Group claims ‘2000 strong’ protest against Dhiraagu over privacy and latency concerns

A group of Maldivians calling themselves “Firaagu’’, led by Firaagu Mohamed, have scheduled a protest against the first network service provider in the Maldives, Dhiraagu (Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun), claiming to have “many issues” with the company.

Protest organiser Firaagu Mohamed claimed that more than 2000 people have said they would join the protest.

“We are expecting 3000 to join us on the day of protest, January 1. We will launch a website and a hotline this month so that everyone joining can discuss and disclose more information about the protest,’’ said Firaagu.

Protesters will gather at Jumhoory Maidhaan and will march towards Dhiraagu Head Office in Medhuziyarai Magu, Firaagu said, claiming the group would also be distributing T-Shirts.

Firaagu, who claims to have obtained information concerning matters of privacy and latency from a whistleblower inside the company, say they will present their allegations in the lead up to the protest.

“We do not want our every move sniffed and monitored. And do not give us false messages when we try and call somebody by saying ‘The number you are calling is switched off’,” he alleged.

Outside the resorts, the country’s telecom providers are among the most marketed and media savvy organisations in the country, and desired employers among many young people.

Spokesperson for Dhiraagu Mohamed Mirshan yesterday told Minivan News that Dhiraagu had not received any information regarding the planned ‘Firaagu’ event officially.

”If anyone had any issues concerning Dhiraagu, they could always contact us,” Mirshan said. ”we are always easily accessible,” Mirshan said.

”Expressing peoples views on large companies through social network is very common in the Maldives as well as in other countries,”

Mirshan said if the protest was organised by a genuine person he would have contacted Dhiraagu before deciding to launch a protest.

“I have also seen the page on Facebook, and its credibility looks doubtful,” he added.

Dhiraagu is one of the only two network service providers in the Maldives, and has been providing telecom services for 22 years.


33 thoughts on “Group claims ‘2000 strong’ protest against Dhiraagu over privacy and latency concerns”

  1. It high time this blood-sucking company hears what we think of it.

    Until Wataniya came to the Maldives, their services were hopeless but they charged incredibly high rates.

    Their services were not even extended to the islands.

    They are the worst environment friendly people who do not care about noise pollution or wastage.

    They never compensated to their customers at times when they are at fault.

    If they think that business is all about music and colour and good looking people behind their counters, they are sadly mistaken.

  2. Is it now a fashion in our country to protest for anything... Where is our society leading to?? Why cant people be more civilized and deal with things in better ways!!
    This guy must be wakko and probably a rejected candidate from a Dhiraagu job interview or an unhappy customer. Or simply a person wanting to seek more attention by trying to challenge the top brand in the nation.

  3. I don't know if you Maldivians a funny or just plain stupid.

    First time I am hearing about a protest about latency.

    Also first time I am hearing about a protest against a company when you have a choice to change your service provide.

    You people are funny.

  4. yea lets do this.. I also do not like Dhiraagu, if all my friends would use Wataniya I wouldnt even walk near Dhiraagu...They overcharge my postpaid account everymonth.. down with Dhiraagu..

  5. I honestly don't mind to see anyone expressing their displeasure about Dhiraagu.

    They have had undue advantage and sponged us for many years. Not right as the Government was a shareholder of the company - how rotten can you get.

    Wataniya was a blessing in disguise and the competition brought the prices down.
    Dhiraagu still continues their dirty game and only when their arm is squeezed behind them, do they do something decent..

  6. @Aspirin. I have changed Dhiraagu since I started using mobile. But at the start of October I changed to Wataniya and I persuaded 5 others to change too. We are all frustrated with Dhiraagu. You dont have to worry. Calling to Dhiraagu from Wataniya is at the same price as Calling from Dhiraagu to Dhiraagu. So if you are willing to change to Wataniya do it now. They have a promotion till 7th November. And you dont have to pay one month monthly fee!!

  7. Dhiraagu….proudly ripping people since it was created.color red means blood of Maldivians.

    Thank You.

  8. Dhiraagu is a good company at ripping people off, who claims that they are No.1(I don't quite know who decided that they are No.1). by looking at their marketing strategies one could claim that they assume that Maldivians don't know anything about Information Technology and communication etc.. A good example is at some point, when they advertise their broadband connection: they claim that just one laari for a Kb, they did not mention how much it comes for an Mb. here they thought the attracting point would be the ONE LAARI Per Kb. It is very much true that they have been proudly ripping people since the beginning. I hope the government intervene to set a maximum price, since this is a need for everyone today. Their website is the most ugly website that a telecom company could have..

  9. Typical Maldivians.

    Stupidity and ignorance runs deep within. But what else could you expect? With literally nothing worth talking about, Maldives depends on others to feed them. No entertainment, no night life, just boring chores.
    No place to enjoy with your girlfriend, or your kids, and if any ventures to go out, you get harrassed, very likely be in an accident etc. And to top it, Maldivians have a psyche like the Arabian world, arrogance, uncouth and selfish pride.

    So yes, lets do something, which can entertain a few for a few days. Go for it.

  10. I am not endorsing the service provided by Dhiraagu but firmly believe this Firaagu Mohamed has some other agenda.

  11. OOH man!!!!Theres too many mosquitoes in Maldives lets start a protest against mosquitoes. We can start from Jumhooree Park and ends????...Cmon firaaq grow up man if you dont like dhiraagu switch to Wataniyya. Don't disturb others way of life by protesting.Theres enough going on right now more than any country in the world!!!!!!

