Maldives to provide 86,400 cans of tuna to Japanese quake victims

The President’s Office has said that it will provide Japan with 1,800 cases of Maldivian tuna – amounting to 86,400 individual cans – as ”emergency disaster supplies” for victims of an earthquake and tsunami that has ravaged the country and its infrastructure.

Japan was devastated Friday by an earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Richter scale and an ensuing tsunami thought to have killed thousands in the Northeastern Miyagi Prefecture alone. However, in the aftermath of the disaster, local news reports have said that the country is also facing a potential meltdown at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima following an explosion at the site, which has since been linked to the earthquake.

The BBC today reported today that Japanese premier Naoto Kan has claimed that the combined natural and nuclear disasters were the “greatest hardships” faced by the country since World War 2, as an explosion was confirmed to have taken place at a reactor at the Fukushima plant.

Amidst the recent hardships that have befallen the country, the office of President Mohamed Nasheed has claimed it will hope to return some of the support it says has been previously received from Japan.

“The Maldives has offered Japan in-kind assistance of 1,800 cases of canned Maldivian tuna to help feed a town affected by the disaster,” the President’s Office said in a statement. “Japan is a stalwart ally of the Maldives and our largest bilateral donor. Our relationship goes back many years with Japan supporting us in many sectors such as education and infrastructure.”

Acting Foreign Minister Aslam Shakir said in a statement that it was right and proper for the Maldives to provide assistance to the people of Japan.

“Japan also helped us when the devastating 2004 tsunami hit the Maldives and so the [country] will stand by Japan during their time of need,” Shakir was quoted as saying.

According to the President’s Office, the tuna shipments are expected to be sent to Japan shortly, where official disaster response teams will receive the supplies.

“The President’s Office noted that the 1800 cases of tuna – worth 1.2 Million Maldivian Ruffiya (US$93,700) – was sent in an attempt to help citizens of the country displaced in the disaster.

”The Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami has claimed hundreds of lives, while over 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes,” it added in a statement.

As the disaster struck on 11 March, President Mohamed Nasheed was also confirmed to have sent a message to Prime Minister Naoto Kan.

”It was with deep shock and sadness that I learned about the powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit parts of Northern Japan causing loss of lives and injury to hundreds of people, as well as extensive destruction to property and infrastructure,” Nasheed said in his message. “The Government and people of the Maldives join me in conveying our deepest sympathy to you, the Government and the people of Japan, and in particular, to those who were directly affected by this tragedy.”


16 thoughts on “Maldives to provide 86,400 cans of tuna to Japanese quake victims”

  1. Does Japan need to pay back later with some millions of Yen as aid to Maldives?

  2. Yasir,

    We have got in the past and will get Japanese aid in the future wether we send this Tuna or not.

    The point here is we are for the first time reciprocating.

  3. I say the population of Maldives needs to do more for the Japanese people in their hour of need.
    Through out the years Japan has been helping Maldives non stop, and its time for reciprocating.
    I applaud the government for this aid of tuna.
    How about opening up a fund for the Japanese?

  4. @Peasant, how can you say this is the first time, please don't tell things you don't know or have no knowledge,Government of Maldives always has responded on natural disasters on behalf of people of Maldives, in the past as well, We have donated money to Earth Quake relief in Armenia in 1988,where 25,000 people lost their lives in Soviet Union, and also we have made donations to flood victims, in Bangladesh,and Sri Lanka also in Earth quake victims in Pakistan. Ofcourse its a good thing to donate what ever we have to people of Japan, they are so generous to help us every time in disaster or otherwise.

  5. I am really shocked that Government is not considering bringing back the maldivians in Tokyo. There is no water and food. With no or limited electricity the people are living in cold. Can Maldivians bear this trauma. We hear that there is going to be a greater Quake again this month.Government was quick in bringing maldivians from Egypt but very silent this time.

  6. I think as Muslims we did the right thing by giving aid to Japan. And by doing this the Japanese government will be in our debt, so if Maldives faces such a disaster the Japanese government will surely come to our aid.

  7. why the heck are the Maldivans so backward and negative thinking people. these timid maldivians know to open their dirty mouths and say this governmets did this they did that. no constuctive ideas atall!! critising is their favrit!! giving out the tuna cans or coconuts is a damn good thing. infact that all we have...

  8. i think they'll be pretty happy wid the tuna cans! unless some of them prefer raw tuna..on second thought raw tuna or ANY thuna might be the last thing on their mind..

  9. @ Lajy

    What sort of a person you are? At the time of such tragedy you are thinking of debting Japan. Shame on U. We should all pray to allah that such tragedy should not occur anywhere in the world.

  10. @Ekaloa- You misunderstood me, I meant we have never reciprocated, meaning no assistance given to Japan until now for everything we have received, Japan is the country being discussed.

    Reciprocating _ Responding to a gesture by making a corresponding one.

    When responding it's wise to read and understand the context of what some one is saying....

    btw Bosnia is missing from your list.

  11. @Ibrahim Yasir, Typical Maldivian, wants to debate everything. Even at this tragic time you want to debate. Cheap asshole!!! ooh ignorant, Japan is a wealthy country, a disaster like this would never hold them back to helping other countries even at this time they can help if they want. Dont you know they have the second largest reserve in the world...

  12. @Lajy ,

    dont you mean we ALREADY owe Japan a lot and this is just TRYing to pay some back? and not the other way around.

  13. It is sad that some Maldivians are so "Muslim" that they forget what to say and how to be in the time of great sadness. When someone is in pain, it is more an "imthihaan" for those not in pain and many Maldivians are failing to live up to being Human which is the highest call in the earthly life. No one is a "Muslim" without compassion, generosity, love, forgiveness and all the highest and prime values to be who we are suppose to be.

  14. well its really .. kind of the maldivian to help out a country !! .... who did help us in every .. disasters we face !!


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