“Horror in paradise”: Avaaz launches campaign to target Maldives’ tourism reputation over flogging sentences

Additional reporting by Neil Merrett

Petition website Avaaz.org has launched a campaign targeting the reputation of the tourism industry in protest over the sentencing of a 15 year-old rape victim to 100 lashes for the offence of fornication.

“It’s hard to believe, but a 15-year-old rape survivor has been sentenced to be whipped 100 times by a court in the Maldives! Let’s put an end to this lunacy by hitting the government where it hurts: their tourism industry,” declared the site.

The Avaaz community, consisting of over 20 million members in 194 countries, was notified of the petition yesterday (March 20). By Thursday morning, the petition had been shared more than 23,000 times just across Facebook. By midday Friday, more than half a million people had signed the petition.

“Tourism is the big earner for the Maldives elite, including government ministers. With a million-strong petition to President Waheed, we’ll threaten the islands’ reputation through hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and online until he abolishes this outrageous law,” the site declares.

“The girl’s stepfather raped her for years and then murdered the baby she bore. Now the court is punishing her for “sex outside marriage”. President Waheed of the Maldives is already feeling global pressure on this, but we can force him to help save this girl and change the law to spare other victims this fate. This is how we’re winning the War on Women – by standing up every time an outrage like this happens,” it stated.

Former Secretary General of the Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI), Mohamed Ibrahim ‘Sim’, told Minivan News that he doubted a tourism boycott would “change the government’s position on religious issues.”

“The religious faction [in the government] is stronger than ever before. It will not affect government policy in any way – it will just attract negative publicity,” he said.

“I don’t think [President] Waheed has categorically stated he is against religious sentencing. He has maintained a position of non-interference.”

Sim observed that while the case of the 15 year-old had led to a collision of the country’s two very separate worlds – that of the hedonistic Western resort and the far more conservative reality of the country as experienced by Maldivians – “exclusive resorts will still be exclusive”.

“[Tourists] have no idea what is going on in the real Maldives and they probably don’t want to know,” he said. “They come here for a relaxing, stress-free holiday.”

He noted that while public sentiment tended to focus on reconciling tourism with the haraam (prohibited under Islam) supply of alcohol, “in Islam it is also a sin to engage in sexual activity outside of marriage”.

Resorts, he noted, were not yet asking guests to provide marriage certificates.

One argument raised by the more “entrenched” elements of the tourism industry against the development of mid-market tourism on local islands, he added, was a fear that tourists were vulnerable to a backlash against foreigners.

“That has been a case made against homestays and guest houses,” he noted.

Tourism Minister Ahmed Adheeb was not responding to calls at time of press.

However President’s Office Spokesperson Masood Imad expressed hope that punishments such as flogging would be debated.

“I’m sure when we debate [punishing suspects for fornication with lashes], we will find an acceptable solution for all parties,” he said.

The Maldives Constitution does not allow any law that contradicts the tenets of Islam, with the criminal charge of fornication outlined under Islamic Sharia.

However, Masood noted that the Maldives had a tradition of turning away from practices such as the death sentence and forms of corporal punishment.

According to Masood, punishments such as removing the hand of a suspect in the case of theft had not been used since back in the 1960’s.

He maintained that there was a history of reviewing the country’s relationship with Sharia law in the past and that a similar process could be had with the debate about flogging.

However, Masood said that all authorities involved in proposed legal reforms would have to tread “a very fine line” in order to tackle long standing “traditions” and beliefs in the country.

“Reforms must be undertaken, but this must be done gradually considering we are dealing with a process embedded in society,” he said. “A certain amount of compromise may be needed.”

Masood said the state was committed to preventing the minor from facing her sentence, while also looking at the potential for reversing the use of flogging as a traditional punishment.

“The little girl will not be flogged for another two years, so we must look at what can be done [in the meantime],” he said.

Chinese boycott call

The Avaaz call for pressure on the tourism industry follows calls for a Chinese tourism boycott of the Maldives that exploded across Chinese social media networks earlier in March.

Dismissed Chinese employees of the Beach House Iruveli resort – formerly Waldorf Astoria – posted allegations on the Chinese forum Tianya that guests from the country were receiving inferior treatment to Europeans, despite paying the same prices.

The staff alleged that this discrimination extended to removing kettles from the rooms of Chinese guests, to prevent them making instant noodles in their rooms and thereby forcing them into the resort’s restaurants.

The resort denied the claims, stating that it had “removed damaged kettles from rooms as part of routine maintenance due to the fact that these kettles were damaged by guests by cooking food.”

Global outrage

The 15 year-old from the island of Feydhoo in Shaviyani Atoll appeared in the Juvenile Court on February 26 and was convicted for premarital sex, and sentenced to 100 lashes and eight months of house arrest.

The charges were forwarded by the Prosecutor General’s Office during a separate investigation following the discovery of a dead baby buried in the outdoor shower area of her home.

