Forty percent of women between the age of 15-25 are unemployed, says HRCM

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has published a report revealing that more than two thirds of the Maldivian population are unemployed, with only 110,000 of the country’s 350,000 population holding paid jobs.

Women are particularly affected, HRCM noted, with women holding only 37 percent  of those jobs. Forty percent of women between the age of 15-25 are unemployed, HRCM stated.

Of the 124 senior government positions, women filled 28 positions, HRCM noted. Females also hold 12.5 percent of roles in independent commissions, 3.85 percent in parliament, 1.9 percent in the judiciary, 2.3 percent in the military, and 1.6 percent in the police force.

“The government should give high priority to training [women] and conducting awareness programs to make women more active in employment,’’ said HRCM. ‘’It is necessary that there are job opportunities for females in the islands and opportunities for females to train for jobs at atoll and island level.’’

“Our goal is to establish a society where women and men are equal in civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields. The commission calls on everyone to give women equal opportunities in every area of life.”

HRCM also noted that women were outperforming men at school, but this was not reflected in their employment or positions in society.


5 thoughts on “Forty percent of women between the age of 15-25 are unemployed, says HRCM”

  1. Why is the HRCM conducting such studies? Shouldn't it be the Employment ministry or the Gender department or maybe UNDP? These institutes have previously conducted such studies and would have the baseline information needed to analyze and produce follow up reports that could provide a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

    It would make perfect sense if the HRCM were to review or analyze such studies done by the relevant or even independent parties and highlight major issues that infringe upon human rights! Undertaking such studies by themselves is just a waste of public resources! There are very serious problems in this country where the direct intervention and persistent commitment of HRCM is needed! Please Members of the HRCM, if you can't do what you are supposed to do, just resign and be honest to the vulnerable people of this country who need the backing of HRCM!

    Otherwise, you people are no better than our hypocritical MPs!! How ironic, given that both parties are supposed to stand up for the rights of the general public!! All you care about is just your fat pay checks! Shame on you.

  2. The HRCM is a useless waste of public money. It is headed by shameless opportunists without an iota of interest in the field of human rights.

    Of course, politics is at the forefront of every individual's mind in this country at the moment, but nowhere else do you get offered a paid holiday except by being a member of the HRC.

    The institution was formed as a reactionary measure to dupe international donor agencies and continues to this day on those same lines. The difference is, that the international community shows little or no interest in the HRCM any longer as Gayyoom has been ousted and our Anglophilic puppet president has been placed in position.

  3. Has to agree with Mariyam adn tsk tsk..majority of the studies by HRCM is methodoligcally flawed..

  4. i believe this was a press release not a " report". perhaps ahmed nazeer could correct this error


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