Gaddafi is “a wicked, cruel, evil man”: Former State Islamic Minister

Former State Islamic Minister and member of the Adhaalath Party Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed has called on the international community to help stop the “violent inhumane actions” of Muammar-al-Gaddafi.

”Gaddafi is wicked evil man whose cruelty has reached to an extreme level,” said Sheikh Shaheem in a statement. ”He has used excessive force over the citizens of Libya.”

Sheikh Shaheem said that today all the Muslims should pray for the citizens of Libya, ”and should pray that he gets destroyed by his own evil actions.”

Prominent scholars in Palestine, Sudan, Egypt and other religious councils have consistently condemned the actions of Gaddafi, said Sheikh Shaheem.

”Some scholars have permitted [to have] his blood due to his evil actions,” he said. ”And I would like to take this opportunity to assure the citizens of Libya that we are with them.”

He called on the international community on behalf of the Adhaalath Party to help the citizens of Libya.

Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed yesterday also called on the international community to “strengthen measures to realise the aspirations of the Libyan people to fundamental rights and freedoms.”

“The right not to be tortured, the freedom to speak your mind, the ability to choose your own government… these liberties are not the preserve of Western nations but universal values to which everyone aspires,” Nasheed said. “These are the forces that are being played out on the streets of Libya and other countries of the Middle East.”

The Foreign Ministry has lost contact with six Maldivians in Libya, although it has not received reports of any injuries.

“We were checking on their condition until yesterday when we were unable to contact them via phone. Their phones would not ring, either,” a Foreign Ministry official told newspaper Haveeru.

“We are trying to contact them and are looking into any possible way that we could contact them through Dhiraagu. We are also trying to contact the Maldivians through an embassy in Libya of a friendly nation.”

The Libyan President yesterday vowed on national television that he will not step down from the country’s leadership, and was ready “to die a martyr.”

Speaking in the third person, Gaddafi said “I am not going to leave this land. I shall remain, defiant. Muammar is leader of the revolution until the end of time.”

US President Barack Obama has meanwhile broken his silence over the Libyan situation and outright condemned Gaddafi’s tactic of using violence against the demonstrators. The US President has sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Europe to attend a meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and it is unacceptable. So are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters and further punish the people of Libya. These actions violate international norms and every standard of common decency. This violence must stop,” said President Obama said.

Minivan News has meanwhile obtained a copy of Gaddafi’s ‘Little Green Book’, entitled “The Solution of the Problem of Democracy”, copies of which were reportedly gifted to a generation of Maldivian school students under former Maldivian President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.


30 thoughts on “Gaddafi is “a wicked, cruel, evil man”: Former State Islamic Minister”

  1. Minivan News should be ashamed of reporting this junk. Seyku Shaheem is no body and his view is not worthy of news and even commenting it. Don’t you have any better stories to report?? Seyku Shaeem does not hold any office or authority. The public has not elected him to any post (save the role he has in Undy Adhaalath Party).
    What will change in Libiya when Seyku condemns Gaddhafi? Nothing! He is just trying to jump on to the bandwagon. Everybody knows that Gaddhafi is an evil person and we don’t need Seyku to come out and explain quoting some crazy “scholars” like him.
    Get a life man. People like you are a dying breed! Don’t just jump on the bandwagon when you realise that Gaddhafi days are numbered. “Dhefukkeheri!”

  2. As Golha has stated Shaheem is not such a figure who's statement has to bring to the media highlights.

  3. @Golhaa
    "People like you are a dying breed!"

    Sadly I have to agree with you. Our country has very few people like Shaheem.

    The common breed we have in this country is highly corrupt and ofcourse loves to reveal their items infront the webcam..

  4. i strongly suport mister shaheem. shaheem is a great man. i like his oppinions, he is suported by many of maldivians, i just want to tell those who critisize shaheem to stop th jorking. be more civilize. shaheem! go a head.

  5. shaheem is right...our own golhaaboa had the military support of gaddafi wen they planned to take over maldives by scaring away then government...where do you think they got the pistols???
    gaddafi shud go down...

  6. "Come out of your homes, attack them in their dens. Withdraw your children from the streets. They are drugging your children, they are making your children drunk and sending them to hell,"
    = Gaddafi =
    This means He is Evil.
    Shaheem's word is very true.

  7. Shaheem may be a great man. Long time ago. In the 10th century. When people were in the dark ages.

    Not now. We dont need you and your professed ways of life to be imposed on to others.

    What you are saying, can be googled in half a second.

