Meemu Atoll Council refuses to hand over former Atoll House and assets to state

Head of Meemu Atoll Council Ahmed Sulaiman has told Minivan News that police have tried to take over the former Atoll House, a car and a speedboat in Mulee.

”Police called us and said the Finance Ministry had sent a letter requesting police to take over government assets in Mulee including a car, speedboat, the council’s administrative office and former Atoll House,” Sulaiman said. ”Police said they wanted a response from the council and we said we would not let go of those assets unless the court orders us to do so.”

Sulaiman said the council explained to police that ”we bear the rights of many citizens and we have to protect it.”

”I agree that the government granted the speedboat to this island, but the two engines in it belongs to the islanders, it was bought on the islander’s account,” Sulaiman said. ”It is not clear to us why the Finance Ministry asked police to take over those assets.”

Sulaiman said the council would have to “conduct their work on the streets”.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police did not want to confiscate the council’s administrative office, only the other assets.

”Police went to the island because the Finance Ministry has requested us by letter to take over the assets, the former Atoll House and other assets,” said Shiyam. ”But they refused to hand it over. We have not yet taken any action against them.”

State Finance Minister Ahmed Assad did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.

Recently, the government asked police to take over former Atoll Office of Kaafu Atoll Council in Thulusdhoo after the council decided they would move their administrative office in former Atoll Office.

Confrontati0ns occurred between the islanders and police when  police tried to block entrance to the former Atoll Office.

The case is now pending in court and both the government and council have been waiting for the ruling, however  the first hearing of the case is yet to be scheduled.