‘G-Spot’ doesn’t exist, contends shop owner in ongoing case against Economic Development Ministry

Mohamed Nizam, the owner of a shop in Male’ called ”G-Spot” has sued the Economic Development Ministry after it was declined permission to operate as a business because of its name, reported SunFM.

Today the first hearing of the case was conducted in the Civil Court.

SunFM reported that in the court, Nizam said that the name was first approved by the Economic Development Ministry and was also registered in the ministry.

He also said that he had spent a lot of money making the name board of the shop, printing paper bags and tags, all of which were done in the name of ‘G-Spot’.

State Attorney Aishath Seeza argued that the name ‘G-Spot’ was inappropriate to be used as a shop’s name and that it referred to the sexual organs of a male or female, according to SunFM.

She also said that the name was inappropriate for viewing by women and children.

In response to the state attorney, Nazim contested that the ”G-Spot” as Seeza understood it did not exist, submitting articles published in The Times, BBC and CNN to support his argument.

He also said that by’ G-Spot’ he did not mean what the state attorney was referring to.

Judge Maryam Nihayath queried him as to the meaning of G-Spot, to which he replied that G stood for ‘Girls’ and that his shop was a ‘Girls-Spot’ and sold female garments.


34 thoughts on “‘G-Spot’ doesn’t exist, contends shop owner in ongoing case against Economic Development Ministry”

  1. In the shops name plate it is written "G spot- A PERFECT SENSATION"
    So, if what mohamed nazim is telling in the court is correct why is that slogan written?
    What the state attorney is telling is correct, these type of immoral things should not be allowed to be put in public display in front of children & others.

  2. I do agree with the Economic Ministry on this one. This is one step too far.

    Clearly, Nizam is trying to capitalise on a well known sexual reference. Even if he masquerades it as something else, his intention is quite clear and evident.

    There's no point in providing references to articles denying the existence of a "g-spot".

  3. What Nizam has failed to comprehend during all the legal wranglings is that even if he does get permission to continue to trade under said name he will still struggle for custom as most men will almost certainly not be able to locate it...

  4. Somewhere, our public money is being spent on this frivolous, pointless lawsuit.

    I personally think 'G-spot' is quite a clever name, but since we're on our way to becoming Taliban-land anyway, let's just pretend sex doesn't exist.

    Surely, if even cucumbers are controversial, then this shop owner has out-stepped the boundaries of wahhabi decency by light years.

  5. The Economic Development Ministry should be taken to court by the Government for approving that name in the first place.

    The Ministry cannot say different things at different time. This show decisions there are taken on adhoc way.. may be there are many cases like this..

  6. Dear Nizam the Pevert,

    The Grafenberg spot is an area on the anterior or front wall of the vagina, between the opening and the cervix, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation. It is hypothesized that the G-spot is either a bundle of nerves coming from the clitoris, or a gland or series of glands that produces lubrication. It is thought to be perhaps analagous to the prostate gland in men.

    "A Perfect Sensation" eh? HAHAHA, we're not ALL idiots you know.

  7. 'She also said that the name was inappropriate for viewing by women and children.'So the standards are different for men? So much for being an 'educated' female lawyer!

  8. i rarely think of imposing on other ppls rights and beliefs but since this is a business entity , the min of trade should not have granted the name in the first place, i say the min of trade compensate him and then go for a re-branding ? its their mistake for approving the neame in the first place

  9. Judge Maryam Nihayath, If Nihayath do not know what or where the g-spot is, I can never trust her with any sort of judgment.

  10. Keep fighting Brothers and Sisters this kind of names boards are what we really need now. “G spot- A PERFECT SENSATION”

    Long live G-Sensation.

  11. If we can have gmail with no objection what is wrong with gspot.

  12. Nizam or Nazim,it's a nice name like jeehan or jeevan.

    Why not put a picture below the slogan, mark the spot and write this is not what I mean! This'll spread your intended msg more rapidly, at the same time denying it.

  13. @Frostmourne on Thu, 17th Mar 2011 10:24 PM

    Dude you copied and pasted from Wikipedia! Had to be done, seriously, these people think we are stupid. I agree with you 100%!

    I object to this vulgarity! You know what! There is a shop named "carrot mart", they pretend to sell vegetables, but we know what they are up to, right?

    We smart people must simply must burn the place down, so that our innocence will forever be protected.

    PS: Got fire retardant spray for our beards, just in case.

  14. This shopkeeper has lost his sense of decency in what to bring to the public domain and what not. If he means to say G Spot is Girl Spot then there is no harm in assuming letter N stands for Nazim the ‘perverted sensationalist’ trying to bring fore his sexual fantasy in a bid to garner cheap publicity to his shop and in the process open to the world a filthy mind. So the verdict should go like this: the name for his shop is of course ‘a perfect sensation’ while the filthy mind that went about the idea is ‘a pervert’in all its glorious connotation.