Her stepfather was later charged with child sexual abuse, possession of pornographic materials and committing premeditated murder. Her mother was charged with concealing a crime and failing to report child sexual abuse to the authorities.

However during the investigation, the girl confessed to a separate incident of premarital sex, which was separately investigated by police.

In the wake of international censure and the launch of its bid for re-election to the Vice Presidency of the UN Human Rights Council – on a platform of women, child and disabled rights – the government expressed its concern over the sentencing and pledged to support the victim’s legal appeal, and announced the formation of a committee to review existing child protection mechanisms.

“As concerned global citizens, we welcome your government’s intervention in the case of the 15-year-old rape victim, but we call on you to do more to protect vulnerable women and children,” read the Avaaz petition to President Waheed.

“Real justice will only be delivered when you end the practice of flogging in the Maldives, and change the law so that it better protects the victims of rape and sexual abuse,” it added.

Sources on Feydhoo meanwhile told Minivan News that the islanders had been raising concerns about the girl’s alleged abuse since 2009, claiming that she had been victimised not only by her stepfather but reportedly by an unknown number of unidentified men on the island.

The island council said that the victim’s unwillingness to tell the authorities of her alleged abuse had meant she was kept with her mother and stepfather even after her pregnancy was first discovered.

Island Councillor Ibrahim Naushaad told Minivan News that upon discovering the child was pregnant, police and the Gender Ministry had failed to remove the girl to a shelter.

“The police and Gender Ministry didn’t take responsibility or provide counselling to the girl,” he said. “The police and ministry have investigated, but we don’t know what she had said to them.”

“The Gender Minister had asked if they can send her back to the island, but I have explained that her father is severely disabled and is unable to look after her,” Naushaad said.

“If they send her back here, the same thing could happen again.”


51 thoughts on ““Horror in paradise”: Avaaz launches campaign to target Maldives’ tourism reputation over flogging sentences”

  1. Still holding the nation hostage to get what MDP wants huh.. So much for being the bastion of freedom and rights of our nation.

  2. its not the child to be whipped its the man, because he used her, what are you people. are you out of your mind

  3. @Bitter Truth, what do u mean by "holding the nation hostage to get what MDP wants"?

  4. As a frequent visitor for over 12 years, this campaign echoes my sentiments precisely. If The Maldives wants tourists with civilised values to feel at home in your country, then The Maldives must understand that we are not comfortable supporting a political and societal structure that allows its citizens to be treated as badly as this child has.

    I am currently writing the next in my series of teen/young adult novels which I have set in The Maldives. I have already decided to show my support for this girl - and others like her, by depicting this shocking incident within the storyline.

    The Maldives does not want publicity like this, but I'm a firm believer in the power of money, particular among the corrupt, when it comes to making a stand.

  5. @Kevin Armes thank you, things could get a lot better if visitors also cared about what happens to citizens here.
    And maybe just maybe we can stop stupid insane things like this happening to society's most vulnerable, if citizens and visitors alike showed how this won't be tolerated.

    And i have one thing to say to those that would open their mouths to defend this from a religious point of view. Islam does not call for this, and this brings shame to us muslims and our religion. This is nothing short of victimizing the victim again.

  6. @ Karen : Tourism is the main source of income for this poor nation. It is the engine that keeps our economy going and helps feed all of us.

    Surely there must be a better way for the MDP to acheive it's goals without putting a knife at all our throats.

  7. The people who think targeting Tourism in Maldives can do anything positive must understand that the democracy backfires in Islamic conservative societies. In fact Mr waheed himself is not a Muslim, but his hands are tied and he can’t do anything to change what this backward society believe. The whole Maldivian society will skin off Wheed if he says anything that offends their 07th century Sharia Law which they believe is from the sky.
    People can call to boycott Tourism, but Waheed , Anni or anyone else will never be able to call off what Sharia rules. In democracy majority rules and these Islamic societies are blind believers of their faith. Their legislature, judiciary, all is uneducated semi literate people backed by a very conservative ignorant people. They don’t want abolish this barbaric sharia. The only way to do this is to side step democracy to deal with people who are influential Mullahs like Jameel and lock them up like what Anni tried and the world should give full backing to people like Anni.

  8. Actually there shall be a law banning this kind of fithan. This is a totally non issue taken up by MDP to do damage to the country. I wonder how they can sleep at night after damanging the country they want to rule. No patriot will do this. This is a totally flimsy issue taken out of all proportions laced with islamophobia (which the west loves) and the yellow fevered folks still doesn't understand the implications of this.
    Forget about tourism promotion budgets and marketing departments working in sleek offices. An article like this in Avaaz can undo the marketing effort in a few hours time in mass media. somebody has to realize this is treason prosecute those who spread lies like this.

