High Court invalidates Maafushi Court’s ruling on prison officers’ beards

The High Court has ruled that Maafushi Court’s ruling that prison officers on the island be allowed to grow their beards was unlawful because Maafushi Court gave no opportunity for the defendant – the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Services (DPRS) – to say anything before the case was concluded.

The High Court also said that Maafushi Court’s ruling stated that the case was presented to the court by eight parties, but said that in the form presented to Maafushi Court there was only one person listed as the petitioner.

The High Court’s ruling, delivered by High Court Judges Shuaib Hassan Zakariyya, Abdulla Hameed and Yousuf Hussain, delivered the verdict made no mention about the legality of prison officers growing beards.

Last year a group of prison officers working for the DPRS filed a case against a requirement that male officers shave off their beards.

Maafushi Court Judge Ibrahim Hussain at the time ruled that men should not be told to shave their beards ‘’to make them look like women’’. All Prophets, from Adam to Mohamed (PBUH), grew beards, the judge observed.

In September last year, Rector of the Faculty of Sharia Law, Dr Ibrahim Zakariyya Moosa, reportedly said that a female student wearing the face veil studying at the Faculty of Sharia Law would be asked to remove it during class or face being expelled if she refused to do so.

Later the girl filed the case in the Civil Court, which has not yet reached a verdict.

Speaking to the press, current Attorney General Azima Shukoor said wearing the face veil in class should not be banned.


6 thoughts on “High Court invalidates Maafushi Court’s ruling on prison officers’ beards”

  1. Maafushi Court Judge Ibrahim Hussain should rule that men should henceforth travel on camels, since thats how our beloved prophet travelled.

  2. In prison services throughout the world,,long hair and beards are advised against,purely as in the case of a riot or disturbance,it gives the prisoners less, to grab hold of,regards the prison officer..This waffle about looking like women,,come on people,,join the real world..

  3. Your country is almost sinking, tourism wise, and what is one of the main issue? BEARD..unbeliavable..

  4. sharia courts please note....

    men...need beards to prove they are men...

    and women...need veils to....you know....

    hide their disgust


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