Juvenile Court acquits minor charged with murder of 65 year-old Hassan Abubakur

The Juvenile Court has ruled that there was not enough evidence submitted to the court to convict a minor charged with the murder of Hassan Abubakur, and has closed the case.

An official from the Juvenile Court today confirmed to Minivan News that the court has acquitted one minor charged with the murder of Abubakur.

‘’The case was based on a confession he [the minor] made during the police investigation. The state had not produced any witness or evidence after he denied the charges in the court,’’ the Juvenile Court official said. ‘’When the case was presented the DNA was also produced but it did not match with the boy.’’

Officials at the Juvenile Court have confirmed this to the local media as well. Hearings conducted at the Juvenile Court are closed for the public and the media as the court only presides over cases concerning minors.

According to newspaper ‘Haveeru’ there was no evidence against the minor except for his confession he made at the police while he was under investigation. But he later denied the charges at the court.

On May 30 this year, 65 year-old Hassan Abubakur was found murdered inside his own house at about 6:00pm that day on the island of Manafaru in Noonu Atoll.

In June police arrested two men and a minor in connection with the murder. The two men were aged 26 and 27 while the minor was 17.

In July the police concluded the investigation into the case and forwarded it to the Prosecutor General.

Head of Maafaru Island Health Centre Ali Shareef said according to rumours, the man had received a large amount of cash in a lump sum through the elderly persons’ pension scheme, as he had not received it for a long time.

The assailants may have killed him in an effort to steal the money, Shareef speculated at the time.

The elderly man’s legs were tied and a pillow was on his face when his body was found, Shareef said, according to islanders who witnessed the body.