  9. Why are you so stuck with MDP. Are you for or against beating up this girl. don't care what party you belong.

  10. @Bin Ladin

    Looks like a pretty loaded statement. The security behind your cyber sleuthing must be very good. Perhaps in the hope that possible 'mullah agents' can be smoked out of their caves (now nearby)? Perhaps to know whether they are here? Perhaps because you 'already' know 'they' are here? I hear whispering, almost. Danger close,..

    I am sure they are there, they are here now, too. They were busy you see, in their mosques, chanting, flicking the rosary. Technology never came to them.

    We understand your pain, they would say- it reeks of isolation they would say. Maybe even abandonment issues- they would say, Mama issues. Still no matter, the world is not dying yet. The American-Empire festers, against the urgencies of the Moslems still (therein rests your immortality). So what eh,..

    If they say the heretics here, and the rest are still brethren (from the same rabbit-hole), and curiosity gets the best of us sometimes, would we still seek war? Perhaps it's too early to ask for one's own death, so soon. A coordinated, patient mind best knows war then. War will come, be of sound mind still,..won't you?

    I like your style. I agree with you

  11. Sheik Imran now has the protection of local Militia. There has been the detection of a credible threat against him, we hear.

    This whole thing just keeps blowing up in everyone's face.

  12. You are not hitting the Government but you are hitting the people like us who are working in the tourism industry as employees.

    We are getting our salary because of the tourism and neither MDP nor any government is going to give money for us to look after our family.

    Nasheed and some of his associates are trying to destroy our country for thier own benefit.

    We all need to be vigilant and this idiot need to be put away from coming back to power.

  13. The real Avaaz should start to protect our children from abusers like Jabir. I wonder why MDP is promoting him and protecting him? Why do MDP welcome these kind of people? Something wrong with leadership?

  14. i would like to hear from someone who believes the victim of rape should be punished. how can you justify punishing the victim of a crime? this person didnt commit any crime; a crime was committed on them.
    in this particular case, is the court punishing her because they claim she voluntarily had sex with her step-father, or that she voluntarily had sex with other men,or that she should have reported the abuse? are you ascribing some fault on this girls part?
    in a hypothetical case where a child or woman is attacked, beaten, raped by a stranger without any 'misbehavior' on her part, would your religious courts still call for lashing?

  15. This piece of news is very misleading, the news failed to highlight important steps taken by the Government on resolving the issue.

    First of all the Government issued a Media Statement on 28 February 2013, stating that it was deeply concerned by the Juvenile Court’s decision to prosecute a 15 year-old girl on charges of pre-marital sex, and sentence her to be flogged. The Government also shared its belief that the girl in question is a victim and should be regarded as such by society and the State. Consequently, the Government is facilitating and supervising the appeal of her case to ensure that justice is served and her human rights are protected.

    As such, the Government has called upon Parliament to pass the pending Bills essential to reforming the criminal and juvenile justice systems to be in accordance with these commitments.

    The Government has established a committee to review existing child protection mechanisms and recommend to the State the areas that require change to conform to universally accepted norms and principles.

    The Committee comprises the Ministry of Gender, Family, and Human Rights, the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, and the Family Protection Authority of Maldives.

    The Committee has started holding its meetings and is working in collaboration with the UNICEF and various international stakeholders including the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN on Violence Against Children.

    -=I believe in responsible journalism, please post this comment=-

  16. This will backfire, but then again that is the intention. It is a desperate hour when a national political ideology must resort to such methods, to reignite it's cause (resort, get it?). It is once again a question of methodology, style- nihilism, roadside politics, militancy. Excessive noise, but really no listening. We must have it all our way, we must be given all leverage- no accounting for anything the other side might also have to say. It is invalid you see. We are smart, they not. It's sweet, but very childish.

    We cannot really blame MDP though, nor it's instruments really. The consolidated power on the wayside is deaf, dumb and blind to your arguments. They cannot see, partly because MDP tactics are designed to pressure, to bend people to their will (this is insulting). I'm trying to figure out the psychology here. It just lacks respect, and dignity sometimes. This satisfies the fires that burn within MDP, resolves nothing. This angers the other side, especially Golhaabo's children (makes those in the opposite camp even stronger). This antagonizes things further- this is what MDP is not understanding. Mohamed Nasheed knows this though, Mariya needs to talk some sense into this 'Asian Mandela' once in a while (it's become a vicious cycle you see).

    You need British help to make headway actually, like the good old days. They carried your government on their shoulders. This is why it had some sparkle in it. All the high-paid foreign advisers the Anni kept hidden stole idea's for him- he takes all credit for these idea's. It does demonstrate that he does have the virtues of a leader- true (a fiendish type of devil your president). Short of this outside help, the Coalition is omnipotent.

    So the other side is uncivilized (in your opinion)- should you behave the same way? The reason I say this is because MDP tactics only seem to make the other side stronger- understand that their resolve is hinged on the maintenance and persistence of your street-cacophony methodology. They know you are not willing to listen, you are just expecting them to break under your "pressure"-and-or-loud-noise-on-the-streets. This sounds like rage, hurt- a legitimate presidency was lost. Therefore it's cry-babies all the way.

