NGO coalition joins forces with Adhaalath Party in protest against new alcohol regulations

The Adhaalath Party has held a joint press conference with a coalition of NGOs against the sale or use of alcohol on inhabited islands.

State Minister for Islamic Affairs Sheikh Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed, speaking on behalf of the Adhaalath Party, said the message for the government was that ”the consumption and sale of alcohol in a place where Muslims live is unacceptable”, and that the protest would continue until the president invalidated the new regulation.

He suggested that everyone taking part in the protest, which will start at the artificial beach following Asru prayers, should dress in white.

”We will not be violent and we will not call for the resignation of anybody,” he said.

Sheik Adam Naseem said the Prophet (PBUH) had advised all Muslims to stay away from alcohol as it was ”the mother of all the sins”, and said the new regulations made afraid that the country’s teenagers would be led down the wrong path.

The Vice President of Islamic NGO Jamiyyath-al-Salaf, Hassan Moosa Fikree, called on “all the people who love Islam” to take part in the protest.

He said the government had given “a deaf ear” to the organisation’s words and had not responded to any of their letters.

”We cannot be stopped until we achieve what we want,” he said. “In Islam [alcohol] is haram.”

He questioned why the government was trying to “find a loophole” to allow the sale of alcohol on inhabited islands. “Everybody is against it; each and every person,” he said.

Fikree distinguished between inhabited islands and resorts.

“There’s definitely a distinction because resort have regulations,” he said. “Civilians can’t visit resorts regularly any time they want, and there are special rules such as areas of resorts that Maldivians can’t visit. There is a big difference between inhabited islands and resort islands because resorts have regulations and these resorts are especially designed and invented for tourism.”

Permanent Secretary for the Islamic Ministry Mohammed Didi said that while there might “technically” be a problem with resorts profiting from the sale of alcohol, the ministry was not saying anything about the resort businesses.

“For the last 30 years the Maldives has sold alcohol in resort islands. The ministry is not saying anything about the resort businesses, only inhabited islands and the new regulations,” he said.


53 thoughts on “NGO coalition joins forces with Adhaalath Party in protest against new alcohol regulations”

  1. Has this Fikree guy actually read the regulations? they are not proposing to sell to Maldivians, heck it will be more controlled than all this alcohol flowing around in Male now. These guys got their knickers on a twist for nothing, and the hypocracy, aren't resort workers muslim?? and now our love for religion is going to be judged by our participation of tomorrow's protest?? well here is one maldivian muslim who is not against the new regulations, it will actually put a stop to this blackmarket trade and all this gang guys that take a few sips before going for a good bashing.
    These guardians of our morals spread misinformation when they go around making it sound like the goverment had okeyed boozing for maldivians, isn't lying haram in Islam?

  2. This is slightly ridiculous. It is misleading. It preys on people's fears and people's faith. It is manipulating Islam for political ends. It is the extension of Adhaalath's power and influence. It is ignorant of socio-economic development and progress. And it is 100% political.

    And Shaheem is way out of bounds. For a State Minister to attack the President so blatantly requires his immediate removal from office.

  3. What does Fikree know? Maldives seriously should get rid of these Mullahs’. If not it will be death of the Maldives. Without Tourism Maldives cannot sustain as a country and it will be bankrupt.

    Even now the Maldives is only surviving because what you call Kaafir countries are subsidizing the economy through aid in different forms.

    All the countries in the Middle east sell alcohol in their bigger hotels. Even in Saudi Arabia where these Mullahs’ get inspiration from.

    It is a ironic that these guys are called scholars. Have they ever contributed advancement of knowledge or have they ever done cutting edge research. Only thing they know is to brain wash others and encourage other people to take more than two wives promising that the current wife will be fast tracked to Heaven.

    These religious fanatics doesn’t know anything about how world has progressed and what individual rights are. If someone wants to drink alcohol or anything else they will drink even the drinks are locked up in someone's wine caller. There are many Maldivians who travel for weekend to Sri Lanka and India, if they want they can drink, dance and do whatever they fancy. Our religion (Version I know) Islam does not force anything on its follower. Most of the things are made up buy power hungry filthy crooks like Fikree, Majeed, Seyku Fareedu who doesn’t really have anything constructive to contribute to the human wellbeing and knowledge.

