Indian teacher arrested after religious hymns found on school laptop

Indian teacher Shijo Kokkattu was arrested last week on Raa Atoll for possession of Catholic imagery and a Bible.

A Raafainu School teacher had contacted police after finding what appeared to be Christian hymn videos on a school computer, which 30 year-old Kokkattu had allegedly transferred from his personal flash drive by accident.

Foreign media and school sources reported that religious songs and pictures had been transferred onto the desktop of a school laptop, which Kokkattu had used.

“The videos were in Indian, so I don’t know what they were saying, but the images were Christian,” said Raafainu Principal Mohamed Shiraj. Shiraj did not know if the video transfer was intentional.

Shiraj said that a teacher had found the material and contacted the National Administrative Center, which had reported the matter to the police. Kokkattu was taken into custody, where he has been held for the past week.

Police could not confirm Kokkattu’s arrest and detention.

Kokkattu, of Kerala, India, had been teaching at Raafainu School for two years before his arrest. “He was a very good teacher, we’ve not had any complaints of him in the past,” said Shiraj.

Shiraj said Kokkattu had not shown the material to anyone.

Meanwhile, the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) has demanded in regional media that the Indian government seek an apology from the Maldives over Kokkattu’s treatment.

“The lack of justice and the degree of religious intolerance in the Maldives is reflected by the actions of the Maldives government,” GCIC President Sajan K George told Asia News. “This is the worst form of religious persecution. The Indian government should demand an apology for the shabby treatment inflicted on one of its citizens.”

George called Kokkattu’s case evidence of the Maldives’ paradoxical nature. He said the Maldives “claims to be a major tourist destination, yet arrests innocent people,” George said. “This shows its intolerance and discrimination towards non-Muslims as well as its restrictions on freedom of conscience and religion.”


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  1. @ Dhivehi Hanguraama

    The accused was a teacher. He was no criminal. I agree that he should have been aware of our rules, regulations and customs. At the same time, we too could have shown compassion and mercy as he pleaded that what he did was by mistake.

  2. @ Dhivehi Hanguraama on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 7:02 AM

    Hanguraama akaa jehuneema thiyaee angulhi neh kanneyleh noon kan saabithu kohdheefi. Thanks.

  3. Dhivehi Hanguraama on Fri, 14th Oct 2011 7:02 AM

    I forgot to add: My ealier comment should start with "Majubooru vegen namaves hanguraama akaa jehuneema ..." 🙂

  4. @Zeenat

    We shall have to agree to disagree!


    Aharenmee kanthathah saabithukodheyn fonuvi meehe!

    Anyway, I was discussing something with the Islamophobic Indian Gentleman above. What have I said, that has distressed you so - as I have consistently agreed with you, and treated you with the utmost kindness and consideration - that you would resort to such hurtful condescencion? 🙁

    As for the Indians. They will obey our laws. And they will like it...or leave!

  5. @ Zeenat

    "The accused was a teacher. He was no criminal."
    Umm, teachers cannot be criminals?
    Define a criminal.
    I guess you do not know what a criminal is.

  6. @ Dhivehi Haguraama oops, Hanguraama (I notice you have refined how you spell your seudonym.)

    "...that you would resort to such hurtful condescencion?"
    My apologies.
    That was not my intention.

    Btw, Indira is more likely a woman. But this mistake have proved that you cannot be yaamyn. I don't think yaamyn, who have lived in India for 30 or 40 years would make such a mistake. 🙂

  7. everyone out here calling for religious freedom can leave the country. Nobody will stop you from practising a different religion then. As long as you're in Maldives you go by the law.

  8. Hi Indra, I read your comment in minivan news. I am one of the teachers from India working in the school from where an Indian teacher was arrested for possessing Christian religious material. I understand your concern and what ever you have written but without knowing the whole situation you have made harsh and disrespectful comments on the religious authorities of this nation and also on our school principal Mr. Mohummad Siraj. He is a highly respectable person and nev4er treats anybody on the basis of religion or origin. He was not even aware of the coming situation. Please take your words back and don’t go on abusing people without knowing the matter properly. Please learn to look at and speak respectfully about the religious authorities of any religion. Do you think that your harsh words are going to help anyone? And have you forgotten what happens in India when it comes to religion? Is everybody really enjoying religious freedom in India? Have you forgotten the case of Gujarat massacre? Have you forgotten the case of a whole Muslim family who were burnt alive in the furnace of a bakery? Have you forgotten the case of the Staines a Christian family whose three members were burnt alive, while they were sleeping. Here in Maldives they have not done anything extreme like that and we believe and hope that Maldivian government will take its own time of clearing up the doubts and will finally release the person. I request you and others also not to be disrespectful to the schoolauthorities or towards the religious authorities of Maldives because harsh words or abusive languagetowards them is not going to do any good to anyone.