  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G-Spot
    But i do still think people shudnt be so touched just by a name.. It is not that controversial. Why don't u guys asked some women, what do they think about that name? probably all these comments are by guys like me.

  16. @Poignant Dexter, “he will still struggle for customers as most men will almost certainly not be able to locate it…” hahahahaha. Nice touch of humour, and I agree most men wouldn’t locate it. But seriously, this would not be an issue now if the ministry didn’t make it one. Using that logic, no businesses with a name that starts with G should have a license. By the way, if someone in Galholu calls his house Spot, won’t it be G.Spot? Can someone start a shop that sells sports utilities and call it G Sports? And as @P spot asked, should we now be restricted from using Gmail? Come on, World over, marketers use catchy ambiguous phrases to entice customers. Perverted minds will read vulgarity in anything, even in catching phrases like ‘It’s easy dho! Keeps you Touch” or ‘Evolving with you.’ Even, because of some advert a couple of days ago, it is now considered vulgar to go to a vegetable stall and ask “how much is cucumber?”

  17. Why am i not surprised that secularists are writing in support of that vulgar name? the claims that they support all theses immoral things is true after all. All they want is to spread evil and corruption in the land.
    Well, secularists try explaining G-spot to your 7 year old daughter when they ask what it is after seeing that shop. That too, in a family outing which include your mother and sisters.

  18. The ministry is to blame for this. They can't approve the name in the beginning, and after all which he spent, go on saying that it is inappropriate. I think Nizam SHOULD sue them for all the losses he would incur. On the other hand, I think it is a good business tactic to capitalize on such a name.

    And how many Maldivians REALLY know what the G-Spot means anyway? The majority of Maldivians didn't know what a tsunami was before 2004 either, considering TVM presenters pronounced it as T-sunami that day.

  19. this guy is smart as anything..bad publicity is publicity just the same..and a name like that gets people talking 🙂 great entertainment 🙂

  20. True, I don't like Wahhabees, or excessive prudishness

    But this really is going too far.

    Yaamyn, not everyone is as "liberal" as you - and while I agree with you about not forcing people to follow a faith against their will, there is nothing wrong with not treating sex as something frivolous or holding or ourselves to a modicum of decency.

  21. Loool. I hardly think 'G-spot" is a 'vulgar' name. Just a catchy and clever phrase, especially for a garments shop. But some people don't need much to get their pee-pee's excited

  22. Thank you @yaamyn and @odithan kaleygefaanu ... It is a clever name but most important is the fact that it got APPROVED in the first place.

    If it's offensive now, it should have been offensive then.

    He should receive compensation which should also include loss of business (during rebranding) and loss of time (during original branding).

  23. Oh come one; along with "perfect sensation" it's a clear sexual reference - and we're allowed to enforce some social mores. It's innapropriate for the eyes of children.

    Do you really want to give legitimacy to habee claims, that everyone is on a mission to destroy Islam in the Maldives?

    Again. We can preserve some decency...

    And don't go off on some red herring about drugs, and murders. Those things can be addresed as well.

  24. If Nazim is clever he could have spelled it "Jee Spot" he will get the same satisfaction of pronunciation as in Maldives both G and Jee will be pronounced similarly.

  25. Do you think I could get the name 'Balls' approved for my sports shop?

  26. i personally dont think the name is offensive, a very good marketing ploy targeted at girls. young children who see it will make nothing of it, well not any more worse than the sexually charged hindhi videos which are very OK,
    seriously i wonder why parents watch these movies in front of kids, but then kick a ruckus over a name like G spot.

    messed up

  27. OK.. Everybody knows what a G-Spot is including the owner of the shop..

    Even if G-SPOT exists, it is a part of the female human body, gifted by God. Sex is what keeps our race alive. Sexual organs are creations of God. Kids need to be educated regarding sex. Sex is not tabboo. It's pure and a gift of God, but ofcourse WE SHOULD DO IT IN THE WAY OUR RELIGION ALLOWS.

    We should not be ashamed to talk about sex and sexual organs in public, in front of children or elders. G-Spot is a really creative and catchy name for a shop.

  28. In Maldives, it’s always about outside appearances and double standards.

    You could operate a heroin refinement plant behind a one-man general store and NO ONE WOULD NOTICE.

    And while you're at it, you could enjoy some sleazy song-and-dance routines from the weird guys up north and NO ONE WOULD EVEN CARE.

  29. Oh, and religious proud, if you think reproduction is vulgar, then your only option to reproduce is by cloning, which religious bigots hate too.

    Suicide is also bad, according to you.

    There's nothing to be proud of your so-called religion.

  30. Perhaps my last name is Grafenberg and this happens to be my spot?

    Welcome to visit my little G-spot friends. 🙂


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