MFDA shuts down Billabong International School’s canteen

The Maldives Food and Drugs Authority (MFDA) has shutdown Billabong International High School’s canteen after the authority’s inspectors determined that it did not meet hygiene regulations.

Media Coordinator of the MFDA Jameela Adam said the authority would not close an eatery if the condition of the place was “not that poor.’”

“Our first priority is to suggest the improvement of the hygiene condition without forcing them to shut down their business,’’ said Jameela. ‘’But there is this certain criteria that all food outlets are required to have, which is the minimum standard. If any food outlet’s condition is poorer than those standards, we ask them to close the place immediately.’’

The MFDA has ceased providing reasons for the closures after complaints from outlet owners. Prior to that details for closures were disclosed – in one instance, a teashop was shut after inspectors discovered a live goat in the toilet.

‘’I can confirm that the hygiene condition of Billabong’s canteen was very poor,’’ she said. ‘’We took pictures and showed them what we found, and they also agreed that they had to correct those issues.’’

‘’Issues such as finding live animals, cockroaches, house flies and other foreign materials inside the food outlets are normally the major issues,’’ she said.

Jameela also noted that food inspectors had observed that a lot of expatriate food outlets in Hulhumale’ had been operating without the authorisation of the MFDA.

‘’We have closed many expat food outlets in Hulhumale’ for operating without MFDA permission,’’ she said.

She also said it was not the aim of the MFDA to shut down food outlets.

‘’Our goal is to ensure that safe food provided to customers in all food outlets,’’ she added.

Recently, famous restaurants such as West Park, Raaveriya and Alfresco Café were closed by the MFDA. Most reopened after addressing the authority’s complaints.


7 thoughts on “MFDA shuts down Billabong International School’s canteen”

  1. We, us customers ought to know the reason why a food outlet is shutdown.

  2. The reasons are probably all the staff are Bangalhis who have no idea or skill of catering common hygiene.
    The qualification required are 100US$ per month and willing to work for eighteen hours!

  3. ....not surprising.

    I don't blame the school, I blame the parents who pay high charges yet have no clue what their children are eating.

    ....Absee is a businessman, no different than the owners of the bangladesh kitchen Mfda just shut down!

  4. Lesson from this:

    1. Never trust a business by its face value just because it is expensive.
    2. Expensive service is not quality service
    3. Quality service come with established brands and reputation.

  5. this must be one of the very few - if not the only -countries where the government protects the businesses but not the consumers. consumers have very little rights here...

  6. Billabong, get your act together now or there will be a mass exodus sooner than you think!
    There are a lot of very disappointed parents, we do speak to each other. Standards every where in your school have dropped. This is an alarm for the Head and the Gosvenors, and your last chance to turn things around. Disgraceful!

  7. @ Angry parents: Does Billabong anytime have a STANDARD? A school that is very young no more than 4 years i guess .... i came to know this school since this february..... since then i never see any thing different than the other schools in Male' except for the high fees and the different races of teachers .... Is this the standard???? Ofcourse Billabong is a school with few students compared to the rest of the schools in Male'.... But then that does not show much difference - i mean when it comes to QUALITY, STANDARD, and DISCIPLINE TOO!!! Every other day subject teacher changes, every 3 days in a week some teachers take off or sick leave and so so....


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