    Adhaalath’s Seyku recently advocated that in Heaven they will get Wine and Virgins, as if he has been there. So is encouraging people to do “good deeds” so they will get all these free wine and virgins.

    People cannot equate narcotics drug and liquor. Fanatics have ulterior motives. I call all sensible Maldivians not to join any protest with Mullahs because in my view the Hell will be full of these Mullahs’, who advocate violence, preach fear and hatred.

    If you love religion stay away from extremists, fanatics, Fikree, Majeed, Seyku Fareedu, Osama Bin Laden and Alcohol. Be a tolerant Maldivian and think with your brain not with your **ck. The regulation is not for selling alcohol to Maldivians and not many islands can built 100 city hotels.

    Be sensible enjoy life... it is beautiful without these Mullahs.

  4. I'm saddened by the ignorance of people....Some fanatics are using Islam as a tool to jeopardize the government plans for building our country,s economy to new heights....don't they realize creating unharmony and slandering others is also prohibited in Islam...If we consider these things its more "haram" as slandering eventually cause animosity among people....All these years Maldives Tourism has been marketed as a relaxing holiday....Without a "glass " of wine the majority of Westerners would not call a relaxing time spent...After a hectic under-water dive a pint or two of beer is the only thing most Europeans would crave to unwind....So banning alcohol would make our economy to collapse....Tourism wouldn't be of any importance to Maldives as foreigners would gradually stop coming here and they would divert to other similar destinations like Seychelles etc....they would condemn Maldives as a "fundamentalist" country and tarnish the image which so far has been so good,built painstakingly over the yeras. I request the government to stick by the stance...and not to bow down to these fanatics who have an other agenda over this issue...They are just using Islam to undermine government policies and mislead people....Don't let them win....I as a Maldivian love this country so I don't want our small nation to be beggars....yes we may have to come out on the roads with a metal tin if tourism is hijacked....Our country depends on tourism and many of us are in tourist sector.....

  5. Dear All, watever u guys say watever the way u think WE WILL NOT LET THE GOVERNMENT IMPLEMENT LIQUOR PERMISSION TO SELL ALCOHOL in inhabitant islands INSHA ALLAH. And we r ready to do anythin to stop that INSHA u guys says anythin in these kinda articles. INSHA ALLAH we will stop......!! u guys cant do anythin...!!!! CHEEEEERRSS. WE R READY TO DO ANYTHIN N R U GUYS READY??????

  6. Our inhabited islands have been alcohol free for all these years and we have lived fine.

    What is the need to introduce alcohol now?

    It is not Islamic fanatics who are against introduction of alcohol as some of the people who commented here have mentioned. It is the general PULSE of Maldivians. Why ignore reality? We have been alcohol free for all these years and we DO NOT WANT it to be introduced into our lives now.

    My worry is that even without a license, and in the face of punishment, drugs have managed to paralyse a good part of our potential labour force. We are still witnessing the crippling effects of drugs on our community everyday. Giving a permit (even a restricted permit) to sell alcohol in inhabited islands will bring several unwanted effects with it. And these effects will be more harmful to the wider culture and community than any benefit we receive from it.

    Drugs can be hidden easily. They can be hidden inside small crevices of our belongings. Also they can be swallowed and used later.

    Alcohol is different. You cannot hide it as easily as you can hide drugs. May be that is the reason why alcohol is as controlled as it is today. You cannot import it so easily because of the size of the bottles if not for anything else. Even so, we often hear of people consuming or selling or distributing alcohol ILLEGALLY. Surely, most of these people get their stock from those who already own permits to sell them. Where else will they get them from?

    A permit to sell alcohol in inhabited islands (even if it is for the foreigners) can only OPEN DOORS for the Maldivians. More over, it will not be wrong to anticipate a new epidemic of alcohol addiction that will flourish in Maldives by making such a move.

    If alcohol related offences in Maldives by Maldivians are now say 1 percent of the crimes we see, giving a permit can only INCREASE this rate. It cannot decrease this rate.

    May be giving this permit can generate revenue for the government. And money is important. But any revenue generation would be at the expense of the destruction of our culture and our community.

    Why make a move that will destroy a community?

    Why make a move that aims at introducing something most Maldivians do not want?

    Why make a move that will blame the President forever?

