Maafushi parents pull students from preschool over playing of nursery rhymes, lack of gender segregation

A preschool on the island of Maafushi in Kaafu Atoll has alleged a number of parents have stopped students from attending school, claiming “differences in religious views.”

Parents have so far pulled six students from the preschool, while two more have been officially expelled on parental request. Parents of two older students attending the Maafushi School have also submitted letters informing the school management that their children will no longer be attending classes.

Maafushi Preschool’s Head Teacher Aminath Shiuna has expressed concern that the new trend is depriving children of their right to education.

“Two children, both from the same family, have been officially taken out of school. There are six more who have stopped coming. Although their parents have not informed us directly, we have heard through other mediums that they will not be sending them to school again,” Shiuna said.

“This is the only preschool on the island. We have 125 students aged between two and six years, some of whom are from other islands while some are non-Maldivians. If the students are taken out from this school, there are no other alternatives available on this island where these children can be sent,” she said.

“Therefore, we as the school management, are very concerned that decisions like this are depriving innocent children from the right to an education. We are doing all we can to hold discussions with these parents and find some sort of a solution where the children can be allowed to study again,” Shiuna stated.

A teacher from the preschool has told local media that although no official explanations had been given to the school, some of the parents had expressed disapproval after the school had held Children’s Day celebrations.

According to the teacher, a number of parents complained that the school had involved their children in Children’s Day activities in which music, in the form of nursery rhymes, had been played.

Parents have also further complained that the preschoolers were not taught in gender-segregated classes.

President of the Maafushi Women’s Development Committee (MWDC), which runs the island’s preschool, Badhurunisa Ibrahim has also expressed concern about the matter.

“They stopped sending their children to school without having discussed it with us at all. Depriving them from an education is an abuse of these children’s rights. This immensely worries us,” she said.

Badhurunisa suggested that parents try to find solutions through discourse rather than preventing children from attending classes. She said that arrangements could be made where parents so inclined can request teachers to not involve their children in activities they find inappropriate, such as the singing of nursery rhymes.

“Even in the other school, which is attended by students age 7 to 16 years, parents have recently prevented two from attending classes. The parents of one of these girls has even submitted a letter informing the school of their decision,” Ibrahim said.

An official from Maafushi School confirmed that the letter requesting dismissal had been submitted by the parent of the current school captain, a girl studying in the tenth grade.

The other student is currently in the second grade, and eight years of age.

“They are no longer being sent to school, and we are very worried that their own parents are taking away a constitutional right from them. There are no other schools in this island, so it’s not like they are just changing them from one place to another. We have heard, unofficially, that the parents intend to educate them at a private Quran class run by a Sheikh instead,” the official said.

Following the Sheikh

Multiple sources from the island of Maafushi have expressed concerns about a “Sheikh” from another atoll who has been preaching in the island for just over an year, which they allege is leading to events such as the increase in children being deprived of standard education.

“Keeping children away from school and blaming it on religious differences is certainly worrying. We are seeing that there is a separate faction that is being formed within the population of Maafushi, a faction that is growing at alarming speed. This factor, or group, adheres to a much more conservative form of Islam that contradicts with our traditional ways. More women are donning the niqab now, and more men are growing their beards longer,” said Ali Shaheen from the Kaafu Atoll Council.

MDWC President Badurunisa Ibrahim alleged the Sheikh was creating a rift among the island’s citizens, alleging he was converting more and more people to join his “more extreme version of religion” and abide by rules he defined.

“He calls himself Sheikh Ibrahim Rasheed, and originally comes from the island of Thulhaadhoo in Baa Atoll. He stayed in Thulusdhoo before but was sent off for creating problems similar to what we are seeing here on this island now,” Badurunisa explained.

“He has been preaching to those who listen to him that playing nursery rhymes in preschool is the same as playing music, which he claims is haram. He has been advising parents to not let girls and boys mix together in school, saying it is anti-islamic. This is leading to parents taking their kids out of school, which is so very worrying,” Badurunisa said.

“He initially came to teach Quran at the Children’s Centre here, and then when he got fired, he started teaching private Quran and Tawheed classes,” she said.

“It seems ridiculous that he convinces parents to take children out of school as they are not gender segregated, and then himself proceeds to hold mixed classes for all ages,” she alleged.

Another source from the island, on condition of anonymity, said the Sheikh’s preachings were leading to a lot of dissent among the previously unified people of the island.

He said that Sheikh Rasheed “acts as though he owns the island’s mosque”, and that he has been verbally harassing mosque-goers with taunts like ‘laadheenee’ (irreligious) and ‘kafir’.

He said that a group of islanders had approached the Islamic Ministry asking for action against the Sheikh.

A Maafushi school official said that it was known that both the students who were being kept away from school were now attending the Quran and Tawhid classes run by Sheikh Rasheed.

Government response

Abdulla Ibrahim from the Minister of Education’s Bureau said the ministry is “highly concerned as this will negatively effect the education of these children.”

