Police conclude investigation into Rf 18 million Sheesha fraud case

Police have completed the investigation into a case involving Rf18 million (US$1.2 million) that went missing from a State Bank of India (SBI) account of three brothers who own local motorcycle retailer, Sheesha.

The incident occurred in November 2011. The Criminal Court issued an Interpol red notice to apprehend three persons suspected to be involved in the case.

The names sent to the Prosecutor General were Ibrahim Shahid, 42 of Thulhadhoo in Baa Atoll, Mohamed Mustafa, 35 of Lhaimagu in Shaviyani Atoll and Mohamed Muthausim, 32 of the same island and Mohamed Rasheed Abdul Gadhir.

Police said the names of four other persons indirectly related to the case were also sent to the Prosecutor General.

Ibrahim Shahid of Baa Atoll Thulaadhoo, accused of stealing Rf18 million (US$1.1 million) from the State Bank of India (SBI) account was apprehended in Sri Lanka in February this year.

On November 24, 2011 the account owners discovered that several unauthorised transfers had been made from their joint personal savings account to an unidentified recipient, the first transaction being made on November 9.

Following the discovery the Sheesha brothers Ahmed Hassan Manik, Hussain Husham and Ibrahim Husham said the transfer had been made to a Bank of Maldives account with a forged document using Manik’s name. The brothers said they would sue SBI and requested the bank take full responsibility for the theft.

In November Hussain Husham told the media that the total amount of Rf 18 million was  in two transactions, with the first transaction made on November 9 with the withdrawal of Rf 8.5 million (US$551,000).

Later on December 20, the culprits withdrew a further Rf 9.5 million (US$616,000) from their account.

Hussain told the press at the time that SBI transferred the money to an account with the Bank of Maldives, using a forged document faxed to SBI.

He said the document had the name and signature of Ahmed Hassan Manik, and that the money transferred to Bank of Maldives account had already been withdrawn when they came to know about it.


3 thoughts on “Police conclude investigation into Rf 18 million Sheesha fraud case”

  1. Done. Investigations closed.

    Now sentence the culprits to hand over the money when ever they can. If they can do 10 rufiya a month, that's fine too.

  2. Alh'amdhulillah! At least one case our Police have managed to finish investigation!
    It would be funny if repayment is ended Rf. 10 per month!
    One can never know what kind of ruling a criminal court can give!

  3. all the religious mullahs seem to be involved in this theft


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