    I am a Maldivian. I am passionate about our beautiful country, about our culture and about our values. We live the Maldivian way of life. We do not live like the Americans or the Saudis or anyone else. We do not have to do something just because someone else have done it.

    So lets make our beautiful country a prosperous country without resorting to the way others live their lives.

  7. Salim you are exactly right why not just open a whorehouse just for non Muslims right. You believe this is a blow against the extremist it is nothing other than giving them a symbol for the bunch , in Male'. At this moment what the extremist lack is a place where they can vent there anger cue in Holiday Inn. What is this obsession with issuing holiday inn the permit. ( I say this as the regulation is tailor made for holiday inn and they at the moment are the only hotel that meets the criteria.) At the moment when permits are issued only in ONE inhabited island (Male') the vast amount of alcohol and the violence it has brought to the country and youth is telling.The enforcement here is a joke( people in there protective shells don't realize the state of the nation and how difficult it is to be decent on these streets) it takes 21 one officers to arrest a single man, and driving in circles around male(marine drive) is not patrolling. The majority of Maldivians do know how easy it is to get a bottle right now in male' and the vast amount of money it generates for the the bootleggers so this situation ain't going to change but it will branch out to the atolls.So lets see islands where youth got nothing to do, alcohol is available you do the math.Extremist,liberal,moderate,atheist majority of Maldivians are against this change in regulations and that's the pulse that this government felt when they wanted the power. Start reaching out from your thrones and start listening to people before these lunatics are able to get back to power @robin its seems that only alcoholics are interested in investing here so the government has no choice.

  8. Your government is making a serious mistake by introducing alcohol into inhabitat islands. I dont see any good reason to do that. The inhabitat islands have your own people who cannot drink alcohol due to religious reasons. And the alcohol is readily avalable for foreigners visiting your country in their resorts. So why do you need this law to be passed. I just dont get it. Been a westerner I know how much our governments are spending and suufering for the consequences of alcohol users and their untoward effects in my country. People behave manicly, road accidents, violent behaviours ect all happen here because of alcohol use. And our governments are spending billions of euros to fight against it. So at a time when west is suffering from alcohol use, Maldives is keen to introduce alcohol permit for its own residents!!! Thats too to Muslims!!! GREAT.

  9. Shaheem should resign from Adalat and the Government if his intention is honest, religious and sincere. At the moment he is showing 3 faces - a religious Sheik, a politician and an activist.

    How can such hypocrisy be possible in a single human being unless he is a master of the art.

  10. to Mullah, I love Islam but i love beer no need to mix ok?one glass of wine or beer it is very good for health.if you dont like it is your problem, but alcoholism it is different and it is bad.
    and if you dreaming about river of wine in heaven -paradise i prefer to have one glass on our good old earth.

  11. Maldives is ONE nation, its islands/villages surrounded by SEA and NOT LAND like Sri Lanka or India etc. In this sense, to claim that it is alright to sell liquor in one island and not the other is just pure ignorance and narrow mindedness. If its to be banned it has to be banned from the whole nation. You can't get to choose to sell liquor in an island where Shaheem's minister has a share and not the other.

    Now I am really beginning to wonder if the new 'tight' regulation is causing all this hype. Before anyone can go to an expatriate and get liquor but now they can't because the expats will have to drink within the premises of liquor permit area.

  12. if you think positively this could be a cure for the drug problem in maldives. people on drugs will eventually switch to alcohol, which is definitely a better option than drugs.

  13. Thanks to minivannews group for providing such a BOX for the commentors...

    I just want to advice most of the writers not to write about islam and its issues... unless you have proper knowledge... I call them learn islam first... eventhough you hate it. And do not try to ruin its followers... by calling them in different names.... if you follow your own SECT of islam, then you plz mind it yourself....

    do not ever say all Maldivians are muslims.... islam is not a religion of all... no one is born to be a muslim.... a muslim is a person who submit his wills to Almighty Allaah...but Maldivians are a geographical description of people of this country.... may be a muslim, or a buddist, or Cristian... We know there are western thinkers in this country... I cannot call them Muslims... better call them atheists... or material worshipers.......

    so I call all Maldivian thinkers like Robin to stand against Alchohol.... and make this country alchohol free... except in resorts......


  14. this is good news
    j. salaf and Adhaalath and others getting together..n now we will all fight the evil together..Insha Allah..

