High Court orders man who swindled Swiss woman to pay back MVR 5.4 million

The High Court has dismissed an appeal and ordered a Maldivian national to pay back MVR 5.4 million (US$350,000) he took from a Swiss woman after promising to marry her.

In June, the Civil Court ordered a man identified by the court as Ibrahim Ali to pay the Swiss woman the money after he was found guilty of swindling it from her.

The Swiss woman alleged that Ibrahim had taken money from her on several occasions in large sums, and had promised that he would marry her.

She also told the court that Ibrahim had told her that he was single, but that she had later found out that he was married and had children.

The Civil Court ruling ordered Ibrahim to pay back US$58,800, 7,000 euros and 252,196.95 Swiss francs he had taken from The Swiss woman since 2007.

The court also ordered Ibrahim to pay back a sum of MVR 1,500 (US$ 97.27) in legal fees and 2,420 Swiss Francs in bank transfer charges.

Ibrahim however appealed the Civil Court’s verdict at the High Court.

In the appeal, Ibrahim argued that the Civil Court had failed to establish that the sum of money had to be paid back, or that the money he received was by his request.

He also contended that the Civil Court had failed to prove that the money was deposited in return for his agreement to marry the Swiss woman, and argued that there was no legal basis for the court to order him to reimburse the plaintiff.

However, the High Court in its ruling on Sunday upheld the Civil Court’s decision and stated that documents presented to the court clearly implied that there were money transfers taking place since 2007.

The ruling further stated that the Swiss woman had said in court that she had sent the money because Ibrahim had told her that he was unmarried.

In its ruling the High Court stated that Ibrahim had build a house from the money he had fraudulently collected, which was also built  on the understanding that he would marry the Swiss woman.

Ibrahim was not present at the hearings, and the three-judge panel issued the verdict in absentia.


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  1. Maldivian men can do this.

    Every muslim man can swindle their women, anytime they want. Right Imran?

  2. PS: I do believe and have met some very honest and nice people who falls into the category of 'Dhafthar'. But the figures are few. Following are based on the average/most counts.
    Foreigners ought to be more careful with Maldivians. For a long long time Maldivians have been FOOLED by their rulers. And most don't have manners or even a self-respect (they even lie to themselves).

    Just look at the address of the Maldivian guy. His address is just a number from the 'Refugee List' [AKA in Maldivian Language 'Dahfthar'-which means 'special list'. Just a list. Nothing more said or defined about it. But technically it's for homeless/special attention needed) which was introduced by Gayoom to be-fool Maldivian people (especially those from other island except the capital Male') to 'change' their own 'origin' to become a Male' citizen after they've dwelt in Male' for more than 5 years. All just in the hope of getting a plot of land or housing facility in Male'.

    This not only creates more socio-economic problems but also completely changes the identity of the individual together with their behavior too. Most people tend to live in an illusion and false hope with a tremendous financial burden. And that's when most people starts to go into rip-offs and other corrupted methods of earning the huge overhead. These people not only rip-off people foreigners but they do practice 'cannibalism' (yes, on own folks too).

    We're a country being destructed by our rulers. Only a handful of them have done any good.

    In the 1950s, the first of Maldives President Mohamed Ameen wanted to introduce political parties (a multi-party democracy), build other cities such as Addu and wanted to modernize the nation BUT his vice president took up the power in an orchestrated silent and cunning coup and later murdered him.

    Then briefly came in Sultanate and again the nation became a Republic under President Ibrahim Nasir. But Nasir was smart enough not to have a VP. He succeeded in the realisation tourism, local media (TV, radio and print media), cinemas, schools, English medium as a language of teaching, world recognised examination (London GCSE education certification to pupils), human resource development from the state funding & not just foreign scholarships(sending more Maldivian students abroad for higher education, unlike before), building health posts, first international airport, first tuna cannery, national shipping company (largest in south Asia at that time), State Trading Organisation, becoming a UN member, land reclamation programs, population aggregation programs, vaccination programs (with WHO), built a trading store for each atoll to earn revenue for themselves, etc... All these just in two terms. Maldivians had prosperity and lived a decent life. US dollar rates were between MVR 3 ~ MVR 4 and MVR 6.xx at maximum. We had a decent community living who respected one another. Crime rates were extremely low. Justice served well.

    Gayoom started to spin 'political-Islam' accusing that Nasir is an infidel saying, "A person authorising the sales of liquor is the same as one drinking liquor". Gayoom was indirectly mentioning about the tourist resorts Nasir had built. Gayoom was at that time in Egypt studying at the expense of the state and other Maldivians there at the time said he was crossed with Nasir when the government wouldn't want to fund for his masters degree. At that time Gayoom has already completed his first degree in a very long duration at the expense of the state and the state wanted him to return to serve the country. Gayoom fled to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria to teach. But the pay wasn't enough for him and his newly wed wife Nasreena. Soon they returned home to become politicians in the hope to get the the top. And as a cunning politician he may claim that state funding for his studies was cancelled due to his letter urging 'not to align with Israel' is not a new song he sings - that most Maldivians would agree.

    With Gayoom's Islamic knowledge Nasir was continually grilled politically. Gayoom was banished once by Nasir and later released in clemency. However, Gayoom didn't cease his political spinning of Islam. Nasir's move was smart once again and simply didn't to run for a third term. Also, shocking but true, Nasir recommended the parliament that Gayoom is the most knowledgeable and worthy a person to lead the country. Soon afterward, Nasir went for good to live in Singapore. But Gayoom was never a forgiver, he sentenced Nasir in absentia for allegations of corruption and took all the properties (including Nasir's family house and property inherited by his father) to the state.

