Football star caught with local girl escapes family fury

Football star Ahmed ‘Ammaday’ Mohamed, captain of the New Radiant Football Club, was caught with a girl inside his room on Maalhos in North Ari Atoll leading to a disturbance involving family members of the girl and other islanders.

An islander who witnessed the incident said that the girl was 18 years-old.

“A group of young boys on the island noticed the girl’s behaviour was odd and followed her secretly to find out what she was about,’’ he said. “They discovered the girl went inside the room of visiting football star Ahmed Mohamed, and so they phoned the girl’s family.’’

A short while later, members of the alerted family went to the house and peeped through an opening in the wall.

“Her brother knocked on the door and tried to kick down the door, but it was locked. They were both stuck inside the room,’’ the witness said. “In the meantime, Ahmed called a group in the island and a second group of  men armed with sticks and knives arrived at the place to stop the girl’s family members.’’

After the girl’s family demanded that she come out, he continued, a person with a key to the room opened it and the girl came out leaving Ahmed inside.

“The girl’s brother then assaulted her, leaving her with bruises,’’ the islander said. “The man left that same night.”

According to the islander, Ahmed Mohamed was staying on the island to play for a football tournament held during the Eid holidays.


30 thoughts on “Football star caught with local girl escapes family fury”

  1. 18 year viyya OK dhoa...miulhey minivan vinsumuge meehunah...
    Shows the education they received...

  2. Honor beatings... hope this ain't the path we are heeded to.

    How did the brother getaway after beating the sister (and I assume in front of 8 male eyes).

  3. well, well. her brother has a fetish! including ALL THOSE MEN WHO WERE WATCHING! but hey, a kink is a kink.

  4. Hey, trust me, this happens on all soccer events, in the islands.

    This is not news, this is a typical boy-girl behavior anywhere in the world.

  5. Minivan news why didnt you report this case the family of the girl had long beard and was wearing veil..and thus they were in Minivan news term of "extremist"!! Why don't minivan cover the case of Adil Saleem (transport minister) and his two girls who lives and drives his car? Oh yes..they are above 18 years old no PROBLEM!!!

  6. So an 18 year old girl can't have intercourse or whatever without the family disturbing? What's the matter? Or is Ammadey married?

  7. The brother is most probably impotent, and has been sexually frustrated for a long time and to see his younger sibling with a famous celebrity has finally made his frustrations to manifest in the form of violence. Unless properly treated in a special facility his condition is likely to get worse. Then again the obvious culprit in this case, from the sub-text of this "article" is conservative Islamic values.

  8. I guess the New Radiant management threatened to sue the minivannews, since they have removed the logo now.

  9. Thoothu,

    If you're implying that 'conservative Islamic values' have to always express itself as thuggery and violence, then I hear there's a workshop planned soon to strengthen your 'faith'.

    People who justify violence with religion are merely equating the two.

  10. I don't think such private matter should be shared on a NEWS website - after all his wife is going to read about his affair now on the internet news. Let the couple decide amongst themselves.

    Sadly, this is "just" everyday life in Maldives...

  11. .....unspoken facts show so many girls are sexually abused in this island, and many others but never has a parent or the community as a whole came out on streets or after the victims including pedophiles!!
    .....just because Ahmed is a star and based in Male' triggered either jealousness or just stupidity. I remember the Numa and Season saga too, and how the public made her look so bitchy. You know what, the same people who gossiped about the story actually layed a red carpet, spent alot on dressing, saloon just to have a glipse of her and her blockbuster movie!!! haha what an irony.
    Minivannews, Maldives is a small country so why breakup families and create friction among people with these kinds of reports that wont improve their lives!! Why dont you get the truth about pending true cases like pedophiles; unsloved murders, thefts, corruption, forgotten children in villingili......etc
    Maldives is not ready for such personal public display, especialy involving teenagers who are just enjoying their youth. If you encourage such reports, what would happen if the true picture of the Maldivian youth who have gone wild in Malaysia, come up?
    Attack the older, ageing, filthy rich morons sick/ill with bags full of money marrying teenage girls forty years younger!!! and dumping their long time wives who actually contributed to their successes, mothers of their children!!
    I am a big fun of Minivan, but STOP this nonsense of putting simple people in public.

  12. Mee ehvs hageegatheh oi vaahaka eh nunehnu dhww...ehehnunas eyna ge beybe akah eyna ge gayakah neyreynu dhww..hahaha..ammadey dheke fuk vaa myhun ulheykan aharun kahala ammadeyge supportarunnah igey..mikahala adu adu kithanme varakahvs araane ekmu meeky hagygy vaahaka thakeh nun..ammadey dheke jealous vaa myhun ulheykan mihaaru aharemenna igijje..aharumen mithiby ammadey r eku..mikahala fake habaru thakun ammadey ge famous kameh naathule veyne..kyp it up ammadey..XD..

  13. I think the girl should be stoned and the 'footballer' should have a vital bit cut off. Isn't that the law in your '100% muslim' country?

  14. Honorable Beating (The First Stage)

    This is start of Honorable Killing (as is done in Pakistan). Just wait for another 3-4 years, a new JUS-friendly Maldives is in the making.

  15. mini van r u mad.....y dont write abt adil saleemm and his blue films....y dont u write abt adil saleem ...and marble cafe sexual stories...thee ham ammaday drp ah support kuraatheey ve liyunu habareh...jay vefen...keeeeve nuliyaney velaanaage office loabeyge vaahaka thah..keevvev nuliyaney ministerun gadijehigen offihah dhaavaahaka...keeevve nuliyaney....

  16. Minivan why don't u write about the government and its abuse of citizens, Political parties and about its abuse of laws & regulations. just stop these stupid writings this is not new
    Organize a training programme to minivan writer to teach them what is new & how to write it


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