  15. I warn Anni not to enforce this on us.Because if we start enforcing our beliefs it will be .........................You have broguht misery on us in the name of democracy,just the same way your masters treat innocents to fill their coffers.Crimes against humanity against poor Mladivinas

  16. Every single person? Not me. Mulla's please speak for yourselves. And Anni, don't let addu gadha meehaa ge ruh gina vun.

  17. ”the consumption and sale of alcohol in a place where Muslims live is unacceptable”,
    AND WHO ARE THE MALDIVIAN RESORT WORKERS. they live in the resorts you know, but not everyone drinks. hypocracy!

    (“all the people who love Islam” to tkae part in the protest.)
    This is more a social issue than religious. so do not use Islam as a tool to gain the political ends you desire.

    Eventuall, mullahs could ban alcolhol from the resorts as well. Tourists will stop coming to Maldives:) not just because alcohol is not available. there are many people who do not drink, BUT the fact that it is regulated and strictly banned due to religious reasons, i think would mean Maldives is a very closed place..

    All these news conferences and news are so misleading. no one said the new regulations would allow maldivians to drink, but there it was, words distorted to suit their political agenda. and how many hotels do you think in next 50 years will be opened in local islands with 100 beds?

    Having said all that, i must say, i do not agree that Maldivian society is ready for this. Not because, its good or bad. Mr President has allowed so much to happen here with mullahs next him and now he should not be surprized. He should have seen it coming...
    Fight the ignorance if you want first and then think about the economy..

  18. Ignorant are those people who don't get their facts right and ignorance is strictly prohibited in Islam. Shaheem and the Co. must get their facts right. Over 800 liquor permits exist in the country right now. The law would allow the limited police force more time to be vigiliant on other crimes. At the moment, the police cannot arrest a non-Maldivian walking down the street with a bottle of Vodka. This is an incentive to sell it on the black market and this is the reality. President was right in his Friday radio hithaab - most of the murderers are drunk when they prepare to kill someone and where they are drunk. Shaheem, have you ever even bothered to look this from a business point of view? You can't look into this only from an Islamic view - because you have to admit that no all are as religious and 'pious' as you are. You have to understand the underlying factors of the so out of control alcohol black market - because of the extremely difficult situation created because of the liquor permits. Its impossible to monitor as it is. Give the government a chance to see if the would work. Its not the end of the world folks. and Shaheem, you maybe able to fool some of us, but we are watching you too - you self proclaimed sheikh and 'pious' bastards. We will fight the fight too. But we are more patient than you are

  19. One of the requirements of eligibility of the permit is 100 bed hotel. Think about it people has to build huge hotels to get the permit. Is that going to happen anytime soon in the island. I think the regulation are quite tight and it would surly rid Male' of the black market.

    Trace back would be much easy. If this is implemented only one company would be having the permit rights. So we know where to go as ask questions/ investigate.

  20. What strikes me most about all this is;

    [excuse the use of capital letters, I'm pissed off]









  21. Dear Stewie, who are you to guide us. We know when to protest what to protest, etc. Not you!!!! If we wont o protest infront of Holiday Inn, we will do so, insha Allah. So i advice you to just shut up n talk abt affairs of ur country instead of us. Anyway we wont listen to cowards...Beet it boy....cheers

  22. You Fanatics are just cowards yourselves...I have known for a fact that some of the mullahs themselves indulge in many 'infidel' and condemned activities...even secretly consuming alcohol and even having homosexual activities...."s*****" etc.....So its hard to believe somebody coming out to the roads and gathering people for the sake of "ALLAH"....Only fools would believe a person on face level...just having a long beard and wearing a knee high pants wouldn't indicate his piety...his inside is what matters....what happen here is most of these people create hatred and unsettllement among people...these traits are clearly condemned in Islam....So just passing a permission to sell alcohol in limited city hotels would have no effect on the life of Maldivians....That permission would only regulate the alcohol in the country..thus it would do away the "black market" we have for alcohols...and majorly would reduce the alcohol misuse...One thing is for sure...these so called pious people should educate the youth on the right path of Islam so the youth would not be compelled to use these drugs to get a high..Teach them that its "namaz" which would give them the real high and the tolerance and amity which would give them full filling....Instead of creating hatred and taking these matters they should keep quiet and lead the people to the right path....Is that the unavailability of liqueur that people abstain from that...It shouldn't be like that....Belief should be the main reason not to use many Maldivians live abroad in alcohol free countries...but firm believers never use it....So think.....Even westerners dont misuse or abuse alcohol...they just use in small amounts to get some relaxation....Only people who don't get them freely misuse them and get abused....Forbidden fruit is always people who feels alcohol is difficult to get abuse it and get drunk....Let the government pass this permission...I'm sure the misuse of alcohol would cease and we would not be subject to alcohol abuse by Maldivians...Surely a firm regulation could be made with this permission....

