Kulhudhufushi and Fuvamulah hospital staff protest over 10 hour work day

Staffs working at Kulhudhufushi Island Hospital in Haa Dhaalu Atoll and Fuvamulah Hospital in Gnaviyani Atoll have held protests over a change in their duty roster that would require them to work overtime.

Speaking to Minivan News, Kulhudhufushi Island Council President Ibrahim Rameez said the strike ended after an hour after staff came to an understanding with the Health Ministry.

‘’At about 11:00am the island council met with the hospital management and talked to them about the issue and we came to understand that the staff went on strike regarding a change in their duty hours,’’ Rameez said. ‘’Their working hours were extended to 10 hours which was eight hours before, and the staff said they would find it difficult to work 10 hours.’’

He said the staffs stopped the strike and went back to work after the Health Ministry promised to amend the change brought to the working hours.

Manager of Kulhudhufishi Hospital Mohamed Hassan said the staff stopped the strike when the Health Ministry changed the duty roster in accordance with staff wishes.

‘’They went on strike regarding a change that was supposed to be implemented on July 1 but was delayed due to Ramazan,’’ he said. ‘’The staff, especially the nurses working at the hospital, said they find it very difficult to work according to the new roster.’’

Fuvamulah Hospital Manager Mohamed Ismail said seven staff at Fuvamulak Hospital and a few Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists protested outside the island council following the change in the duty roster.

‘’I wasn’t formally or informally notified about their concerns,’’ he said. ‘’I went to the area and saw the staff and MDP activists waiting outside the council secretariat.’’

Ishmail said the MDP activists had tried to portray the matter as a big protest for the sake of media attention, and accused local media of misleading the public.

‘’The issue had been already resolved when they went on strike. Everything is fine now,’’ he said.

Permanent Secretary of the Health Ministry Geela Ali had not responded to Minivan News at time of press.


4 thoughts on “Kulhudhufushi and Fuvamulah hospital staff protest over 10 hour work day”

  1. SO what if they have to work 10 hours ? This means they have to serve the island community for an extra 2 hours.

    If they cant do that, they better resign and give the opportunity for new young people to serve in those jobs.

    It will be much better for the island community if these Scrooges and hot-tempered people resign, and let youngsters assume their jobs. Then these idiots can go on strike in their homes !

  2. Depose your MPs and become the members of parliament.

    You have to work less than a hour each day and will get paid $5000/- a month. And some other benefits too.

  3. will your pop pay the extra 2hours wages (2x6x4x56) hours wages /year geronimo will you be willing to loose this much extra hour salary /year ,buzz off hypocrite

  4. jst wondering... u complain abt 10 hours days??? wt are the room attendants or waiters in the resorts doing each day year round?


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