    No disrespect, but I think you guys need to strategize better. Prez.Saeyku-Anni really is a hothead, he thinks he can or should get whatever he wants by 'naming and shaming' his enemies eh. There are many claims the other side has against you also sir- your arrest and intimidation of these very same opponents during your interrupted tenor for example. You cannot play such a clean immaculate person in every crowd. The people of this country are quite intelligent. You need to start being more honest, same goes for your opponents. Your words, what you say will resonate for generations, start being bit sincere, and less conniving. What otherwise distinguishes you from people you so eloquently caricature?

    The Judiciary needs reform, so does the Parliament, can you admit that? Why you talk in half-sentences? We want reform of both immediately you buffoon. Your agenda seems very skewered from the point of view of many Non-MDPian's (for apolitical folk like me, I mean)- reform that also you must. Start talking plainly man, what do you really want/ Why are you creating such a ruckus?(keke).

    Your mischief, the whole lot of you- and your enemies, look what you all have done to my country eh. Crime rates soaring, no peace at night etc. You should hear these complaints also. What say you?

    But then again, perhaps herein lies a lesson for clerics, and apolitical pundits also to heed I guess. Nothing is ever absolute nonsense, MDP has many justifications as well. This cannot, must not be discounted I too insist. The 'enemies' of MDP (substantial I assure you- includes China also I think) also have justifications in their arguments. The solution is to integrate all good ideas, refashion a common platform.

    Why not give a chance also for others within MDP also to contest? Why let a good idea like your Party go to waste? coz it's you baby eh. Not my business though. And please stop trying to wage war with the whole country- your Party is only 40,000 or so- we don't even know how many are actually active members.

    Anyway, I do contend that the flogging of a minor is problematic- probably because western bombast's have overrun the place nearly, and we have not expended much to try and justify, "correct" our value-based systems. Your too small frankly to take on an entire religion-scaffolding on which much rests. The whole world may not understand also, yet Islam is probably here to say. That is not to say it cannot be debated, resolved by us.

    Internally, this anti-flogging thingy will fall on deaf ears to be precise. The day we bury the hatchet, is the day any side, anybody will listen to each side actually. We must try and understand what this means.

    This makes the the West very happy. But the education of one species cannot really make sense of the other species (has it, I mean really). The East, Orientalism thinks differently- it always has. Then came imperialism. I do concede that while the Sharia was revolutionary in Post-pagan Arabia, we might need to revise it. This doesn't mean it will, Islam is taking over the world it seems.


  17. Not only 15 year Girl.
    There is a regulation in Maldives Court of Marriage,any foreign marriage under Muslim law must be informed to Court of Marriage within 3 months, if not the marriage will be illegal.If any child born under the same Marriage would be an illegitimate child.Mother and father will be flogged 100 times and will be banish for one year, the child will be rag-ester as a BASTED.But they hold all the legal documents of Marriage. But Law of Maldives not acceptation the documentation.HOW NICE THIS? CHANGE ALL THIS IDIOTIC REGULATION AGAINST JUSTICE.

  18. @Bitter Truth and others who want to use this debate about the unfortunate girl as an attack on MDP. Let me tell you a few truths that are self evident, but seem to be missed by you and others like you. Firstly international groups such as Avazz don't waste their time listening to political groups. They make a stand on issues of principle because that is why they are there. I personally know many who have signed this petition both here and overseas. I know it is impossible for you to fathom this out; that people may be motivated because they live examined, ethical lives and will involve themselves in issues of huge social injustice such is this. That is what caring human beings do, not hide behind obsolete laws and religious dogma. Secondly it frightens me that people like you and your friends don't think beyond your petty littles fears of democracy and change in any form. As I have attempted to say earlier, we need to focus on the real issue here.The real issue here is the plight of a young, helpless and frightened girl. I choose these adjectives carefully. I happen to think that among the things that make us human are are our ability to feel compassion. The girl can certainly do with some compassion right now and people like you and the laws that condemn her are showing very little of this. That makes me wonder about your sense of humanity and understanding of what life is all about. Your shallow attacks on MDP and your apparent lack of interest in the issue says a lot about you and your friends as human beings.

  19. Bin Laden is right.

    With this Barbaric govt. in charge ruling as the old dictatorship did, we will have more grossly unfair cases like this. If there was an Olympic sport for hypocrisy and double standards, we would win the gold medal! We do not deserve to have a healhy tourism industry if we truly choose to live by Sharia standards.

    Leaders and Oligarchs, make a choice please... Money or religion?? Or, bring back democracy. The world has changed through technology. You may want us to live in the dark ages, but we do not. If you do not believe me, just Google or Facebook it!