He however said that the ministry has not yet decided on a way to address the specific incidents.

“Preschools are run by women’s development committees or councils. However, we will soon be discussing how to address this matter,” he said.

Minivan News was unable to contact Sheikh Ibrahim Rasheed at the time of press.

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Shaheem Ali Saeed, was also not available for comment.


25 thoughts on “Maafushi parents pull students from preschool over playing of nursery rhymes, lack of gender segregation”

  1. A mini-mullah cult within Dhivehistan? Where did this modern day prophet crawl out of? It would be fine if these troglodytes would stay meditating in their caves but they cant rest unless the rest of the civilized world is also following their warped sense of reality. Depriving girls their education, forcing them into reproductive bondage, cutting off their clitoris, putting the whole world at risk by allowing vaccine-controlled diseases to flourish - no these aren't some harmless Druids or Amish. This is a dangerous death cult that will breed future suicide bombers and regressive mullahs. The future of Dhivehistan in the making. Pretty soon we'll have acid attacks, nose-choppings, and shootings just because a girl went to school. Of course, pin-drop silence is to be expected from the Guardian Council and CPVPV of Dhivehistan.

  2. This person sounds like a pedophile disguised as a mulllah. He should be investigated and locked up for disrupting the religious unity of the Maldives. Or do those regulations only apply to non-Muslim Maldivians? Since the authorities won't do anything my advise to the islanders is to give him the same treatment some islanders gave to the Indian teacher.

  3. Is this the solution that sheikhs are offering? Pull your children from school, deprive them of education, and society will be better? Makes sense.

  4. it is really surprising to see so many people in a islamic country have so little knowlegde of islam in general, dont they know that in boys and girls should be segregated? dont they know it is not acceptable to copy anti-islamic cultures in the name of education, there can be education without nursery rhymes of questionable origins and without mixing the sexes, it is proven by modern educational research in western countries that segregation produced better learning environment. Islam has all the answers for everything in our lives, only the deaf dumb and blind reject that.

  5. Bigotry, jingoism and bellicosity has replaced piousness, neighbourliness and compassion. The values of Islam as espoused by these pseudo Sheikhs. Suits their narrow agenda though. But how thick can people be to actually believe them?

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    Scientists claim that homosexuality is not genetic but it's epigenetic (meaning it arises in the womb by the influence from external factors). Hmmm lot of information to research!

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    Unbeknownst to many parents, infant vaccination has long been a subject of controversy. In his book The Assault on the American Child: Vaccination, Sociopathy, and Criminality (North Atlantic Books, 1990), Coulter documents possible long-term neurologic and other side effects of infant vaccines. Among these are lifelong allergies, autism, brain damage, encephalitis, and dyslexia as well as learning and behavior disorders. What Coulter and Fisher vociferously protest is the lack of response to these findings from the government-funded public-health establishment.

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  8. @ Anti Islamophobic,

    The deaf and blind never does any research!Their main goal is insulting and disgracing a population while posing as humanity loving pigeons??!!

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  10. this happen because of children's day & nursery rhyme & to not segregate the gender of this kids.sad. RELIGION TEACH IN MOSQUE while EDUCATION TEACH IN SCHOOL.

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  13. @yoosuf, youre making the rest of the muslims look like savages

  14. Well you can't really blame them.

    These are our esteemed professors, explicitly declaring music is NOT allowed.

  15. @Kaafaru on Mon, 20th May 2013 2:18 PM

    "Mullahs thrive on poverty and ignorance."

    That's right on target!

    Their sanity depends on ignorance.

  16. Minivan, so you can publish a comment threatening the lives of your staff, but not my comment which fits within your guidelines? Can you tell me why? Also, update this article. The mullah had to be escorted out of the island by riot police after the islanders gathered around his house.

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    And now these sheiks are preaching for death penalty to be carried out as beheadings, cut people hands off, stoning people, prosecuting rape victims, oppression of women.

    Can you leave that behind and just pity us for leaving? Why do you need to take it to a violent level?

    You are trying to use (pseudo)science in your favour.

    1) Yeah the world will end, but science will tell you that it doesn't end the way the Quran describes it. At best the Quran is metaphorical at this point.

    2) The world did not begin the way the Quran describes it. Again, at best this makes it metaphorical.

    3) Humans and Animals were not sculpted literally. There was a little process called evolution that had a hand. Again, at best, your book is metaphorical.

    4) There was no world flood.

    5) The moon reflects light, it isn't a source of light. Can be argued, that bit was metaphorical too rather than plain wrong I suppose.

    So in a book where the "power" of god is in metaphors, why are we taking the teachings literally?

    Now let's look at your "good" Muslim countries.

    1) In all of those countries, freedom of religion nad the right to practice is granted to minorities and expats and so is already better than Maldives.

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    PS: Homosexuals are not the same as trans people. Only reason homosexual comes here and spouts the hate toward muslims is because he gets an enormous amount of hate in the first place for just being who he is. Don't blame him for being angry.

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