MFDA warns of contaminated IVs imported from India

The Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) has issued a statement warning all pharmacies and healthcare centres to stop usage and trade of certain Intravenous (IV) bags imported from India because of potential contamination.

MFDA issued an pharmaceutical alert informing that MFDA officials have discovered some black matter inside the IV bags manufactured by an Indian company named ‘Baxter ‘. The MFDA said that the black matter was discovered inside two batches of IV bags imported from the company.

The batch numbers of the two batches that foreign matters discovered were also given by the MFDA. The batch numbers were 10101192 and 10101199 of ‘Ringer lactate’ IV bags.

Maldives Food and Drug Authority said that IV bags have to be packed under certain safety conditions and the discovery of such foreign matters inside the IV bags imported from Baxter laboratories makes the quality of the product questionable.

The MFDA has not identified the matter discovered inside the IV bags.

According to MFDA, healthcare centres and pharmacies have now started removing the IV bags from sale and also warned that the use of contaminated intravenous bags could cause serious health problems.

Director General of Maldives Food and Drug Authority, Shareef Adam today told Minivan News that the authority had now informed all of the health centres, hospitals and pharmacies to remove the IV bags and not to use it.

Shareefa said that the MFDA had not received any information that anyone had used them.


5 thoughts on “MFDA warns of contaminated IVs imported from India”

  1. MFDA should not be giving a warning.

    If MFDA is a responsible entity, it should be launching an an inquiry into why contaminated IV passed though all control points into the market. And some one, possibly the head of MFDA should resign. If IV packets pass though the border who know what else passes though. I urge every thing from that particular score to be checked.

    The public warning is like giving a warning about the dangers of Heroin and keeping quiet.

    This warning shows either the system or MFDA is bloody lethargic and ITSELF a potential public health risk.

  2. No statement from Health Minister, no explanation despite being complicit. This happens when you put an ex CEO of a private hospital as a Health Minister.

  3. I think it is should be duplicate of Baxter, removing from shop is not going to soleve problem, you have to investigate how it reached madlives, who are the people behind importing to maldives and exporting from india to make money quickly by even killing people. People shuold be charged under trying to murder.

  4. @human.
    FYI, almost 80/% of import approved drugs (i.e "medicine" incase you freak out)are manufactured in India. most international pharma-manufacturers have their factories set up in India who control territorial exports. Brainless ranting fools should also be charged. STO stated today they imported it. Question lays with who did not follow proper protocols and due care during transport and storage of IV.


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