  20. very cool discussions above. But as long as you have radically fundamental religious Maggots eating into spiritual psyche of the common Maldivian , you can arm-twist their Human Rights and shoot in the head the laughable Judiciary. My sympathies/ compassion to the poor girl!

  21. the girl deserves justice for sure,and the country desperately needs reforms.
    But starving this poor nation is not the way to do it, the more living standards drop, the more socioeconomic problems will rise.
    And you can claim as much as you want that only resort owners make money, but, they run their resorts with staff, and the staff do not make much, but atleast they make something

  22. 5 people accused of murdring another youth in cold blood was set free yesterday in spite of the fact the DNA tests have matched with the prime suspect. But an innocent 11 year old girl who was molested Allah knows from which age was sentenced to be flogged. Our justice system stinks to the hihg heavens and our judges are corrupt to the core and our Judiciary is controlled by few powerful individuals in the Parliament. May Allah save this nation from our Judiciary and the powerful drug barons in the Parliament.

  23. @ Angagatha Mithuru:

    You seem to be very naive when it comes to the bigger picture my friend. Avaaz may be a sincere organization that seeks to help others and such organizations are a must in this society. But can we safely assume that such organizations are not taken for a ride ?

    And you like most people didnt seem to understand the point of my arguement. Instead you came to a quick conclusion that I and others do not give a care about this girl. Well let me tell you this friend. This girl will be safely protected in the end. But thats not the issue I raised in my earlier comments.

    Your focus is on this little girl. And i respect that. But for you to make assumptions on my feelings for humanity in order to make yourself feel better is a very immature way of making an arguement.

    Try something more constructive my friend.

  24. When you finally learn that there is no superior gender - that male and female are EQUAL in the human species (because one cannot exist without the other) - then there will be no more need for religion, not ANY of them. They will fade away, as they should. Evolve, or face your extinction.

  25. ANN,

  26. @Bitter Truth

    Oh For goodness sake what does MDP have to do with this?

    Just find a moment to think of this poor girl.

    The Bitter Truth, my dear is that its the poor and vulnerable, in particular women, who get trapped in the net of the righteous condemnation interrogation and persecution when the rich and powerful get away with every thing.

    The United Nations , with the agreement of muslim countries passed a historic resolution recently banning all forms of cruelty to women in the name of religion.

    The Islamic Ummah must move forward without delay to bring reform to the ancient laws written by the leaders of early Islamic civilisation that discriminate and permit violence against muslim women.

  27. I wish more people would work in local awareness raising on this issue. The problem is that there are a lot of ordinary people who support this flogging sentence.

  28. @Alex Hitlor

    I agree, the Sharia can be revised. It is a human product, devised after the passing of the Prophet. It is not the same as the Koran or Sunnah. It contains derivations of laws and doctrines, from the aforementioned. This does not make it equal to the Koran, or Sunnah. Modern day scholars should understand the analysis and interpretation of this Koran and this Sunnah better. Based on this, the Sharia is amenable to revision.

    The MDP leadership comprises a bunch of low-life's, criminals and heretics. This is the reason the rest of the country is refusing to bend to their will. The other factions are enraged, furious because of what they have heard coming out of his mouth, his policies. I don't think it's all personal. Those who fell for it fell for it; MDP ah hellu-nu Bayaku Hellu-nee. An attempt is also being made to create a rift between the Islamic scholars in this country, and its people. Mohamed Nasheed is the sole architect behind this- his heretic policies while laced with reform are alien ideas he has imported from outside. We are not refusing progress- he is making people think this is what it is- no, we are saying there s always an invisible line which cannot be crossed.

    He cannot go against the consensus of the Islamic Union which forms the basis of this country. He may have his own ideas about this and that, but he was stopped precisely because of this and that. Now, I am an MDP member, and I've had enough. We cannot go against the wishes of the whole country like this. We have lost you see, we know why, but we don't want to accept or acknowledge why. It is because we did not keep our MDP leadership in check- under our control. They are crooks, and kook's, now we have also become so, because of them, because we did not stop them.

    MDP is also trying to maintain order within its ranks, its hard-headed puppeteers are preventing real discourse within the Party, quietly crushing dissent within, if it appears at all that we are challenging Nasheed or his allies. It's a flock now, and it has it's shepherds. The leadership meanwhile has stolen all the loot, these are self-serving junta's actually seeking legitimacy from a people's within MDP who are desperate for change, for progress. We are no better now.

    MDP might lack legitimacy also now, it just lacks honesty that's why. Very few sensible people now within MDP, all show histrionic, narcissistic and mass delusional tendencies also. They want to show it's still a very proud engine (MDP)- to the rest of the country. This pride is hampering progress for the Party. Pure and simple.

    Also, we can't dictate always to others, we have to look at ourselves also sometimes, we have to see where we can correct ourselves, we have to see where we have gone wrong- and sometimes we have to go and make peace with our fellow others in the country also- with respect, and humility even. Even with other Party leaders. Think about this.

