Grenade cache found on Dhaalu Atoll

Children playing on the uninhabited island of Kadimma in Dhaalu Atoll yesterday discovered a cache of explosives hidden in the bushes.

Police and the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) have not revealed the nature of the explosives, however images in local media revealed the ordinance to be grenades of modern appearance.

The children were attending a picnic on the island when the discovery was made. Following the find, a second group of islanders told radio station SunFM that they found eight such explosives on the island and threw them away.

Police Sergent Abdul Muhusin said the MNDF was investigating the case and that police could not comment on the issue.

MNDF Major Abdul Raheem told SunFM that an expert was now investigating the explosives.


16 thoughts on “Grenade cache found on Dhaalu Atoll”

  1. Brilliant.

    So, "true Muslims". The ball is in your court.

    CIA conspiracy? The Jews? Israel? More denial?

    What is it going to be this time?

  2. Idian and our governments conspiracy to to take over Maldives and make anni king of Maldives which will be a state of India.

  3. This might be the act of Raagondi Rajja Gang. They are preparing to over throw the government by force as all other means has failed. MNDF must observe them carefully and investigate properly.

  4. ok... some one ought make things clear to every one. when one finds some thing that looks like a explosive stay the hell away from it. who on earth knows how long the things have been sitting in sun and surf and how stable they are.
    The idiot who is in the picture is a candidate for Darwin award. bloody idiots ..

  5. ooops!congratulation! what will be next?
    portable nuclear bomb device?and best wishes with Happy New Year from Osama Bin Laden?

  6. Yeah Meen Gay yoom must be behind. No doubt about that. Arrest him and press the ball.

  7. @yaamyn

    what does this have to do with "true muslims"? does it have "allahu akbar" written on the grenades somewhere? and nobody has talked about jews, israel, cia or anyone else yet. maybe you'd like them to?

  8. lol,@nashath, other than the obvious threat to national security atleast one person pointed out an important point........ this is y it took 3 unfortunate ppl to find out that the wells in the male' fish market had a deadly gas in it :S 1>.>>> goes in does not come out 2>>>>> goes in does not come out 3>>> goes in does not come out and then finally someone figure , i feel bad for all of them ,

  9. @Zeen. You mean the Burmese military are coming? Wow thats great. Am fed up with 2 party dirty politics. I think military rule by a foreign country will be the best option for Maldives.

  10. heyy, people relax, finding this type of things on maldivian islands is not new. I know of many instances like this over the past many years. There have been live mines, arms chaces, unknown chemical tanks etc that have washed up on our shores over the years

  11. Oh yeah, I forgot to inform anyone, once I found a Tomahawk missile on a beach whilst I was relaxing on an uninhabited island.

    I knew what it was, since I've seen pictures of them during the Gulf War. Next thing I knew, a couple of patrol boats that looked like the US Navy approached the beach, lugged the missile into the boat and away they went...

  12. pumpkin,

    Honestly, that was just an outburst. Maybe I could have phrased that a lot less sarcastically.

    This maybe the first media story of a cache of explosives being found - and honestly, it could have been placed there by a lot of people - insurgents, pirates, MNDF trainers, etc.

    But unfortunately, this is not really news to me.

    I've learnt much earlier, from quite reliable sources, about weapons and explosives being imported into the country by some local elements.

    I do not know the reasons for this. Maybe it is to launch their 'jihad' operations on our neighbours?

    Maybe they're plotting to destroy our economy with a Mumbai-style raid on a resort?

    I'm not sure. But either ways, it really is high time that the 'true Muslims' - the ones whose faith outshines the rest of humanity according to themselves - started acknowledging condemning these acts of violence more honestly.

    A couple of Israeli doctors visiting the country on a humanitarian mission "outraged" them to the point of having nightly motorcade protests around the capital for a week or so till they left - surely, they could do something similar for much more horrifying issues like terrorism? And paedophilia?

    If what is keeping them from condemning the series of pedophilia cases is the open secret that not a few of the most prominent 'clerics' are identified pedophiles.. then shall I extrapolate from that and take it that they don't take out thousand people rallies against terrorism in the name of Islam because they're supporters of terrorism?

  13. @Yaamyn,

    Cant agree with you more on that mate. Well said.
    Need to get rid of "one way" thinking and look at the big picture.

  14. Ofcourse it must be the Jews who did it. No doubt about it.

    Who else would do such a thing to a calm, quiet, paradise on earth. Jews want to destroy the Maldives. They have already sent doctors haven't they? And now are selling the patients organs at high prices.

    Jews are jealous of the independence and 'isthiglaal' (dont know the meaning) of Maldives. It was written that Jews will one day try and destroy all muslims. This must be the start of their works in maldives.
    I was written a long time ago. So it must be true.

  15. Just because it was said/written a long long time ago, it need not be true.

    I can say now "a lot of people will die over the next few years"... But that's meaningless. Whether I say it or not, it will happen.
    And just because I said it, doesnt make me an angel with divine knowledge.

    And say something like "tomorrow i know someone will challenge me".

    Of course to disagree/challenge with me would make my prophesy come true. If everyone agrees, I win in any case.

    If unchallenged stupid sayings like that and peoples ignorance that led to where we are now, ie: on war footing...


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