  12. It’s kind of funny when people talk about Dhiraagu ‘ripping’ people off. What about all these people in Male’ who build their 10 story houses and suck the lives out of us fellow Maldivians with their unbelievably high rents? What about the companies who then pay us salaries with which we can’t even rent a room here in Male’? For a salary that is lower than the figure I pay to my landlord, I still am living in a pigeon hole. When we talk about ‘blood sucking’ and ‘ripping off people, I guess it makes more sense as it applies more to basic needs like shelter as I see it. No human being should be paying more than 25% of their income on shelter. I don’t know how it is for you, perhaps you are living abroad or don’t even work, and living off these ‘unfair’ rents…but as for me, I have better things to protest about here in Male’ than internet services …Jeez.

    Having said that, most other companies have high corruption, huge bureaucracy, are run by bosses with their 6th century old management styles, and provide no room to breathe unless you are affiliated with the right political party. Don’t get me started with how frustrated I for one, am with the company I am working for. As I see it, Dhiraagu is at least one company out there, who hires young Maldivians, pays them decent salaries, trains them and actually empowers youth. To me, that is where a company needs to start with, if it is to contribute to the economy and social development of a country.

  13. What are you people talking about? Dhiraagu is the only decent telecomm service provider we have and we should just be grateful that they've been operating here, or ripping us off or whatever! atleast we've been in business with them all our lives.

    As if Wataniya is any better. Wataniya bots out!

  14. Maldivians are dumb and stupid, so is minivan news, posting articles that doesn't even count as news. How lame can people be.

  15. Tell the truth that Dhiraagu is the most expensive web hosting and domain reseller in this whole wide world,

    Now tell me that Dhiraagu is a good company to steal the money in the name of providing the most basic service a human needs always!

    Dhiraagu guys do not try to fool us please:) we know who you are well:D

  16. Though I don't agree with Dhiraagu being a good service provider, I do agree they mostly provide good service. (have you ever been on an MTTC ferry; what kind of a service is that?) As for price; so is every business in Maldives... as one commenter rightfully siad look at the high rents we pay. Look how much you paid for your Honda Wave, look at anything for that matter. If we are protesting lets protest against all thi. Why Mr. Firaagu just Dhiraagu ONLY?. It's not fair! Not for Dhiraagu but for me as a person who pays 15,000 MRf per month for a god damn small 2 room apartment.

  17. First Thing is first we need to protest againt Dhiraagu to give a message to the rest who fool around in the name of giving a crappy service just like ROL (Rajje Online) now operated undergroundly by Mr. Shaweed from Vaaly Vrothers or in short: VB!

  18. This is all fake... I have also been using Dhiraagu products and services for so long. This is just to get attention..Sure this will be led by the government who always do such of these things so that the youth will be charged out...

  19. @ Ablho Dhiraagu simply sux, you knw why?

    is it because of corruption and their inability to serve the people in a fair way?

    Do you know the end result of corruption?

  20. Boycott Dhiraagu and take up Wataniyya and ROL?

    Thats a laugh.

    Unless, yeah I forgot, we are an European 1st world country with terrific economies of scale, with a GDP of $XXXXXXX.

    Dream on assholes. What sympathy we had from foreigners is rapidly evaporating away by our own stupidity. And we are rapidly heading towards uncontrollable economic disaster.

    Yes. Practice riots, gatherings. You will need to do a lot of these in the next few months / year.

  21. Yes Whaaat , YOU guys cant play with Dhiraagu, we know each and everyone of you very well, fools dont try to get me into an uncontrollable hot oven!

  22. It's strange, if you are not happy, you have a choice. Let us be fair, that Dhiraagu is the most succesful company in the country. If you know even a bit about business you know it's natural in every market that competition brings prices down..Take anything phone, pc, car the prices have gone down. I dont know any country in the world of like Maldives in size and economy, which has better communcation service.

    Firaagu..who is he.. Y is he hiding, and I guess no guts to show face. If the guy is geniune as Mirshan has said he would share his conern with Dhiraagu. Dhiraagu has a loyal customer base, and they should air their views to put an end to this drama

  23. Do you know what we do to 3rd world countries? We use your people to do business using old equipments, thats why we cannot offer you a good price also we are now officially out of business in our homeland because the people there knows that we are the worst comapny in Europe to provide telecom service!

  24. Is this virtual dude Firaaju? Why is he hiding? Why cant he take his concerns to Dhiraagu management or the Communications Authority? Is Firag a covered? Is he is a she or she a he?

    Is this a stunt by Wataniya planning such propoganda after having no way to succesfully competing with Dhiraagu...!!!

  25. Hello. How did minivan news call this firaagu guy? how did u know his full name? and excess info than in the fb page. how? can someone from minivan news answer!

  26. Yes dhiraagu was charging extremely high prices before competition was introduced. Thats what happen is all countries man. But Wataniya has been in operation for over 5 years now and the prices of both operators have come down drastically. So whats the point of this anyway!

    If you want to have protest, i would join you for a protest against Stelco or MWSC. They are still monopoly charging anything they like. Or maybe the right way is to lobby the government to force competition in these utility areas.

  27. Holy cow. Of all the things either non-existant, or severely debilitated, you think this the top most on every body's agenda.

    Honestly this time, I feel you are trying to seek fame and glory, just for the sake of it.

    I dont mind you doing it. but lets do them in the worst first order.
    a) Polio suffering Citizens Majlis
    b) Egotistical Judiciary
    c) Elevated living / housing costs.
    d) then take up Dhiraagu, if you feel that is the next.


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