Islanders allege black magic performed in Maalhos School after students inexplicably start to faint

At least four students in North Ari Atoll Malhos have been taken to hospitals in Male’ after they mysteriously fainted.

Five students attending the school have experienced the unusual incident, but the fifth student’s condition was not as serious as the other four.

One male student, who was the first to experience the unusual effects, reportedly lost conscious and was brought Male’ for treatment after he was found in a hypoxic condition, characterised by a lack of oxygen in the blood supply.

Several days later another female student experienced the same condition and was brought Male’ for treatment.

Third student studying at the school fainted while she was at home yesterday, and remains hospitalised in Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

‘’She fainted while she was at home and she was taken to the health centre immediately,’’ said a family member of the girl, no older than 14. ‘’She remained unconscious for more than two hours in the health centre.’’

The family member said the girl had not claimed to have observed anything unusual before suddenly fainting.

‘’She did not see or feel anything unusual before she just fainted like the others,’’ he said. ‘’The health centre advised her to come Male’ for more treatment and for necessary examinations.’’

He said that many tests conducted so far all showed the results as normal.

‘’It is very strange, we do not know what is going on,’’ he said.

He also said that the fifth student to experience the symptoms, who was of the same age and fainted yesterday, was brought Male’ with her.

‘’The other girl that was brought with her was in a far worse condition. She remained unconscious for more than three or four hours and she does not know what happened to her,” he said.

The family member said that more than four men were needed to hold the girl down when she became conscious, and people observed that she was extremely strong for a girl of her age.

‘’We are suspecting that this is something related to black magic practices,’’ he added.

Another islander, Ahmed Adil ‘Ahukko’, alleged that the cause of the fainting spells was the performance of black magic during the Local Councils Elections in an effort to win votes.

‘’Because it was the island school where the elections were held, the person who did it would probably do it to the school so that it has effect on anyone that enters there,’’ he claimed. ‘’Parents are very concerned and have expressed concern about it now.’’

Although the island is small and isolated with a population of only a few hundred, belief in black magic remains very common and many claim to be victims of such spiritual attacks.


22 thoughts on “Islanders allege black magic performed in Maalhos School after students inexplicably start to faint”

  1. wel theres prob a logical explanation like some sort of fumes/ gas or a chemical that was exposed to the students, but ya black magic it is!!

  2. yea i think i was attacked by black magic
    it was all hot & my skin feels like burning but it all goes away when i go indoors (i suspect the black magic travels through the sky)also found it is most active around the time 11:00am to 2:00pm, also my skin tone has changed because of it
    truly the work of a master sorcerer

    i suspect the sorcerer is doing this because i didnt vote for mdp in 2008....DAMN UUU MDP!!!!

  3. Do you know that In 21 century black magic have damage many computers too and the best solution Kaspersky antivirus! hehehe
    OMG! if real black magician exist he never will use so powerful dark evil energy for such stupid action it is same like using nuclear generator to play ping pong/awake people and please stop accepting Harry Potter movie as reality and it is time to start thinking logically /

  4. These deep-seated beliefs are not be cast away as mere superstition. Sometimes, therein lies the answer to such goings on.

  5. it will take a while for the message of Doom to reach the pre-frontal cortices of these idiots.

  6. for heavens sake someone call Prof. Dumbuldore , its the darn Valdormart at it again 🙂

  7. Now now don't be too hasty, only Harry has the spiritual energy to stop Voldemort.

  8. Naive?! No, we need a whole new word to describe these crazies... And to relate the whole thing to the election... Wow...
    They never cease to amaze us...

  9. Lol... mass hysteria?
    and yeah Mithra, we need a Harry potter to vanquish Voldy! haha.
    Black magic indeed.

  10. There is so much that science cannot explain, and a true scientist would never ignore the possibility that black magic could exist.

    Nobody is naive and stupid on this island, what they believe does truly determine their reality. How is anybody else any different?

  11. Black magic exists and works..whether we believe it or not..

    Just try it sometimes..

  12. hahaha stupid can you be..better they check health conditions in the school and around the island..\m/ in the first comment is right..seems like something in the air or water..or maybe bad magic? yeah it will excist for those who believe in it..then you will start to imagine all kinds of things.. lunatics all of you 🙂

  13. Don't be too hasty here.

    During the years of our Prophet (PBUH), it was widely practiced.

    And by refuting the existence of black magic, and white magic panacea, you are indirectly questioning a foundation column of Islam.

    And I am sure you would not want to do that here in Maldives. Because no matter what you believe, your survival becomes the top priority and no one wants a maniacal crowd after you, on account of religion.

  14. Has anyone considered the possibility that these kids might have been sexually assaulted, or are being terrorised by a sexual predator?

    The authorities should look into this much more closely. Oxygen is not going to fix them - they probably need psycho-social support and a safe environment to live in!!

    The article says :
    "The family member said that more than four men were needed to hold the girl down when she became conscious, and people observed that she was extremely strong for a girl of her age."

    The last thing the poor kid needed to see was men around her, let alone 4 of them!! No wonder she was strong - she was fighting for her life, no doubt!!!

    This country has for too long hidden its abuses of children and other vulnerable people in society, under all kinds of tall stories.
    Black magic indeed !!

  15. Black magic or something else but something like magic is exist I had 10 years back leg problem suddenly my legs get paralyze n my parents show doctors one by one all hospital there no dr couldnt find out why suddenly my legs stop walking some neighbors say black magic go to mulla dr is say we have to cut yr legs I was 17 year old thought my life end I will be paralyze all my life I don't believe in black magic or white but we don't have choice at last my mum bring mulla who can cancel black magic or solve problem as I say we don't believe in this but mostly pple talk we just wanted to do this before dr do operation the mulla come 3 days he read some surah from Quran n cut 1goat as sodaqaat 3 day I get up n walk slowly still I don't know why I get paralisy n it was blac magic or what so what I mean is pls do not believe for black or white magic exist or not but have to check good that island n schools there might some problem or sick growing which is new and dr is don't know everything speasialy in Maldives !!!


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