  23. It is ridiculous that Anni is trying to introduce alcohol to our islands when the rest of the world is trying to fight the spread of it. Anni seems to have gone nuts. Today he went onto say that the new regulation was introduced as gangs drink alcohol instead of drugs to carry out violence. I am sure that this was yet another lie by our President. What are the level headed people like Mahamood Razee and Mohamed Aslam doing in Anni's cabinet. They need to hammer some sense into Anni or quit his cabinet. Bloody shame!

  24. rock! Totally agree.

    Its amazing to see the myopia of the government to realize basic values of the Maldivian culture...we need to stop importing / and imposing western culture.

    true calibre of leadership is seen in the ability to understand its people.

    And MinivanNews ... you are doing such a poor job in covering and updating events...its not even half the quality it used to news items should have coverage from both sides...being pro government is far from being 'minivan'

  25. I bid them protest as much as they want. Their masters fear the breaking of their petroleum monopoly in this country - thus the whole BAWWW over it all.

    These so-called Islamic scholars are now acting like drug dealers who recently learned that their favorite customers were quitting.

    This cheap new fuel will greatly alleviate the economic problems of this country.

  26. so this excludes hulhule? which is part of male' technically so that means again technically speaking alcohol was sold in Hulhule Island Hotel and nobody whats the fuss bring about political chaos in guise of religion and to further a sinister salafist agenda patronized by saudis..

  27. Dear Salimm Waheed and co,
    Salim Waheed and co the protest today had shown that there is no political motivation behind the protest.When the PA representative started talking politics his speech was terminated.Every few hour they were saying that this is not done to over throw the government.
    The protest went very smooth and the number of people gathered was huge.This is the biggest nonviolent,nonpolitical and Islamic protest held in the Maldives.
    Yes,not all drink alcohol in the resorts.But if someone had been gathering the statistics the number of people fired in a year due to drinking alcohol, it will be alarming.I have worked in hotel industry for 5 years and now also time to time i do work in the industry.In the dive industry itself lot of dive masters and instructors had been fired due to drinking alcohol and hooking up foreign girls.In one incident a dive master gave alcohol to a teenage girl and had sex with her.How many incidents like this goes without being noticed.How many managers and how many senior employees i have seen dead drunk.
    Plus our Messenger (SAW) said alcohol is the mother of all evil.
    For the people who don't believe in Islam ,you might think that it is the end of the Maldives if ban alcohol.But for us our daily bread is given by ALLAH(SWA) and by implementing the law of ALLAH(SWA)we will only benefit.

  28. Again, another instance of hypocrisy by the Adhaalath party....All it’s bearded guys enjoy alcohol and in fact, most of the Shaikh's in Maldives buy liquor from bootleggers but to the outside world, they are pure Muslims…haha…Just like the Saudi hypocrites who drive out to other countries in the Emirates for unlimited booze, sex and party! What a bunch of perverts.

  29. Maldives is a free country. Let foreigners ( no-Muslims) do whatever they want to eat or drink, pray as long as they don’t get drunk and break the law. If they DO then fine them huge charges!! Unless them let them do as they wish. Its their choice, their life, like they say every 1 has to go in their graves so why should we care.

  30. It’s more a matter of faith than legislation. Such thoughts have led us to the chaos we are in right now. If any religion permits the consumption of alcohol, then the choice should surely be left to that person. As far as the judgment about the government intervening into it and cancelling the licenses, is unsubstantiated. We are a free country and people should be allowed to make their choices liberally with autonomy.

  31. Is one way good, to give permission for alcohal to drink in hotels. Due to alcohal is prohibited in maldives to drink. Some guys are selling alcohal in black market for higher price and make money for their pocket. Better goverment can make profit on it.
    Other wise, most of the maldivens are now effected by drugs, and will continue use drugs and more drug importers and retail sells will increase and effect the health of public, and only drug sellers are benifited.

