Prison officers must not be banned from growing beards, rules Maafushi Court

Maafushi Court has ruled that growing a beard for men in Islam is more than a Sunnah and almost ‘waajib’ (obligatory), after a group of prison officers working for the Department of Penitentiary and Rehabilitation Service (DPRS) filed a case against a requirement that male officers shave off their beards.

Delivering the verdict, Maafushi Court Judge Ibrahim Hussain said that men should not be told to shave their beards ‘’to make them look like women’’. All Prophets, from Adam to Mohamed (PBUH), grew beards, reported Raajjeislam.

‘’While the beard is more than a Sunnah and almost an obligatory thing in Islam, and while some scholars say it is obligatory, no employee in this 100 percent Muslim nation should be forced to shave their beard,’’ the website quoted the judge as saying.

‘’The court hereby orders the DPRS to ensure that no employee is asked to shave their beard.’’

The judge also added that as the Maldives is a 100 percent Muslim nation, no law against the tenets of Islam can be enacted in the Maldives.


9 thoughts on “Prison officers must not be banned from growing beards, rules Maafushi Court”

  1. why, Even men in regular armed forces in countries like pakistan are allowed to grow beard if they want. so its hight time this small measure of liberty is allowed to simple workers.

  2. good decision by the court..
    and minivan seems to refer raajje islam as a authentic source for news..
    go minivan go...

  3. just what we need...armed men with long beards! pave the way for the mutaween!

  4. Rubish, when you are in prison you have to follow prison rules. Short hear and clean shaved has to be enforced as it part of minimizing health risk. Long hear and beard in crowed place like prison will lead to spread of lice and god know what else and putting other prisoners at risk.

  5. What formula the Judge used to measure the holiness of growing beard is questionable.
    Additionally can the claim that says all prophets wore long beards be proved at a court of law. It is known that only a fraction of Hadhees are authentic!

    Just because a judge of a small jurisdiction delivers such a verdict doesn't mean we have to apply the same precedence to our institutions namely Police and MNDF change grooming rules.

  6. These judges think so highly of themselves now they start to make up laws relating to Islam.

  7. Growing beard has to do with kind of Islamic identification back in the Prophet's time. Prophet Muhammad is said to have ordered Muslims to grow beards because he didn't want them to look like the Pagans; for security and cultural reasons; to make it easy for them to identify each other; and encourage them to shed their traditions to which they grew as pagans.

    How far are these purposes relevant to the present-day Muslims? Muslims identified puts them at the risk of discrimination and ill treatment because of their own action against other religions. So, it's better they are not identified as Muslims.

    If growing beard was mandatory in the Koran there is nothing to argue about since only the Koranic laws are applicable for all times and all places. Prophet Muhammad's Sayings don't apply to all times and places.

    A religious commentator said, "Personally, I don't see anything wrong with not growing beards, because today the world is different than what it used to be 1400 years ago. The issues of today are different than the issues back then, hence, the growing of beards might have been necessary for political, religious and cultural reasons back then, but it may not be the case today.

  8. beard in hot tropical climate it is so unhygienic/ so many bacteria and microbs
    if it is in North country it is ok but in tropic it is just microbs collector

  9. it would then be unfair to cut off the partey's long hair since the prophet had long hair as well...people! the razor hadnt been invented in his time!! haha


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