Police find more beer cans near Villimale’

Residents of Villimale have alerted police after 52 cans of beer were found washed up on the island, following an operation to recover some 19,200 cans that fell into the sea from a dhoni travelling to Hulhule’ from Male’’s commercial port.

The police were called early on Friday morning by a group of people on Villimale’ after they found the cans near the boat yard on the island.

The Maldives Customs Department recently issued a statement claiming the beer cans found floating near Male’ were being transferred to a bonded warehouse in Hulhule’ from Male’, but said the dhoni carrying the beer cans lost balance and 800 cases fell into the sea.

Customs said the beer cans were a shipment imported to the Maldives for resort business and had cleared the customs examination procedure.

According to the statement, the customs officer who loaded the beer cases onto the dhoni counted the amount of cans that were loaded onto the boat, figured out the amount missing and informed the police immediately.

On Thursday Marine Police and Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) officers conducted an operation to collect thousands of the cans found floating in the sea on the west side of Male’.

Possession and consumption of alcohol is illegal outside resort islands and licensed safari boats in the Maldives.


2 thoughts on “Police find more beer cans near Villimale’”

  1. Dhivehistanis are reacting to these beer cans as if they were the feared "beyri" instead of beer. Mullahs have done a good job in creating this taboo. Before the brainwashing campaign of Islamists from Arabia, Dhivehistanis had a habit of drinking fermented toddy. Those Dhivehistani ancestors must be amused if they could see the fear their descendants had for alcohol. The funny thing is while beer cans are like Muhammad cartoons to Dhivehistanis, hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin are just ignored like mannequin-budhu in shops. Makes little sense, but then again, Afghanistan is addicted to heroin and opium too. Must be an Islamist habit.

  2. Oh my God! All the work that went into shackling and oppressing us by countless generations of mullahs and keeping all Maldivians on a very tight leash by forcing ignorance and isolation, to secure the permanent spot in Heaven, is now at threat!!!!

    "They who brew beer and make them gush out of land, in our case sea, will be on a destructive path!".

    Very soon, the 'seven wrath's will be unleashed and that will destroy us. We are seeing this now!

    1) Tsunamis never seen before!
    2) Storms with winds as never recorded ever!
    3) Politicians of unbelievable stupidity at the helm!
    4) Been cans gush out in millions, creating fountains!
    5) People will turn against each other!
    6) Spreading diseases, uncontrollable!
    7) The Mullahs will no longer be the guidance!

    While we suffer,of-course the disbelievers' countries will be saved and be thriving! India, Sri-Lanka, S'Pore, Israel, first-world ones...


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