    Now Stop importing drugs.

  32. Thanks Chorey,
    You rock too!

    "true calibre of leadership is seen in the ability to understand its people."
    Absolutely agreed.

    The problem seems to me that this issue of alcohol is politicized too much in a way that all those who oppose this move are depicted as Islamic fanatics or fundamentalists. This is obvious from many of the comments on Minivan News. The Adhaalath Party and Salafis are portrayed as villains in this.

    Well, the Maldives may have some fanatics and fundamentalists as is only expected with any country with religiously devoted individuals. And these people will oppose such a move as selling alcohol. It is not a surprise to me.

    But, it is not JUST the fanatics and fundamentalists who are calling to ban the sale of alcohol in inhabited islands. It is a call by many Maldivians, perhaps the vast majority of us. It is a call to respect the values we as Maldivians have held for all these years. It is a call to respect patriotism.

    I agree in order to prosper as a country we need to change certain things. We need to move with time for otherwise we fear we may be left behind.

    But this does not mean we should turn everything upside down. If we do that, by the time we are developed as a prosperous nation, we will no longer be Maldivians. At best, we will be Maldivians only for the name sake (that too is not a guarantee) but everything else will be foreign. We certainly would not want that to happen.

    We may be few in number. We may be dispersed sparsely across our islands. But we are a people. We are Maldivians. We are Muslims. We love our country. So we will be hurt when we feel our values and culture as Maldivians are not respected by our own people.

  33. Mark !

    Thanks for trying to bring some sense to a crazy government trying to introduce Alcohol permits on inhabited islands. Its just madness. This isn't going to promote tourism. This is as you said is going to bring chaos. The government better re-think this policy.

  34. its ok to sell poppy in afghan and use that money for terrorism and kill innocent ppl, but its not ok for gov in maldives to sell alcohol and help the regain the economy..u mullah's should read the quran about being hypocryptical.

  35. I do give credit to Robin's comment as it is fair from a Maldivian point of view, compared to others.

    I agree totally with Rilwan. People keep complaining, where was this religious guy when this girl was raped, etc. But yet they forget that THEY are the ones that do not want to allow the religious ones to implement Shariah Law which would solve all these social ills. Instead THEY expect the Islam to just solve problems without actually implementing it, while blaming Islam for crimes done under a WESTERN-Model democratic government.
    Not to mention the (non-religious) Human Rights NGOs that is against any harsh punishment even for child abusers. In Islam, child abusers, rapist and other criminals are dealt with swiftly and harshly so that others would think twice before trying to hurt another person. Islam does not believe in Human Rights for rapist and killers. It simply believes in justice for the victim and no-one else.

    So when we live under a certain system, then we can blame that system for social failures - current system is a Western system (but why are u not blaming it?).

    If the Maldives laws were based on Islamic law, then it is understandable if someone wants to blame the religious ones who advocates Islamic law for responsibility of current rapes and other crimes (Again we are not living under Islamic Law System). I think this is logical for us to agree upon.

    Also as religious figures - they are being very understanding to the fact that Maldives tourism sector should not be changed because of its importance to the Maldives economy. Hence they are just saying no to any implementation of it on inhabited islands. If they were really extreme as some might define them to be, then they would call for a complete ban for the whole of Maldives, including resorts.
    Some that does not like Islam would ofcourse try to argue that this is just one step to that, etc. But fact is that being relgious does not make one automatically unaware of importance of certain things like our tourism to the country's economy. It cannot be stopped just like that and even the religious ones understands this.

    Until someone does an action or calls for a specific action, is it really wise to blame him or her for it without any evidence? Unless the person believes in dictatorship where people can be blamed for anything without evidence.

    Righteous Muslims ask the people to follow Islam to the fullest in order to get rid of all social ills and live a pious life. But a few hate Islam so much that they are against any idea of implementing Islam in their life or to live under an Islamic System. They oppose it, they criticize it, they try to defame anyone that speaks in support of Islam, YET.. when ever a rape or child abuse takes place, they are quick to blame Islam, instead of blaming the system which they are so happily living under at the moment and support so much.