    I support strengthening the internal Democracy within MDP. WE have to stop blindly following the directive that comes from the higher-up drunkards. Shameless fools- we are the Party, we are it's true power. Power resides in the people. Mohamed Nasheed we made you into something, we armed you- and look at you know. The example you have set for our youth is also disgusting. They are controlling us you see. Why can't Raajje TV really gruel our own politicians for a change? We have to hold them accountable, we have to challenge them once in a while. We have to stop them when we have to stop them. We have to evolve?

    How have we allowed others to call us laadheenee?? Why have we not corrected this internally?

    People like Mariya need to take the forefront now. Let us give Anni a warm farewell, an honorary position. Else we destroy him.

    I like your comment Alex. Very well said sir.

    Yea Judiciary needs reform, the Parliament needs to be burnt to the ground. You know start all over again. MDP leadership also needs to change immediately.

    The Sharia also needs to be discussed- and the Islamic world must revise some aspects of it. The Western world is the problem entity in today's world actually. They are not welcome in the discourse of our internal affairs. WE must resolve these things ourselves.


  29. @Raza Vel

    Ha! you know what the problem with changing the leadership is? the problem is there does not appear to be anybody else who appears capable to take up the helm (this is what MDP pundits secretly think, they fear this could be the case- they are wusses basically). We are really afraid that gunda called Maumoonistan could come back. This seems to be the understanding- we are unable to find people who could replace this leadership and effectively drive this engine into the future.

    Now this MDP leadership knows this- there is an understanding, albeit heretic (lol)- between MDP members and it's leaders. We know what kind of scum these people are, they know we know also. They also know we have proved too desperate, needy and helpless without their 'leadership', to go ahead without them. This is their buying card as they say.

    It is a symbiotic relationship, and like any relationship it has it's costs. We let them be, effectively because we need them, for now. Somehow Mohamed NAsheed is able to sell this idea to MDP members- that we cannot do this without him. We are also too afraid he could be right. Based on this he behaves very powerful within MDP, his goons included. We appreciate it also.

    We know the leadership needs to change- it has defaulted, they have reached their expiration date. MDP is at a crisis-point, and the external pressures from our opponents is also not helping us. We pretend to remain united with our leaders for this reason.

    You know so, today we just play along with whtever this leadership bellows, and we hope it hits the target. The target being a winning score for MDP, and our "enemies" you know, losing 🙂 This target is what they call 'Verikan', you know? The whole thing is not chaotic, there is organization, discussion in private between MDP members, away from it's leaders okies. I'm one of them..

    Even Mariya is the same, these characters you know they all started with great hope for us- today they really have become an obstacle.

    However so sorry, we are unable to change the leadership yet. When the time is right, these buggers will follow Gasim and the lot to jail. If people and power has any thing to say about it. I am being very candid since you also were very...

    interesting comments.

  30. Let's stop going around the edges and jump straight to the conclusion. Islam and Shariah Law are the problem. It's a clash of civilizations happening here. Beliefs held due to being brainwashed since birth are at conflict with what people are becoming aware of due to the inevitable globalization happening in the world. However, when the majority of Maldivians are incapable of any rational thought due to lack of proper education, while suffering from poverty, they think that they are chosen people who's only purpose is to worship this arabic pagan god. They lose their entire cultural identity and adopt arabic culture and styles, with a reason being some ancient arab did it in the past, and this somehow helps them attain virgins and rivers of wine in heaven.

    So will these petitions help a sexually repressed, poverty stricken society? Not really. They think that their pagan god will gift them with tourists and tuna whatever the circumstances, as long as some non-existent missionaries don't build churches in the middle of majeedee magu. Rape will always exist, and the rapists will always be free in such a misogynistic society with the islamic belief. The way things are headed, it won't be long before thieves lose their hands and the death penalty is delivered twice a day.

  31. This boycott is not going to work because .........MoST OF THE MONEY MADE BY TOURISM GOES TO WESTERN AND CHINESE TRAVEL AGENCIES ETC. please.......can we not have better strategies for this serious issue for the sake of th victim....?

  32. Muslim men like Ahmed & Hussain give me great hope for the Muslim world! I am a Muslim convert & I've met far too many Neanderthals like BitterTruth who live in such a narrow, ignorant & isolated state of mind that they've no clue the rest of the world has passed them by looooong ago in terms of tolerance, compassion, & appreciation of others' ideas. May Allah bless Ahmed, Hussain, & other Muslim men like them - you make me proud! :-))

  33. Raza Vel, "The Westernworld is the problem entirely in today's world actually" LOL :-))))!! You poor man! 🙂 And who do you think created the shocked impetus for the Islamic world's need of Sharia revision??? Amputation was eliminated in the western world centuries ago & flogging has been seen as barbaric & cruel since the beginning of the 20th century! It's westerners' horrified realization that these things are practiced in Sharia dominated countries that have caused Muslims like you & BitterTruth to become embarrassed, self conscious, resentful & defensive enough to FINALLY begin to talk about the need of Sharia reform to drag much of the Muslim world kicking & screaming into the 21st century!

