Police confiscate alcohol during New Year’s Eve safari boat raids

Police conducted raids on five safari boats docked in waters surrounding the island of Hulhumale’  last night (December 31) after receiving information that the vessels had failed to comply with local regulations on keeping and trading alcohol.

The Maldives Police Service has said in a statement that 245 bottles of alcohol found on the five boats were confiscated during last night’s operation over concerns they were not being kept in compliance with national regulations.

Speaking to Minivan News today, Police Spokesperson Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef said that the regulations and laws outlining the trade and possession of alcohol on tourist resorts and safari boats were not found to have been met in some of the cases on the boats inspected by officers.

”Regulations have been made to determine the procedures of how alcohol should be stored and traded for tourism purposes in order to control the distribution for locals,” Haneef said. ”These bottles were not stored in compliance with the regulations.”

The case of the alcohol found aboard the boats was now being investigated by the Police Drug Enforcement Department.

No arrests were made during the operation.

On August 31 last year, officers conducted a similar operation, seizing 106 bottles and 40 cans of beer from a safari boat docked at Hulhumale’.

Police at the time stated that the safari boat that was the focus of the operation had failed to correctly follow procedures allowing vessels to store and trade alcohol to foreign guests.


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  1. Please do mention the names of the safaris, other wise the whole industry gets the blame. and also some of the food stuff in the restaurants are not stored as advised by FDA, we should seize them as well,,he he,

  2. Why didn't' you raid 103 resort and large hotels In the country . Alcohol is freely given to everyone Ion these occasions . Stupid Morans on a witch hunt . There are better ways to spend public money

  3. good job! the police r helping us be good muslims, helping prevent "Maldivians" from doing what foreigners do in maldives

    wonder when they'll start giving qran lessons & make sure we do 5 prayers a day

  4. Democrazy, thought policing isn't as far off as you think. The first few articles of our constitution guarantees thought policing.

  5. Why Muslims always feel big achievement when a white guy or a celebrity convert to Islam and what they say are taken to as a big proof of Islam being as the true religion. There are even psychos in among white skin people. On the other hand majority of white skinned or celebrities are not Muslims and they consume alcohol but this does not put any weight on other side of scale. What a cognitive deficiency……

  6. Ban Alchohol , Ban Tobacco , Ban Bikinis on beaches and look if anything else and world will say BAN TOURISM in MALDIVES


  7. maldives better be careful with your tourist policies,srilanka is getting ready with multitudes of products and offers in tourism,a cheaper high value destination with lots to offer

  8. C'mon guys, dont be so harsh on the police. They didn't get their salary, so they wanted to drown their sorrows in a bit of drink.


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