PG receive cases against six suspects in Shifan murder case

The police on Wednesday requested the Prosecutor General’s Office (PG) charge six people in connection to the murder of 33 year-old Ali Shifan ‘Tholhi Palay’, third victim to be killed in the spree of gang-related stabbings across capital Male’.

A statement released by the police says that cases have been forwarded against: Ali Nabeeh,22, of M.Nalahiyaa Manzil, Mohamed Shaifan,18, of Male’ Dhaftharu no 3912,  Razzan Abdu Rahman,19, of Kaanimaage house in Thulhaadhoo island of Baa atoll,  Abdul Thilmeez,20, of M.Thilmeez,  Mohamed Asif,19, of Maafahi house inKurendhoo island of Lhaviyani atoll and Mohamed Mishaan Abdul Haadhy,20, of M.Silver Nest.

The attack widowed Shifan’s wife of three years.

Shifan was attacked at about 4:15pm on April 1 outside the Westpark restaurant on Boduthakurufaanu Magu, the outer ring road of Male’.

He was stabbed multiple times in the back and arms by two men on a GN motor bike as he stepped out of a restaurant to meet a friend, the police said. He had no previous records of any gang involvement, police confirmed. But it was unclear as to why he was targeted in a gang related attack.

“Shifan was a very peace loving man and he always said he did not want war,’’ a friend of Shifan previously told Minivan News, claiming the assailants attacked Shifan because of his friends, who were themselves  allegedly involved in a previous gang attack.

The source also alleged the attack was politically motivated and that gangs were being set against each other.

Prior to the brutal stabbing of 33 year-old Shifan on April 1, a pair of 21 year-olds – Abdul Muheeth and Ahusan Basheer -were stabbed to death on February 19 and March 17 respectively. Both cases are now in court with charges against a total of nine people, including four minors.

In addition to these murders, a 16 year-old boy named Mohamed Arham was also found dead with multiple stab wounds on May 30, while controversial blogger and journalist Hilath Rasheed made a miraculous recovery from a fatal attack in which his throat was slit by the assailants. Both cases are currently under investigation. No arrests have been made.

Several more victims, including expatriates, have been brutally injured or killed in gang related attacks.

The spate of stabbings and murders have provoked pressures from the public to impose stricter punishments to the perpetrators. Families of the victims have both in court and in public platforms are calling for justice and the death penalty to be implemented to curb the increasing gang violence.

Though the Islamic Sharia and the penal code states death penalty as a punishment, it has not been executed for decades. Death penalty sentences are traditionally changed to life imprisonment.

The government has meanwhile said it will not hesitate to implement death sentences if the parliament approves it.


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  1. The Experience of being in a true state of Personal Islam is as follows. It is a beautiful, yet at the same time painful flame of Mercy, reaching down from the highest Janna (Paradise) deep down into our souls. It is scolding, burning a hole through our hearts on its way down. That hole is our hearts attachment to the pain of all the oppressed in this world.

    Only if Justice stems from this, can it be called Justice and not vengeance, no matter what the outcome.

    Prophet (SAW) never yielded to personal hunger for self satisfying vengeance, in punishing, it was always, obeying the Maslahah, and doing what was most Merciful for all.

    Whether we kill these ppl or not, we must not lose our hearts to hatred in the name of Justice...

  2. I've always said Maldivian men look like neanderthals and the mugshots of these thugs prove my point!!.....not only do they look scary and intimidating, they look like they haven't had a bath in weeks.
    The crime reports from the Maldives read like police journals of some crime infested American ghetto or South African township.
    Are you trying to copy your sunni bretheren in Pakistan by any chance?.....can we now expect sectarian violence against the 'wrong type of muslims?'.....aka shias, ahmadiyyas, sufis?
    You dumb islanders make me laugh!!

  3. There are no ahmadiyyas here for us to persecute, you foul woman.

    If there were, we would garrott them on the spot upon discovering their heresy.

    We shall tolerate them as long as they do not exist.

  4. Good Kill them all
    Indira NewDelhi: go back to India and eat your goddam curry and stink up the whole world . we don't need your comments here.

  5. Dhivehi Hangyourself, I talk about dumb islanders and you turn up like a nasty skin rash!!.....I thought my prayers to Krishna had been answered and you had been hit by a bus.....sadly not!!
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    Ofcourse there are no Ahmadiyyas or Shias or Sufis in the intolerant Maldives.....they are the wrong muslims and you Sunnis are the right muslims.....the true believers and God's chosen people.

  6. @Indira NewDelhi on Sat, 23rd Jun 2012 3:43 PM

    You must have been treated very badly by Maldivians to have developed so much hatred...


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