  36. what a pathetic little protest that was. and shaheem claimed it would be the largest in maldives history. goes to show how weak adhaalath are

  37. JJ Can you please stop calling the the NGO coalition. This is definitely not a representative NGO coalition so perhaps you can use the term "conservative NGO coalition'in the future.

  38. Government should be more sensitive, more vigilant when introducing legislation that could give politically minded people to use religion for a political agenda.

  39. Masha Allah Rilwan.....great comment....Dear Salim Waheed n others, did u see the crowd gathered at the henvieru estimated 10,000 ppl gathered thr.

  40. Religion is a belief that is believed!

    From amongst those who believe ALLAH, and who call themselves MUSLIMS, some fortunately have deep beliefs, whereas the others do not have that deep belief. This is the same with and in other religions also!

    If ALLAH wanted, he could have created earth and could have made every one Jew, Christian, Muslim or whatsoever HE chooses. But, HE has not! Why!

    My belief is to test believers and non believers! Therefore I believe that if I drink, and I am not forgiven as is said in the book I believe, I would be punished and I undoubtedly I must be ready to accept as I believe!

    My point is, we have had Shariah Law, a 100% Muslim Parliament for ages and we have had religious scholars with us for ages and it is not only now that we have been buying and selling alcohol! The state, the investor and the management of resorts and employees have been earning and feeding their families with this alcohol money!

    Prophets and Khaleefas and those pious Imams who did not put their cart before their horse are all gone! But today what we have are “backed up” or “sold” Imams, who only preach what their supporters or givers believe. May it be not in accordance to what Prophet Mohamed preached! Yet, they cannot, or do not, want to believe what they are doing is WRONG!

    Evolution of Shiaism, Sufism, Wahaabism and so many other isms amongst the Muslim communities are undoubtedly facts to this effect.

    If Prophet Mohamed, and Imams like Aboobkur, Umar, Usman or Ali wanted, they could have totally banned alcohol in the Muslim Ummah and stopped this scourge!

    Religion should not be used in anyway for political gains!

    In Maldives today we have a lot of people who are very much dependent on what their providers earn from tourist resorts and therefore totally banning alcohol from the tourist industry would be a disaster unless the government or those who want to ban can find an alternative to counter loss these folks are faced with! It could become a national crisis!

    Some of these Imams who preach ban of alcohol in inhabited islands have liking with resorts and thereby ALCOHOL! If they preach total ban, their family is victimized! Therefore halfheartedly they preach that it can be bought and sold in the resorts! This isn't right!

    Banning in inhabited islands and allowing in resorts of the MALDIVES, is not going to solve this problem.

    If Prophet Mohamed in his time and the 4 Khaleefas in their time did not impose this ban, why our Imams do injustice to themselves trying to outdo the Prophet and the Khaleefas!

    For peace and justice, let us LIVE, and LET LIVE! Let the measure be equal!

    For the sake of humanity, let believers and non-believers honor each other, LIVE and LET LIVE!

  41. This attitude by Islamic fanatics is absolute fear mongering. They have no rationale thinking in calling this regulation as a means of providing liquor to Maldivians. In fact this regulation was a means of regulating liquor use and sale in inhabited islands. Former regulation clearly is insufficient and encourages licensed expats to sell liquor. If the new regulation comes in to effect expats will have to go and drink in a confined bar in City Hotels. In this way liquor availability to locals will be reduced. Ofcourse nothing is perfect and no system is perfect unless we follow the rules which came from above.
    It is hilarious to see the hullabaloo created by these fanatics. The other night they were running around streets and braying like donkeys and disturbing the peace of the night. What kind of Muslims are they!!?
    Even 100 percent perfect systems will keep a mere little percent at bay from the system. I tell you if you want not be sinners lets all cut off our hands and what not and keep our mouth stitched. Just because we assume some ignorant unfaithful Muslims will drink due to this regulation we are totally wrong. We should educate people and let them understand the harms of alcohol abuse instead of all this fear mongering and creating havoc in our doorsteps while our kids and old folks needs a good nights peace.
    where is our rationale thinking!!!!!

