Sri Lankan fishing vessel rescues eight people from missing ‘Hihvaru’

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has said that eight missing people from the ‘Hihvaru’ vessel have been found and rescued by a Sri Lankan fishing boat.

According to the MNDF website, the ‘Hihvaru’ set sail from Male’ on November 28 at 7:00pm heading towards Huvadhu Atoll with 10 passengers aboard, including an 11 year-old boy. The boat was also loaded with goods to be taken to Huvadhu Atoll.

The MNDF said that two of the 10 passengers were Bangladeshi nationals.

The MNDF began searching for the vessel on November 29 after it was declared missing, with MNDF assistance from the Indian government.

Today the MNDF has said in a statement that the Sri Lankan boat discovered the eight men hanging from the capsised boat 290 miles off the island of Dhaandhoo in Gaa Alifu Atoll.

Local media reported that the Sri Lankan navy has informed the Maldives High Commission that the eight were rescued by the fishing vessel.

The MNDF has a live blog providing information about the incident, however has said that details will be provided at a later date.

Online newspaper ‘Sun’ today quoted a Sri Lankan navy commander as saying that the eight people rescued included three Bangladeshi men and five Maldivians.

The paper identified the Maldivians rescued as Abdulla Nasru, Mohamed Shaheem, Ali Ameez, Hassan Haleel and Shiyam Hameedh.


3 thoughts on “Sri Lankan fishing vessel rescues eight people from missing ‘Hihvaru’”

  1. Even 30 years ago the situation was the same, a foreign ship would find the lost sea men.

    What the hack is MNDF doing? Is it so difficult to plan search and rescue, identify high risk sea routes and make available rescue boats with the available resources?

  2. MNDF only good enuff to organize coups!! I mean it is shame that these buggars could not locate the stranded vessel even after 11 days.


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