Maldivian reggae artist sentenced to 10 years for cannabis possession

Famous Maldivian reggae artist Haisham Mohamed Rasheed has been sentenced to ten years for use and possession of less than one gram of cannabis.

Haisham, of Maafannu Loha, was arrested with a bag containing the illegal narcotics while in a resort to perform a live music show.

The Criminal Court convicted Haisham under Article 4 [a][1] of the Drug Act after he tested positive for cannabis, an illegal substance under the Act. Haisham received five years for using the drug and five years for possession.

The judge ruled that according to witness statements, evidence, and Haisham’s own confession, he owned the bag containing illegal narcotics with which he was found.

Haisham was the lead artist of the band ‘Palm Fever’. He also produced his own music and had acquired a popular following during a career which he started as a child performer at the Inter-school singing competition.


63 thoughts on “Maldivian reggae artist sentenced to 10 years for cannabis possession”

  1. this man should me free. it is okay to use cannabis! it is only MAN'S law not GOD'S law that makes it lillegal

  2. Attention people of the Republic of Maldives!

    Urge your government to change the laws regarding Cannabis! Because people like me will NOT be visiting your country if this is how you treat people who use a naturally occurring substance put on this Earth by God / the Creator of the Earth and Universe. Any law, politician or government that makes cannabis and other naturally occurring substances illegal, are laws, politicians and governments that go against God!


    C. Robinson
    California, USA

  3. This is horrible, so horrible. That people can be so cruel to one another is disgusting. Maldives as a whole is a backward, stupid country that represses freedom and rewards injustice. Why anyone would choose to live there is beyond me.

    As for cannabis, it is a remarkable and beneficial plant, and for anyone to be punished at all for it is truly despicable. I have seen people here say that this man should have been punished but not this long. I say he should not have been punished at all! This is horrible stuff that must be put to end immediately.

  4. what a joke!!!!!! what a terrible country! now a reason not to visit! talk about injustice!!!!

  5. The law is obviously unjust, he harmed no-one his human rights were taken away by the law. I would not visit this country simply due to this, if this is also true (Maldives-says-its-OK-to-rape-12-yr-old-girls-post-puberty!!) it gives even more reason to stay away. Maybe that is the idea put off tourists from visiting?

    It is sad when beautiful country is ruled by ugly laws. I sincerely hope he does not serve that full sentence.

  6. This 10 year prison sentence is unjust by any standards. Under the upcoming law, Haisham would have got six months.

    Please write to the President and ask him politely to review this sentence.

  7. @C. Robinson: the 'Government" have very little legislative ability, they cannot change much at all due to a tyrannical parliament which blocks any positive change.

  8. A long way to go ... child abuse happens in about one third of the Maldivian families (according to the minister of health). The people who do get impunity.
    The local chief of DRP in Noonu Velidhoo got caught with illegal trade alcohol, which is by all international standards a HARD drug. He is still a free man and shouting loudly that Islam does not allow drugs.
    Justice ?

  9. I am not ashamed to be a muslim but I am ashamed for what it often appear to stand for. It is that most followers become so entwined in the invisible fear created by our peers and our imams. We cannot say what we want in case my neighbour grass me and get me in trouble, so we put up and shut up! We are all walking around like little children eternally not able to voice our opinion. Unable to make change. That's why I do not have many muslim friends. They are boring and often childlike in their behaviour.(not their fault, they are just brought up like that, like my cousins, my uncles and more or less all of my muslim brethrens. My group of universal friends are far more interesting as they can argue back and I can give as good as I get. We get offended when the American wanted to burn our Koran, but did the Buddhist made a scene when the Taliban evaporated a 1500yr old 180m high Budhish statue. No. Did any of us Muslim condemned it, No!. Why? Is it not logical to condemn such actions? Of course it is, but we Muslims are scared to get into trouble for speaking out. We are only children, remember.

    Now with this poor guy who smoked some marijuana, really we all know it is wrong thing to do, but we also know it is a pretty harmless crime. So why did he get ten years....well it's the right thing to do of course. Being an upright muslim country and being run by men with childlike minds and who can sense that the muslim population would welcome such a punishment to reinforce their their childlike fear, which over their lifetime has become a form of comfort as they need not think any more as to they live.

    Finally, whatever happened to those brethrens of ours who singlehandedly made our country loose absolute millions in tourism for their scandulous wedding ceremony potrayed all over the world......we they even jailed for a single day???

    I am a proud muslim and I will continue to use my brain as god intended, and if anyone have any sense, release this peaceful though immoral musician and show the world we are not children.

  10. he got wt he deserve.if he smoke he must no the law and the risk of carryn a join
    i ll sy he s more dum than others
    this is nt holand
    smoke weed every day

  11. I read ever thing so far what this community has to say. but damn this is horrible to Musician like him . i was thinking of going for my honeymoon there but no way. common man is jus grass that though a few joints . he has never harm anyone and if you know how to use it is one of stress buster ever made by god. grass never kills anyone it make you hungry and feel the music. take him out or i will never visit this place again. common guys


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