  42. All those who went to protest are perverts,hypocrites and Power hungry cynics.So whatever number there were are all FOOLS....The Mullahs who organized that protest are v.regressive,aggressive unyielding and v.selfish...They had a preconceived agenda to use religion to faze the government and to come in power and to indicate how much clout they have.They just don't love this country ,our motherland....They want to fulfill their own agenda. they themselves indulge in alcohol,fornication heterosexually as well as homosexual acts are many among some of the Mullahs...I have witnessed it.....Although they themselves are at the peak of sinful living and much as they know our tourism depends on only sand and sea and know other sights like historical or paranomic..Islands are too small to cater for any other type of tourism...Check the sales of resorts...the main revenue earned is from liqueur consumption...this itself shows what type of guests visit the Maldives...they know alcohol is integral to tourism and its sustenance...they are hell bent on defying this and trying to mislead lesser educated and closed minded people into believing their hidden agenda.....which is solely to come into power in 2013....If they come into power we all will end up as beggars.... We have no other major industry except tourism....their silly regressive attitude would erase everything we possess.....Hope the government foresee this and throw out the treacherous Adhaalat Officials from the government...Its a folly of Mr President to have thought that by Keeping Adhalat and given them the power in the religious sector they would cooperate with him..but they turned out to be trenchers..Better expel every one and form a New Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs with more yielding and moderate leaders. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom,Mohamed Jameel.Fathee were also religious scholars but they are moderate, progressive and understanding...appoint such people in Islamic affairs and replace Adhaalath immediately...

  43. The term of this life is in your necks, and Jahannam lies before you. What you see will pass away, what has been is as if it never was, and all will soon be dead. You have seen the stages of the dying man, both when he is in the agony of death, and then after his demise when he has tasted death and the people all around him are saying, "He has passed away, May Allah Ta'aala have mercy on his soul."

    You have witnessed the hasty manner in which he is removed, and the division of his estate, when his face is lost, his memory forgotten, and his doorway forsaken, as if he had not mixed with those who keep their word, nor inhabited the lands.

    Therefore, beware the horror of a day on which not so much as the weight of an ant on the scale will be despised."

  44. Greedy little men and women we are, running to and fro,
    In a chase, after a rabbit that went around before, at last he learned to really cry,
    These new televisions show more color though
    They cost a bit more, so you’ll have to work harder, buy more, and then die.

  45. Volume 8, Book 82, Number 800i:

    Narrated by Anas ra:

    I will narrate to you a narration which nobody will narrate to you after me. I heard that form the Prophet (PBUH). I heard the Prophet (PBUH) saying, "The Hour sill not be established" or said: "From among the portents of the Hour is that the religious knowledge will betaken away (by the death of religious Scholars) and general ignorance (of religion) will appear; and the drinking of alcoholic drinks will be very common, and (open) illegal sexual intercourse will prevail, and men will decrease in number while women will increase so much so that, for fifty women there will only be one man to look after them."

  46. Will the limitation on the freedom of movement imposed by these regulations be accepted by Maldivian society? Those among the educated and social elite in particular.

  47. The best part is, these preachers like 'Ilyas' (one of the best in maldives) even they MOCK other languages.
    When he is preaching to a crowd of 1000's i cant figure out why he needs to MOCK others. Is MOCKING the only Islamic way of joking or just MOCKING to keep the crowd alive without letting them sleep.

    I think Mr.Ilyas should change himself and then start preaching. MOCK concerts are not welcomed in MALDIVES. Politicians can MOCK but not preachers.

  48. In the name of religion Sheikh Ilyas is doing wrong! I bet he knows it!

    If there is no political agenda, why are these sheikhs and protesters want holler about bringind down the government in which they too have a share? Why?

    Poor Sheikh Ilyas! 'SOLD' Stamp very much visible on your forehead!

    Poor sheikh, sold to ex- buyers, sellers and profiteers of alcohol like the go go is very much visible on your forehead!

    Why don't sheikhs not speak of the outrageous justice system that is in this god forsaken country?
    Why do you not protest against judges with no morals?
    Why don't you remind them that they are doing worst crimes than permit issuances or consuming liquor?
    Why are you not instead in discussing issues and not bringing the nation together as Prophet Mohamed did during his time?

    This is only the beginning of the campaign for the elections ahead!

    Alcohol or no alcohol sheikh, this government was elected by the people and for the people! You asked for it and you are given it!

    It is true that sometimes sheikhs also need guidance! Having I'lm and not having h'ilm would make living very dull and useless!

    Good preachers who show path to heaven would should not mix religion with dirty politics my dear sheikhs!


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