MDP President alleges misrepresentation by Maldives Ambassador to EU

The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has released a statement from the party’s president, Dr Ibrahim Didi, accusing the Maldives’ Ambassador to the European Union Ali Hussain Didi of misrepresenting his impression of the events of February 7.

“It has come to my attention that yesterday the Maldives’ Ambassador to the European Union, Mr Ali Hussain Didi, made a sworn declaration before members of the European Parliament that contained false information about statements I am purported to have made on the evening of February 7,” said Dr Didi in the statement.

“Ambassador Didi is said to have informed the European Parliament that on the evening in question I said publicly that what happened on that day was not a coup. I believe that considering the importance of the events of February 7, and considering the importance of the hearing before European Parliament members, it is important for me to put the record straight,” he said.

“Ambassador Didi’s claims are incorrect and have no basis in fact. At no point on or after February 7 did I deny, publicly or otherwise, that President Nasheed’s removal from power was anything other than a coup d’etat. Indeed, it was my view then and remains my belief now, that President Nasheed was coerced into resigning by rogue elements of the police and security services working in coordination with senior politicians – politicians who were then in opposition and are now in Government.

“I am deeply disappointed that Ambassador Didi would relay false information to the distinguished members of the European Parliament, and that the regime of Dr  Waheed would be involved in spreading such falsehoods,” he said.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz Ali had no immediate response but said the Ministry would release a statement if warranted.