Gan International Airport to commence reclamation work for runway expansion

Dredging equipment to reclaim land needed to expand the main runway at Gan International Airport in Addu City is expected to arrive at the site today to begin work, local media has reported.

A dredger brought to the country to begin the work was now in the process of being transported to the airport site in Gan despite previous “difficulties” in moving the equipment, according to Sun Online.

Shahid Ali, Managing Director of the Addu International Airport (AIA) company overseeing the project, told local media that contractors would bring the dredger in between Gan and Vilingili. He said the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) was expected to provide approval for the process today.

President Dr Mohamed Waheed is then expected to officially inaugurate the dredging work this evening, according to Sun Online.

AIA contracted Dubai-based Gulf Cobla to undertake the dredging and reclamation component of developing Gan International Airport earlier this year.

Meanwhile, a UK-based company called Lagan has previously won the main contract to develop the airport, with AIA outsourcing the additional dredging work required to be completed before the main runway expansion can begin.

AIA is itself a joint venture formed by the Gan Airport Company Ltd (GACL), Maldives Airports Company Ltd (MACL) and the STO.


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  1. Reclaiming land is unnatural and therefore haraam (the same logic mullahs applies to homosexuality). Holy Allah made these islands tiny. Are you being ungrateful to Holy Allah now?


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