  8. here goes minivan news again! even a tiniest thing done by a religious person, minivan news will make it as the biggest headline, so that the secularists/atheists can comment and have their fun.
    by the way this topic is about Libya so why is an adhaalath logo posted instead of some pictures of protests?
    and currently, the news everyone is interested in maldives is about the top government/parliament/judiciary people getting naked and doing all sort of stuff on the internet. why is this news given no such importance by your site? is this because these people who are busted are non-religious and 'muslims' only for the name sake? i bet if there is a story where a religious person is caught in such an act, your site will run the story non-stop for months. attracting hundreds of comments from secularist atheists (most of them written by the same person on different names)
    then again, people wearing tie (in official working hours) sitting in presidents office getting naked and playing with their sexual organ in front web cam while chatting with minors is no issue to you guys. well so much for "independent news from maldives"!

  9. Mr. Shaheem is a very influential Maldivian Islamic Scholar in the Muslim world today he has been recognized by many Muslim countries. His views on Gaddafi will have an impact on Gaddafi as because Mr. Shaheem has been one of the members of the last delegation which went to Libya and met Gaddafi. He is not commenting based on some books and news channels he is commenting on what he has seen in Libya and from Gaddafi.

    But Minivan news should understand, this is outdated the evilness of Gaddafi and his cruel actions are not of a concern at this moment the news should be highlighting what the world is up to do. How will the Security Council act and will a resolution will be passed?

    Its crystal clear the revolutionary leader is about to be brought down by another revolution the future of the Libyan people is still in doubt and concern. A UN intervention will somehow give an opportunity to the Gaddafi supporters to blame the west for this event. Specially if it sparks up a civil war.

    I think it would be better if Minivan keep up with the international media and detailed upon some important issues.

  10. @ Ainth
    u r right.
    this is not a credible news source.
    this site holds the last position of news papers i visit to read local news, its at a lower position than haama news, & previously, lower than aafathis news.
    i think it reports news in a similar fashion as fox news of US. where that channel is a mouth piece of conservative party and this site is a mouth piece of secularists.

  11. look at Gaddafi's flamboyant fashion sense!

  12. @ Ainth. Rage seems to have blinded you - I have seen at least two articles on the sex scandal here.

    If you are looking for Minivan to re-post the videos, I think you may have come to wrong place:(

    Try checking out some porn sites, you are more likely to get some satisfaction there...

    You may even get what you are looking for - a video of a Wahabbi Wan*ing.

    Each to their own, I suppose...

  13. @Ron Jeremy. the mentality of you people makes me sick!

    i simply pointed out the partiality of this website. if you couldn't get my point then you are the one who is blind.

    well, each to their own.. you keep getting your satisfaction by doing what you have told.

  14. i didnt need a shaikh to tell me how evil those arab leaders are, not just gaddafi. and on a side note, i heard that his guards are teenage girls. waddup, ladies...

  15. What sort of headline is this?
    Why didn't president Nasheeds comments were not made as a headline? Why didn't 6 Maldivians who are lost in Libya not make as a headline?
    i think Sheikh Shaheem was specifically mentioned as the headline to give the chance to secularist to rave and rant "shaheem this.. and shaheem that..." while forgetting the topic which was Libya and protests!

  16. I'll bet Seyku Shaheem to say king Abo of Saudi Arabia is a wicked, cruel, evil man.Seyku Shaheem will not say such a thing now. But if protesters in Saudi Arabia come out on the streets and king Abo's down fall becomes imminent, Seyku Shaheem will start to accuse him of all sorts of things. How many of you know that Seyku Shaheem is on Saudi government's payroll?

  17. you're right didi, Seyku Shaheem has also received a monthly stipend from Gaddafi for years. This was arranged through the Muslim World League Office in Male.

  18. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends.

  19. How about Bin Laden, Taliban and other such 'new world muslims'... I wanna see Shaheem condemn every suicide attach by them on Muslims... Hypocrite

  20. 1986
    Reagan: "He's a mad dog of the Middle East!" "Fire cruise missiles!"


    Obama: Please guys!! Can't we get along?

    So-called muslims: He's a bad man!

    My reaction; "Wat"

  21. The foreign ministry should contact the italian government to help free the six maldivians. Italy is the nearest country to libya and the country which the rest of the europe is also using to evacuate their citizens fastly. I hope Anni makes a call to Berlusconi in this regard.

  22. Shaheem, Be careful of what you you can be an equal arrogant, stubborn and stupid dictator as Gayoom, Mubarak, Gaadafi! Also don't forget to mention (which u did purposely) Saudi Royal family and Kuwait royal pain in the A##!!
    To the secularist around here!! Remember USA and many EU countries are also dictators at the democracy is hijacked by the capitalist from the the day shall come soon for US citizens and EU citizens to go on street and bring justice to the wealthy b#####ds like Bush and Tony who goes for war (in Iraq, Afganistan) to feed their own billon/trillion dollar business which needs a war some where!! These shameless so called democratic rulers protected and still protect dictators like Saudi kingdom..FOR THOSE WHO HAVE POOR MEMORY>> PLEASE REFRESH YOUR MEMORY WITH SOME HISTORY LESSONS!! we are waiting...for the day!!


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