  34. I agree with Bin Laden. It is inconcievable for any educated and civilized mind to understand the sharia law been applied to the rape victim. Unfortunately the Maldivian society is sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of conservatism and intolerance nevere before seen in its entire history.
    The clash of minds on these matters will be more frequent between Mullahs and secularists.

  35. @CarmenRose Brittan

    Ahh yes I forgot we on the other side are monkey's you all are trying to "civilize". This being a clear example. As you have so stepped in to teach us a lesson once again.

    Consider the fact we are even using your language. Everything about the West is inherently it's own- I was also taught this in you distinguished universities. We have to travel their to get a good education also. I was wrong to challenge you Olympians- so sorry. You did everything yourself too, all these achievements, I mean look where we are. True..

    And because you have so virulently justified your argument- it must mean you really are welcome here. You must forgive me, I'm still learning, you know we still eat with our bare hands, we don't wipe our tushies still with toilet-paper like you folk out there. True, it shows how civilized you all are- how uncivilized we all are. You are our teachers, our superior's, our parents actually. We must not rebel against you again and again. We know not our place. We have not been able to learn this lesson. Consider Islamic terrorism, the Islamization of Europe, and the diminishing population of the White-race, the wipe-out of the West economically ...But you know again I don't really know my place.

    Certainly I am humbled you embraced a non-Western religion. keke. Your people really have been the winning formula for the rest of humanity.

    But you know, I will still say whatever I feel. For example no, you are not welcome to discuss our issues. You may contribute in other different capacities. Does have a sting to it don't it?

    By the way I am a woman, not a man- easy there sister. meh

    What was I thinking to just stay stuff like that as a matter of factly. I can't just say 'actually' and make a statement eh. Where is my proof after all. I leave that to the Professor's of the world.

    Apologies :).

    People there is a lesson for all of us here, the West is NOT the problem in today's world. Let's all not go into that closet. Besides the Chinese are next in line for a lesson to be taught by the West.

  36. I love the way how some regime-funded keyboard warriors try their best to make Anni look bad - just because he had the guts to target the head enabler of child abuse; 'ablho galhizee'.

    But I digress; Anni's sole fault is that he tried to treat his opponents humanely.

  37. Please tell me why I should visit a resort that pays taxes to a government that has a police force that regularly batters people based on their political persuasion....

    And has a judiciary that dishes out unbalanced justice based on gender?

    Any sane person sees the beauty and the togetherness/brotherhood of Islam regardless of how some western (Daily Mail) media outlets try their hardest to indoctrinate the Islam = Salafism.

    Anyone that would accept this girls' punishment to save the economy needs to think again.

  38. Maldives will be another mess like Tunisia, Egypt. I hope Maldives will be sunk before it is too late. It will be a good relief for others living in South Asia. If not, there will be terrorism, intolerance, barbarism, in South Asia. Moreover, there will be more Jaleels killing people in India, Srilanka, Thailand, etc.

  39. You know what I think? I think the whole of the West is really one big royal family (esp the Caucasians). I mean it is just so 'insulting' to these folk, it must be, that when they visit our blissful savage island resorts, and spend their equally royal money (as a favour to all of us, out of their good graces, so that we won't be so poor etc)- that we here should be just flogging away our monkey-children. I mean there was even an Aryan royal westerner from Australia, who said he/she wrote to the Aussy PM about this 'outrageous behaviour' of our people- he or she was so outraged he or she even forgot about the 'status of their own aborigines'(which they own by the way, just like they own the continent, and the 'hole' planet too)- in Aussy-lolita-land I mean! I mean where is our thanks- you think the westerners don't have anything better to do than come here and civilize us? You think we are that special that we deserve so much of their precious, organized, well thought-out, examined and charismatic time?? When will we start behaving, I mean really? When? When will we learn? How many times have they told us to behave (they mean well you see), to stop being barbaric? Besides the West is too busy you see- building the earth for all of us and all, these things we have to inherently know by now and understand by now, and correct them by now. What would Jesus say about this, do we know (I mean you know!)? No, we don't! so pleases, its bad enough we are doing what that rug-rat from Arabia dictated to us. Show some class people, flog less and floss more. Thank you Mr. and Mrs.West "for everything". We are but worms (truly), and if you tell me I will accept my inferiority complex and leave with shame too (I would deserve it). Anyway that's the past. And your skin, its so fair and pretty by the way, probably why you figured out flogging was so wrong before we did. This could be a long narrative, I'm feeling too small now anyway.It's an outrage I tell you, an outrage; everybody repeat after me.

