India’s 3-1 win “bad luck for us”, says Maldives coach

India has defeated the Maldives 3-1 in the semifinals of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) championship, securing its place at the finals of the ongoing Championship Tournament.

The Maldives equalised an early goal from the India side, with Shamweel Qasim scoring in the 60th minute.

However India regained the lead after the Maldives brought down India’s Sunil Chhetri in the penalty area, losing the penalty and allowing India to pull ahead in the 70th minute.

Chhetri scored India’s third goal during injury time, cementing a victory for India that will see it playing Afghanistan in the final, following the latter’s 1-0 victory over Nepal.

Maldives’ coach Istvan Urbanyi said India was “lucky to have won the match.”

“The Indian coach said that the team which made less mistakes will win the tournament. But I said luck is very important. It was 1-1 deadlock and then India got the penalty and we had enough chances to restore parity again but we could not. So it was bad luck for us,” Urbanyi said, following India’s win.

“I had said the team which has extra quality players will win the tournament and my side has more quality players. But bad luck for us.”


11 thoughts on “India’s 3-1 win “bad luck for us”, says Maldives coach”

  1. Indian first goal was scored with a foul on Assad. Referee made lot of mistakes like this. The penalty was controversial too. This is why India got lucky. Even with injured Ashfaq & Baka Maldivian team fought bravely......

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  3. From the time we received the team at the airport I was looking forward to taking a picture with Morning Sun Moosa Manik. I was waiting for the final match. sob sob.

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  5. The Maldivian team was horrible. They couldn't link up well, and couldn't go past three or four passes. This team is too weak compared to the team we say back in 08. I think the team needs to integrate younger players into the team now. People like Assad are too old and need to go. The coach also needs some time. One month isn't enough. Also, remove all the politicians from the team. Because politics is involved in the association, the entire thing is corrupt.

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