and other threats of violence seriously. I blame the state for this.

  4. Funny a bomb threat in Maldives. The maldies can't manufacture a pet bottle leave alone construct a bomb. The nearest they have come close to manufacture a chemical bomb are their very own large sounding farts which lack the power of aroma to kill someone.


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