  40. Faith : Belief in something without proof.

    Roughly a billion muslims. A billion Hindus. A couple of billion Christians. etc.

    At the core, everyone has 'Faith' in their own religion, while literally denouncing the other. With Hatred. Wars, genocide, mass annihilation and ethnic cleansing has been ravaging the world since forever, based on 'Faith', and also Material gain and profit.

    In the current world of conflicts, we know Greed/Material/Profit/Power takes the bigger cake slice, while most gets blamed on 'Faith' driven conflicts.

    Can't we look hard into supposed, unquestionable 'Faith'. Believe in what you See? Feel, Proven? Its illogical for Muslims, to say, God only managed to convince a fifth of the population? Are we saying He failed?

    The Problem in Maldives, where the girls have to take the brunt of a situation like here, the root of the cause lies in the 'Faith'. It is not a easy thing, for a Muslim to question his faith. What if I am wrong? is a question totally forbidden.

    But everyone should really ask themselves. For the belief of a creator with your specific criteria, how can he fail to lead a quarter of humans straight. And would he really want us to penalize a young girl; and if only a fraction of the 'Faith' is true, a punishment he could execute himself without a second thought, with the best judgement.

  41. Religions were created by human being without any doubt, why it is so hard to get this fact in to the minds of million people?. Universe was not created with any purpose and the human are not its central goal. All living things have one thing in common, death, if you short circuit human brain they are as useless as any other animals. The question is where did we get our conscious mind, and the answers definitely is not what religions taught us. May be science can answer that question because religions has failed to answer, Religions have failed because they put everything on Gods when they were not able to unfold the mystery of natural phenomenon.

    There is no purpose of religions today, as we evolve our conscious mind also evolves, the more we become conscious of our environment more we distance from God. The more we distance from god we become more caring, compassionate and kind because once we are more conscious we find our place in the universe and we know we all have one destiny the death.

    May be Maldivian still have not acquired the ability to improve their consciousness and are unable to find their place in the universe and they need some higher authority to tell them what is wrong and what is right.

    The human race has acquired consciousness from migration and cross breeding of different human species and one day Maldivian will have that advantage, they are on the cross road now

  42. @Alex Hitlor

    Man you really have a way of saying sh!t.. I have no doubt, President Anni hears your plea's for common sense, sensible thinking. You make this whole hungama as they say, sound fun.

    It doesn't matter what people believe, this country will right itself one way or the other. Anni or not, Maumoon or not. I remain hopeful sir.

  43. Has anybody taken a minute to examine what "flogging" in Maldives actually is?? It is very different from the way slaves were whipped during the days of slavery and various offenders were whipped or flogged in medieval times or depicted in Hollywood movies. Here it is done over the clothing and is more or less just a show. There was never any case in Maldives,in which even a millimeter of skin was nipped or a drop of blood spilled. The victim suffers only humiliation. Can any Maldivian show a single scar resulting from our form of flogging....DEFINITELY NOBODY CAN. During the 70's the principal of Majeediyya School, Mr. Houseley (from the civilized U.K.) administered much harsher canning to students aged between 10-16 yrs. A friend of mine was canned 43 days by Mr. Houseley before he turned 14 years (One day he was canned in 3 different periods) Also public canning in present day Singapore?? Isn't it barbaric? Bottom line...in Maldives flogging is just for show(over the clothing and quite "softly"...You guy's have seen too much Hollywood films where you see cat-o-nine's used to rip open the bare skin from the back of the victims...As a principal I am against any form or corporal punishment, specially in public and decreed by any religious beliefs.
    BUT WAKE UP. There are much worse things going on in this world today... like mayhem in Syria, Daily suicide bombings in Iraq & Pakistan,burning of women in India, Pakistan and use of child solders in several African countries and ethnic cleansing in western Myanmar... just to name a few!!!!I

  44. I totally agree with Ga Sia. People, open your eyes and see what is happening around the globe. I do not know whether the decision of the Juvenile Court was right or wrong, but the one thing I can be sure of is that, there are higher courts in Maldives which can over rule the decision of the Juvenile Court..People just need a topic, then they will rape the whole topic without knowing what you are actually talking about. Is it the political status of the country that we are concerned about? Is it the rights of an innocent? Is it about the belief of a nation? Is it the religion? Or to be specific, Is it Islam? Is it the lack of ability to accept certain thing? Or is it just to get some publicity? *May god grant justice to the innocent*

  45. A 15 year old is not a major.She may be without the knowledge of sex until she was forced to indulge in.That Step father has sexually abused this girl for year during this period this girl had been in horror under him without any help.It was that animal step father who should be killed stoning not that innocent girl.

    There are many such incidents happening in these remote islands where the law of Maldives turn a blind eye.Influenced folks use innocent girls on the ground of innocence,poverty and ignorance of the consequence of molestation.

    In this case flogging the victim is not justified but stoning the culprit to death.


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