  9. it is a strange Muslim way of life in the Maldives. In the same Fainu school where a christian was arrested. the school authorities flout Islamic laws floated by the country. all schools allow one hour lunch break which is official. But in this schoolteachers are not allowed to take the one hour lunch/ prayer break. if anyone has to go for taking lunch they have to waste the emergency 30 minit emergency adjustment leave everyday to in the time slot of the already sanctioned government break time thereby denying people the right to go and pray freely during prayer time and for those wanting to go to prayer it is a waste of emergency break ration. it is said that the new principal is powerless to change this illegal and stupid ordinance promulgated by the deputy principal.

  10. Release Shijo Kokkattu NOWWWWWWWWWW and lock up the dimwit principal Mohamed Shiraj instead. I hope the Indian Visa Officer in Male has put this not-very-bright-person on the visa banned list.
    Shijo darling, do not bring Christian Hymns on your pendrive in future..........just ask somebody back home to email the songs over in MP3 format.
    Can I remind you Maldivians that if it wasn't for Indian intervention in the 1988 coup, Male would be another Mogadishu. Also the IGMH in Male is a free GIFT FROM INDIA.
    Show some gratitude and respect to Indians.

  11. @Rooster..

    Ah well - everyone makes mistakes. I, unlike you, do not have the magnificent talent of deiphering either identity or gender through text.

    (I beleive you are also using a "P"suedonym; I do not beleieve your parents would have been so cruel as to name you "Rooster". No need to arrest me over something so trivial...)

  12. Watching “Kasauti “all day long with all the Hindu rituals and practices is okay.... Isn’t this…funny!!!

  13. dear Indira
    when a teacher goes into Maldives, he goes in with certain agreed norms, which he agrees to follow and agrees to accept punishment if he does contrary to the contract. since he breached that trust it is understood that he will have to bear the punishment. India might have done umpteen things for Maldives.for this case even the indian embacy will not lift a finger to help. his case deserves this punishment.

  14. Hey its really wonderful that everyone burst off against Ms.Indira, as she pointed out some realities..for those who commended, before, Never ever think that you would be able to make darkness by blind folding there is light around, and the global community watching ur so mean deeds...
    Being a 100% islam country, its quite natural to oppose other religions(it has been the practice ever since).but the same people when visiting their neighbouring countries are granted freedom to offer their relegious practices, never found to have any hesitation to receive the hospitality nd charity from those secular nations which give more importance to humanity than any religion.

    So its the time to stop this multifaced game on religious background.. Those who want to establish100% islamism, nd oppose other relign, why not feel ashamed to receive billions as grant or aid from UN? dont u know the majority of these financial aid find roots frm the tax paid by th people having othes faith?
    From thir its crystal clear that, this religeous adherence is not due to patriotism, but only due to a hidden agenda to satisfy the financial greeds of a nation whose lazy citizens hesitate work hard to build up their nation. They stick on to the religion to grab financial aid frm muslim countries nd establish western style of human rights nd promote sex turism for the same from the whole nation's survival is based on Foreign AIDS.

    So my dear countrymen nothing wil happen to ur religion if u really believe in God. Everyone of u ask urself before doing holly prayer,Is my faith in God real...If its true you shouldnt have to be affraid of Crosses, bibles nd hymns..Let them come and go..thereby enriching your humanity and universal brotherhood.

