HRCM calls for government to provide permanent homes for tsunami victims urgently

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) has expressed concern that Maldivian victims of 2004’s Indian Ocean tsunami have remained in temporary shelters ever since, calling on the government to urgently provide permanent housing for such people.

”It has caused the victims to face obstacles in gaining basic human rights and experience difficulties for a long period of time,” said the commission in a statement. ”The state should give high priority to provide shelter for the victims.”

The HRCM said that it met with people living in the temporary shelters, some of which it had learned were very old and in need of refurbishment. The commission claimed that some of the shelters did not have sewerage systems, meaning water supplies could have been polluted.

”Due to these reasons, these persons are at a disability from the right for education, the right for protection and safety and the right to establish family,” the HRCM said.

The commission added it had met with the country’s Centre for Disaster Management several times to discuss solutions for the complaints it had received.

”A naturally delicate country like the Maldives should always be well prepared for any disaster – natural or otherwise – that could potentially happen, and it is necessary for the Centre for Disaster Management to be ready to provide first aid urgently in case.”

The HRCM also said that there is also a potential risk of outbreaks of illness in the temporary shelters due to the living conditions.


7 thoughts on “HRCM calls for government to provide permanent homes for tsunami victims urgently”

  1. Such an "Ocassional" HRCM!

    On the occasion on "Tsunami Day", HRCM calls for housing to tsunami victims. On the occasion of Childrens' Day, HRCM calls for child rights to be protected; on the occasion of Republic Day, HRCM calls for the public to be re-protected; on the occasion of Victory Day, HRCM calls for victory; on the ocassion of Fishermen's Day, HRCM calls for more fish for the fishermen...

    Fishy, fishy, fishy.

  2. Right. HRCM, you can go back to hibernation now. You have done your job for this year.

    We will give you a ring sometime next year, probably July, to make a statement of something or other.

    Even with a few months gap in between slumber, you are doing a better job than the parliamentarians.

  3. dhevanabaabu commission FTW! yayy. now, islam always recommends people to EARN their living. so in six years most of em have been lazy. so refer this to islamic ministry and see if any rights are being violated. you shouldnt release any statement prior to islamic ministry's approval. also, Get yourselves a vice president with all that power.

  4. lost at words.... six years after Tsunami... I do hope it is not just'occasional' -- it is the elderly who suffer most of this negligence! ... take action.

  5. When the former governemnt failed to build the houses of the tsunami victims it was unacceptable.
    But after 2 years the people who critisized the former government about this issue had failed to achieve it too.
    Its the citizens who are suffering and its the politicians who are benifiting from selling local investments and Islands to Jews and foreigners and getting rich and spreading their propaganda.
    How stupid can the Maldivians be, to see this happening right infront of their eyes.


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