Mrs Naik admitted to ADK hospital after falling from banana boat

Farhat Naik, wife of well known Islamic speaker Dr Zakir Naik who recently conducted a talk on ‘Misconceptions of Islam’ in Male’,  has been admitted in ADK Hospital after falling from a banana boat yesterday.

Spokesperson for the Islamic Ministry Sheikh Ahmadulla Jameel said that Mrs Naik was not injured but was unable to swim and so was admitted to ADK as a precaution.

”She was not injured,” Ahmadulla said, ”but we brought her Male’ because she might have been injured as she did not know how to swim, and she is a very special guest for Maldivians.”

”She will be discharged today very soon,” he added. ”Dr Zakir Naik and his family will depart today.”

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that police had also been informed of the case.

He confirmed the incident had taken place on a resort but declined to give further details upon a request by the Islamic Ministry.

A staff member working at Coco Palm Boduhithi Island resort meanwhile confirmed that the incident happened yesterday afternoon. He said that she suffered no injuries.

Dr Zakir Naik and his family arrived to the Maldives on May 25 and was due to leave on May 31. Naik delivered two speeches during his stay in the Maldives, which attracted over 10,000 people. His wife also spoke on Islam last week.


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  2. First of all, I must say that I'm a firm believer of Islam; both blindly as a youngster and even after I started thinking on my own.
    I was quite fasinated on Quran and Science. Followed through scientific achievements.
    Yesterday's technology(5 yrs ago) can make people make themselves(yes you can have exactly you:(each of you) and today they have made artificial DNA, and imposed bacteria to activate life in that! And as we know, it's a live cell! Don't know,at the moment, what species will come out though!

    I believe in our religion
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  5. may allah give zakir naik n his family membrs long life 2 come, my dear bro's dont make fun of them they r dayees, one can enjoy nature within the islamic purview, u may not know the status of dayees in front of allah

  6. whats with the minivan news and islam hating maldivians? don't u have any other thing to do other than mocking on islam? u have a lot of fun things in this materialistic world to do rather than commenting so negatively on islam. having fun in islam is not haraam unless it is done on islamic limits and boundaries.. ofcoz... u islam hating people cannot understand this as u r being brainwashed and ofcoz becoz u don want to look more deeply into this perfect religion..for all those who have mocked on islam .. i request u all to learn islam and repent to watever u r doing before its too late...

  7. To the writers and editor of 'Minivan' News.

    What's your purpose behind hindering the muslims?
    What have you got against us?
    I mean, with every "news" (i have to admit that Minivan News not only give us news, but entertain us with GOSSIPS too) the list of comments is more read than the news it self. If you cant write interesting news for ppl to read quit the news site rather than getting the attention to ''MINIVAN'' news by the comments.

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  9. I don't know why everyone is always talking about Islam. Islam has nothing to do with anyone's life, enjoyment, prosperity, bankruptcy etc. It is same with any religion, all bad things are sins even in Christianity. So what religion are you guys seeking? Even if you err and commit sins it is between you and god. You do need to harass a religion, people's way of life. Actually the problem is created by groups called "apostates/atheists" and "Wahaabi's". eliminate these two groups and we can get our life back.

  10. Zakir Naik asks other women to cover head to toe, and his wife has fun on Banana Boat with strangers 🙂
    Double standard guru 🙂

  11. HUH !!!! totallllll RUBBISH NEWS....last week Zajir naik was nt permitted in the uk and the news says he has been in the maldives for whole month....DUHHHH then who is nt there a clear contradiction in the news we got !!!
    WELL no matter how much they try to abuse our scholar , we are with him you LIARS

  12. what a hypocrite naik,a foolish man,loud-mouth.ogling women on beaches with his friends and family.hopefully muslims will now understand what kind of sex cult they belong too.

  13. crazy people!! Well lets say Dr. naik stays in mumbai,india: where people from all the races live very lively. So what has the place got to do with the believer and scholar he is! i guess mumbai is more shit than a resort! which dirt doesnt go around there?? everything but perhaps we all learn how to ignore and what to avoid... if he goes to see natural beauty of our resort then i dont see why he should be deprived that when it makes no sense...has anyone been to a resort??on special requests and advance bookings, they makes special arrangements. its just a matter of arrangement, especially if its off season.and i think Mrs.naik enjoying a banana boat shows muslim women are actually having all the rights which western people think we are deprived. Learn islam well and have some logic then u guys wont hav such silly misconceptions...

  14. Dr.Naik is one of the best Muslims now adays, any Hypocracy, Non muslim and Satan hates him. A true Muslim will never hate him. i do not know argument, i would just kill any body who insults him. .........

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  20. I don no y u pipl r so foolish! hav u seen farhat naik falling from d boat. It maybe d wrong pic dat u seen above


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