  15. @ jayadev
    Thank you for your support. The next time Maldivians receive aid from India please remember it come from the taxes of hindu infidels like me.
    Shijo Kokkattu has been released from prison and hopefully is back with his family in Kerala. Let this shameful episode be a salutory lesson to Indian non muslims who wish to work in the Taliban Republic of Maldives. It is not worth the money or humiliation.
    I wish the Indian police would now round up all the Maldivians in India (there must be thousands), lock them up for the same period that Shijo was incarcerated (by the dimwit Mohamed Shiraj and police thugs) and then deported back on banana boats to their rancid little atolls.

  16. Mr. shijo is released and gone home. But indirajee can still have the plesue of locking up our principal Mr Muamed Siraj, if she will garantee that she will play messaiah for all the christians and muslims in indiaand same them from those who attack and assault them now and then. There are thousands of heart rendering stories of atttrocities committed on both the communities in india. Mr. shijo didn’t face anything of that level in maldives. First set right own home and thengo to set rightothers home

    Please stop singing too much of aid-song because india alsois getting aid from other countries and that does not mean that india looses the right of checking the activities of the citizens of these aiding countries come and do something objectionable as they wish against the rules and law of the india. Idia has punished many for doing such acts.

    Indian aid to maldives is of political nature. If india does not aid there are many other countrie to aid maldives. India is dong this aid business to keep america, russia, china, pakistan, burma an other countries from setting up military bases on every side of the indian boundary. We should not mix politics with the rule of the law of a particular country

  17. India receives billions of dollars of aid from america and other countries and yet harasses many citizens of these countries AND EVEN JAILS THEM FOR LONG PERIODS OF TIME stating that they are trying to convert the so called Hindus into Christians and Muslims. mr. Shijo has not suffered much. after all shijo broke his own agreement with the Maldivian government and so got sent back. so what is the trouble about that

  18. dear zeenat, the accused is not a criminal but his act of disregarding his own contract with the maldivian government is tantamount to criminal breach of contract, a crime for which he had before hand agreed to be sent home if caught in the act

  19. Why don't you fanatic guys search your own school libraries? I am sure that you will find many stories relating to other religion.

    if you have doubt grab the reading cards. check level 5 cards and 7. Do dot burn the libraries. If you burn it will be a crime. and you will be arrested....

  20. Mohamed Shiraj of Raa Atoll.........on behalf of Shijo Kokkatu and the people of India..........I INDIRA BAN YOU FROM EVER SETTING FOOT IN INDIA. Retards like you are not welcome in India.
    In fact I would prefer ALL MALDIVIANS to stay away from India. Will it make the slightest difference to our economy if medical tourists and students from the 100% muslim Republic of Maldives dont come to India? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

  21. Hay wait man!! That man also brought in to Maldives a disbelieving heart. he has images of Jesus in his mind.. he says a christian prayer before he eats and before he goes to bed..

  22. Im a Maldivian and find this as total bullshit. TOTAL BULLSHIT. What I find even more shaming is that people in the comments here are actually telling the indians to mind their own business? I'd like to apologize to all indians for our countries stupidity and intolerance. The teacher does not have to be arrested for such a stupid thing and oh plz the guy who complained? WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU MALDIVIAN PEOPLE? Looking at the first comment, cant you guys see that someones been using a thesaurus a little too much? Mr "Dhivehi Haguraama", FUCK YOU! You are a total bastard and a shame to all maldivians! wtf are you even saying? are you trying to show your superiority in using a dictionary and thesaurus or what? WTH IS WRONG WITH ALL THESE MALDIVIANS. I am a Maldivian and I sincerely apologize for our stupidity. I hope india comes and conquers maldives. For all i care it will turn into a MUCH better country then. 🙂

  23. Ramzan, you should be garroted.

    I have a deep proficiency of many languages and am indeed a great scholar.

    I have taken pains to learn to speak the languages of the infidel, even better than he does! So that I may be aware of their designs and plots. I have, in fact, foiled a great many of them.

    You may despise me for my words, but that is immaterial to me.

    For I have many enemies, boy! I am not a well liked man!

    But neither was my hero the Ayatu'llah Khomeini, may his name ever be praised!

  24. Almighty God! Why these humans are fearing much about a name which they gave you to call you than your mightiness? Would you please give them a right insight to understand you?
    If a person sins against God it is God who has to give him punishment! Why these feeble babes wants to punish the criminals who have crimped against you?
    Is there any crime bigger than adultery, and living with the one whom
    has not married to have a wedded life?


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