New tourism slogan remains elusive despite news report

“Value for Money” will not be replacing “The Sunny Side of Life” as the slogan to entice holidaymakers from all over the world to come to the Maldives, with a final decision yet to be made on the future direction for promoting the nation’s central economic income source, the country’s Tourism Minister has said.

The Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC) yesterday reported that the “Value for Money” slogan had been settled on in order to reflect a changing focus in enticing travellers to the Maldives by targeting a more middle-income audience.

However, while the new tourism slogan to replace “The Sunny Side of Life” is expected to focus on “value”, Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr Mariyam Zulfa claimed that news of the slogan had been “reported incorrectly” during an address to 200 Italian journalists.

Speaking to the journalists at Male’ International Airport as part of a visit to celebrate ongoing support from the country’s travel market, Zulfa said that she believed her comments had been taken out of context.

“I said we will probably go towards a slogan reflecting a value for money product,” she added.

Zulfa said that she “didn’t think any final decision on a slogan had been made,” and that any eventual agreement would involve “lots of meetings” with stakeholders such as the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) before a final decision is announced.

When contacted by Minivan News, a spokesperson for MNBC claimed that the report had been based on comments made by the Tourism Minister to one of the company’s journalists.

In a statement, the Maldives Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB) said that the reports had been incorrect, but added it would be announcing a new slogan in the next few weeks.

“However, we can confirm today that the new slogan will not be ‘Value for Money’,” the promotion board stated.

Echoing the Tourism Minister’s statements, the MTPB added that it remained in discussions with as wide a group of tourism industry stakeholders as possible in attempts to better serve the market.

“The Minister has made it explicitly clear that the new slogan will be designed so that it appeals to a wide range of potential tourists; including those with high incomes as well as tourists seeking a more affordable holiday in the Maldives,” the MTPB added.


21 thoughts on “New tourism slogan remains elusive despite news report”

  1. I think 'The Sunnyside of Life' suits better to Maldives. Its more catching and represents the Maldives in everyway.

  2. there is no need to change the slogan. provide more services but just keep the maldive brand going..

  3. It is a dark day for Maldives tourism when people who doesn’t have slightest clue about the industry were put in charge. The MTPB is headed by a novice, President Anni likes to pay back. And Minister Zulfa is banking on his husband for experience.

    It is a shame that Anni is trying to pay back his friends and backers by appointing them in responsible posts.

    This is what is going to happen when Tom, Dick and Harry from nowhere takes charge? Maldives is never going to be a “Value for Money” destination.

    Everything for this tiny island has to be imported and the tourists have to travel thousands of miles to reach there (long haul flights). Even within the Maldives transport cost is very high. A bottle of 1ltre water costs US$3.00 and upwards so can Zulfa or “Gora” guy at MTPB tell me how can it be a “value for money” destination. This is more like that funny ambition Anni declared making Maldives Carbon neutral in 2010! Anni should try to “KEEP IT REAL”.

    The country’s tourism promotion budget has been slashed and experienced staff at MTPB had left because, Anni’s policy machine has lost direction. Sad, but this is the reality in the ground.

  4. Nowadays there's a better slogan :

    Maldives - The FUNNY Side of Life

  5. I love the Maldives but if the trend to luxury resorts it is continued, then, the vacation-guests will say only more this slogan: 'Nothing without money' or 'not without your money' 🙁

  6. There is very little the govt or anybody can actually do to bring the exorbitant prices charged from guests to come down. however market realities will make resort owners to target middle income bracket when the next batches of resorts pen in laamu atoll and elsewhere.

  7. this happens when the process of choosing a branding firm fails in the hands of reckless idiots who was installed there just because they are friends or relatives of certain powerful people.

  8. Trying to convince people they get value for money is a total loss of fantasy and creativity and does not reflect what Maldives means

    Any allusions to value sounds cheap advertising as if Maldives is kind of desperate as versus to be seduced to come to Maldives for its beauty and the sunny and relaxed experience which the previous slogan expressed

  9. I don't think government has done enough research on this issue. The global luxury travel markets accounts for billions and a tiny fraction of this is contributed to the Maldives. Maldives tourism needs more competitive marketing and publicity to the global travel market than the traditional methods, it needs more research to explore ways which could increase the demand of the industry and maintain the optimal rein of the industry. It's not wrong to say that the incumbent administration is making arbitrary decision, which would be detrimental to the industries future, especially if we are to change the brand perception that has accumulated after so many efforts of Maldivians.

  10. This is just carelessness and will fail.

    Neighboring countries work hard for their branding. Like 'Malaysia, Truly Asia', 'Incredible india' etc. The adverts, with the high quality video, audio and concepts are captivating and seductive.

    We like to boast how good we are compared to our neigbours. What a load of crap!!!

  11. i dont think value for money suites for maldives.its like a slogan for some big coporation.the sunny side of life suits well and must not be changed

  12. Maldives being SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE is the biggest joke. A country that does not permit a honeymoon couple to bring in their favorite bottle of champagne with them!


  13. Changing slogan to value for money simply bcause people think maldives is too expensive is like one publicly admitting that he or she is common prostitute when in the mood for a little bit of sex.

  14. @alien from another galaxy

    No wonder you're so ignorant about the Maldives. Perhaps you should spend some more time on Earth.

  15. @alien from another galaxy
    Maybe you should visit us on earth and see how maldives is. not all of us are covered in head to toe. plus, what does one wear has to do with the tourist destination? after all the clients are not made to cover themselves. for all we care they can run around naked if thats what they want.

    I prefer "sunny side of life" and think that it should not be changed to anything else.
    As for our president putting Zulfa as the minister, well.... do u seriously think that in gayyoom's regime he had put very intelligent and know how ppl in the ministries? i dont think so.
    we are a small nation and right now we are going through massive change... we should all bear with him. after all revolutionaries are the first to be blamed for everything that they stand for and what most of us believes but are too scared or lazy to put a front or support. it is us who would benefit from all his hard work.
    as for budget resorts, some are coming up soon. some of us do realise we cannot cater to just the high maintenance clients. plus a high occupancy guarantees more profit than a resort with less clients because its a five star and the occupancy is low 🙂


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