Police search Hulhumale hospital during investigation of abandoned baby

The police yesterday searched Hulhumale’ hospital to investigate the circumstances around the discovery of an abandoned infant found last week.

An abandoned newborn female baby was discovered in some bushes near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’ last week. The baby was first taken to Hulhumale’ hospital for treatment and now has been transferred to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Initial reports in the media said the baby appeared to have been born prematurely and discarded by the mother. The umbilical cord was still attached to the infant.

Police Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police had collected “necessary information” for the investigation from Hulhumale’ hospital.

”The baby is now in a good condition at IGMH,” Shiyam said, adding that ”no further information can be disclosed yet.”

Head of Hulhumale’ hospital Dr Ahmed Ashraf told Minivan News that the infant’s condition was “very weak” when she was first brought to the hospital.

“Her condition was very weak when she was brought here that day in the afternoon,” Dr Ashraf said. “We treated the infant and her condition was stable when she was referred to IGMH that evening.”

He said police officers searched the hospital after obtaining a warrant from the Criminal Court, and “collected information they needed for the investigation.”


9 thoughts on “Police search Hulhumale hospital during investigation of abandoned baby”

  1. This is outrageous....Police raiding a government hospital...there are more civilized ways to do this...i am sure the hospital will fully cooperate with the police in the investigation, its in the best interests of the hospital as well...In our small country speaking the same language , why do things get this bad?..are Maldivians inherently bad people.

  2. No, Not inherently bad people, but suppressed community, exposed to sudden void of no justice.

  3. Idiot, in an investigation everything and everyone is treated as suspects. Its a crime to obstruct justice.

  4. @NArs

    Where does it say that the police 'raided' the hospital? Please enlighten me.

  5. "searched the hospital after a warrant from the criminal court"..now that is very funny..the sort of thing that would happen in a third world banana republic...as if the hospital is criminal, and that hospital is hiding something...wouldn't it have been much more civilized if the police and hospital cooperated ..Mrs.Wolf is crazy..as if she thinks all the nurses, doctors and administrative staff of the hospital cooperated in some murdering cult...No past murders have so far been solved, our police services are just pathetic.

  6. Raid- Definition-

    A surprise visit by police to arrest suspected people or seize illicit goods

    Now were the staff at the hospital surprised, yes they were.
    were they informed beforehand? no they weren't..

  7. when will us maldivians learn to appreciate????? Police was simply checking on patient records to get necessary information...... Oh my, what has happened to the people of this small nation..? Everything is taking a political turn....

  8. I guess the police just wanted to get some clue about the mother of the abandoned baby..

  9. It is the duty of the police to go through the hospital records in order to find the women who has given birth, that is in oder to find the mother of the baby, which is crucial. And police has followed the procedure, they had obtained the court order before checking the hospital records, that is not called raiding, that is called INVESTIGATION. I congratulate the police on thier work in fighting the RIGHTS OF SMALL CHILDREN !


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