JSC dodged meeting with European Commission, contends Velezinee

Judicial Services Commission (JSC) member Aishath Velezinee has expressed concern that the JSC failed to meet with the European Commission Identification Mission today, despite a request to do so from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In a letter to Acting Secretary General of the JSC Moomina Umar, Velezinee said she wished to note “my critical concern that the Judicial Service Commission is refusing to meet with European Commission Identification team, as they have earlier refused to respond to requests from the US Embassy and Commonwealth teams, in order to hide trickery and treason practiced by JSC and their crimes against the State refusing to uphold the Constitutional mandate of the JSC.”

“As you are fully aware, JSC has been a closed body and remains one, and no one not even members are quite aware of what goes on in the Commission,” Velezinee said in the letter, adding that she had received no response from the JSC despite her efforts to ensure the meeting took place.

Chair of the JSC, Supreme Court Justice Adam Mohamed, declined to comment on Velezinee’s allegations. Vice Chair of the JSC, Dr Afrasheem Ali, referred Minivan News to the JSC itself. Moomina Umar was not responding at time of press.

Minivan News is currently seeking comment from the European Commission Identification Mission.

Velezinee is an outspoken whistleblower against the judicial watchdog, and has claimed that in her position of privilege within the JSC she has witnessed “it committing acts that stand to bring down the Constitutional Democracy that we as a people agreed to with the ratification of the Constitution on 7 August 2008.”

The JSC has meanwhile accused Velezinee of spreading misinformation to the international community, and set up a special committee comprising Vice Chair Afraasheem Ali, Member Abdullahi Didi, and Deputy Legal Representative Abdul Faththah to discuss how best to apply the new secrecy regulations against her.

It is the first time in the history of the new democratic government that a member of an independent Commission, set up by the 2008 Constitution, is being subjected to an internal investigation.


3 thoughts on “JSC dodged meeting with European Commission, contends Velezinee”

  1. "Velezinee is an outspoken whistleblower against the judicial watchdog",What? She is mentally unstable street thug.

  2. @Ekoloa
    Your ignorance is truely astounding. Lol. That's the best you could do to analyse this piece huh? One of our many beloved character assassinators I presume. Please explain the reason why this educated woman fighting for freedom and democracy is:
    1) Mentally unstable
    2) A street thug

    I eagerly await your reasons to back up your retarded statement.

  3. It's quite easily explained.

    The old, unenlightened so-called Maldivians often call people they don't want as "mentally unstable" to sabotage all attempts at their progress.

    But in this case, the stakes are raised a millionfold. If a free and fair judiciary is built here, they have everything to lose. Slander and character defamation is the low-level tools they have; they prefer public assassination in order to give the message "You can't stop us." to the public.


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