    With these the long 30 years began. No need to talk about it. Google will tell you. No political opponents were allowed. Nepotism was number one followed by corruption committed by family members and cronies of the regime. Many individuals become million-ers if not billion-ners with state assets 'given' to these individuals without any proper bidding and/or a proper leasing fee. Some resort island (together with the reef) are 'given' to individuals for merely a US$ 100 per annum.

    The 30 years of Gayoom's reign ended in 2008's presidential elections and the first free and fair elections in a multiparty democracy. Young, Mohamed Nasheed (Anni) was elected as the President from 2008 until 2013 elections.

    Nasheed, unlike Nasir or Gayoom, over a short period of three years wanted to introduce and establish modern systems and bring the ease of the 21st century to the country. He was the pioneer who advocated and tried to implement more environment-friendly energy to the country. The credits for the decentralized Maldives, national transportation system, reclaiming huge lands over days (if not weeks), building seawalls, jetties, sewer systems, drinking water systems, efficient schooling system, welfare funds (for the elderly, single-parents, disabled), free health insurance, housing program (more housings than ever before), FREE MARKET ECONOMY (including un-pegging the state controlled dollar rates), building cities, trying to close the 'gates' for narcotics (arresting the drug lords), treating addicts, rehabilitating training drug addicts to skilled works, opening foreign investment, etc.

    But it all ended on 07th Feb 2012 with the help of those who had become million-ner and billion-ners in the 30 years reign of Gayoom. When thugs from the streets and mutinying police/army backed by business tycoons calls the people-elected president to resign or face death what do you call that? Were the other institutions of the country were blind when blood in shed on that day just to force Nasheed to retire?

    With the answers for the last two and a glance taken at the big picture given above one could understand how to TRUST a Maldivian. I won't say NEVER but CAREFUL. Especially, when the Maldivian's identity card itself facilitates to 'hide' the person's real origin.

  3. What a couple - a stuuuuuppiddd swiss woman and a crooked Maldeviant man. These two are simply made for each other. Maybe the Maldeviant wanted to start his virgin harem right now on these lovely, soon-to-disappear, sand spits.

  4. Since divorce is a common practice in the country - I wonder why this man don't marry her and divorce her the next day - this will solve all the legal problem.

    However, I am impress that the court rules in favor of a foreigner and a women...unbelievable!

  5. What a dumb broad............actually paying a Maldivian man to marry her!!She should have figured out long before meeting Ibrahim Ali that as a Maldivian man there was a good chance he would be short, fat, physically unattractive with Neanderthal looks and addicted to drugs...........like most of you primitive islanders.
    Poor cow had to find out the hard way what a bunch of con men you really are.

  6. This happens daily, not only in relationships but also in businesses as well.

    Ask how many foreign investors funds/shares get swindled by Maldivian partner.

    Beware foreign investors, specially by people who claim to be rich and own resorts/tourism businesses.

  7. This is the kind of crime that shall not be forgiven. promise of marriage is not a small thing. This fraudster will never be happy in his life.

  8. Mahi mahi

    What an insane, racist, I'm-from-Male-superiority rant by this ignoramus!

  9. @ jaabir ismaeel (on Wed, 24th Oct 2012 3:03PM)

    Sorry that you've got me all wrong. I'm not a racist and never a promoter of Male'-Superiority nor Island-Inferiority. That's why I wrote the PS note at the beginning.

    The whole point of my comment above is to highlight the facts and purely on socio-economic problems due to idiotic policies by the cunning executives, legistature and judiciary. Never on racism. Hence, I've also indirectly added efforts in the promoting of equality for everyone and the right to live a decent/honest life.

    Most Maldivians are forgetting about themselves, first from where they're and 'formally living' with a 'virtual address' and never a physical permanent address. This is a fact. The values/norms/honesty/behaviour/etc of the mainstream society depends on each and every INDIVIDUAL. If most of the Maldivian individuals are like this; can't we say that the whole society is living 'LIE'?

    For you kind information, Male' is an ISLAND too. Also Male' is WITHIN the territory of the whole country. Hence, all Male' people are 'raajetherey' people, too. So that's why I'm not addressing about your so-called Male'-Superiority or Island-Inferiority issue here. On the contrary, I'm talking about building more cities like Male' or better than Male'. I'm talking about making policies/mechanisms in letting the Maldivian people live in a more decent manner - to develop a civilised society where cheating and other horrible crimes are less.

  10. Thanks to all comments. It is really surprising how you all are judging and commenting on a story you even do not know about.... Anyway..... Go ahead it is interesting to me!! 🙂


  11. .... And last but not least.... Nobody in Switzerland would treat a Maldivan like this because we are civilized people....!!!!!

    Ursula Sara

  12. @ Ursula

    I agree with you 100%. Maldivians need to be more civilized. To make a civilized society there's a need for the things I've noted above. But right now what we all see is that the chances of these dreams are becoming very narrow. A democratically elected government has been over thrown by the most cunning elements of the country. The judiciary is corrupt to the core. The police/arm works like a bunch of mercenaries ONLY taking orders and following to a dictator who ruled the country with an iron fist for 30 years. Not even a single university has been built. Maldivian National University was formed just within the past three years under the ousted president (the first ever democratically elected one). Even this university, being so young, is still not fully institutionalized or functioning efficiently, yet. These bad people know that if the majority of Maldivians are well educated they can't live the lavish living by their corrupted means. No proper formal education and extreme injustice means less civilized people. Am so sad and sorry about all this. But none seems to care much about bringing.

  13. @Ursula
    So you like short, fat, physically unattractive men?.........in which case you got lucky..........Maldivian men fit the bill perfectly.

  14. How many cows did the harlot from India worship today?

    Stop commenting on our sovereign affairs.

  15. @ missIndia
    Your comments are ridiculous and poor! Go and see other examples and maybe also study some English vocabulary?


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